Residence Permit vs Permanent Residence Programs


Wanting to relocate to live in a particular country abroad, it is worth first considering all the options for implementing the goal quickly and easily. There are several ways to do this. One is the residence permit, whose features will be discussed below, and the permanent residence permit, whose specifics are also analyzed.

The first is a document that helps to stay in the territory legally and work officially.  After obtaining this status, you get a chance to transform into a permanent resident subject in the territory. The residence permit program allows a citizen of another state to enjoy most of all of the rights that a native has. Residence permit program gives you the following opportunities:

  • a confirmed right of a foreigner or stateless person to reside on the territory of a state;
  • it is often a kind of identity card that allows you to arrive at your destination;
  • as a rule, the document is made in the form of a plastic card.

During the term of the residence permit, is allowed not only to stay in the country legally, but also to make purchases of significant things, run your own business, use the services of doctors, be a student at various institutions. Also, thanks to the RP, you can travel around the country to travel without a visa.

The main features

To obtain the right to be a resident as well as a working citizen, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the program. Knowledge of the language may be an additional requirement for this task. The key feature is that the status can easily be revoked, usually if you prove physical presence.

Some differences are highlighted. One of the most important is that the options for investment provide citizenship within a couple of months of application without the need to fulfill residency requirements. As for the residence permit program for investment, it gives you the opportunity to reside in any city, work, and do whatever you want.

How to get a residence permit?

There are several ways to do this. Some of the popular ones include study, work, and marriage. Here are the most available options:

  • possession of any real estate – the minimum amount required to invest is 250 thousand euros;
  • signing a labor contract – an urgent solution, especially if you can offer your workforce to employers;
  • investing in the economy – it is officially allowed to do so anywhere, but only in some places it is possible to attract an investor with favorable conditions;

You can also open your own business, marry a citizen of the state, go to college, or do scientific research.

What should you know about the permanent residence permit?

If we consider PR in Germany, England, France or similar, it gives a significant benefit, including freedom of movement within the Schengen area and across the EU.

In order to get a document to prove this right, you will need to provide proof that you have been living there for a specific time. You need to attach various supporting papers to the application, depending on the situation.

Investors are attracted by the fact that it is realistic to get permanent residence for the whole family at once, which is excluded in the standard procedure. This status opens up access to additional business and travel opportunities. It also helps to guarantee the safety of the family, existing assets.

The authorities are obliged to issue a paper on the relevant case as soon as possible and cannot charge an administrative fee higher than that charged to citizens for the issuance of an identity card. The document is automatically renewed without any conditions or requirements.

In this article you can find the description of the main possibilities of each status that a person can get. There is also a comparison of ways to come to the desired country.

What is the difference?

As the expert of agency Immigrant Invest Victoria Atanasova points out, each country has its own immigration programs, which differ from others in terms of granting one or another status. Something you need for immigration and become a full citizen in the future.

If you become the owner of real estate in Spain for 500 thousand euros or more, you can become the holder of a so-called “golden visa”. On its basis, you can get one status, which is always issued first, then in an accelerated mode – the second, and then citizenship.

It is easy to take advantage of the permanent residency program if you know exactly what you need to do.


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