Reported COVID-19 outbreak at local resort


There are reports of a COVID-19 outbreak at a local resort.

Several people who contacted ANR said a number of people at the resort have tested positive for COVID-19 in recent days.

Those testing positive include members of the resort’s top management.

ANR has not been able to independently verify these reports or the number of people involved.

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  1. Wow, very sad. No matter how hard we try to be safe this DAM MAN MADE MONSTER is coming and we can’t see it coming to us. Those in authority world wide need to come clean with us and stop having us confused just to make money. I hope it does not go beyond the Resort before the persons are cured.
    We need to pray with sincerely and without ceasing. Only GOD can help now.

    • 😄😅😄🤓”man made!?” Vaccine Worl Boss a goh sue U rass fu a cause confusion wid him agenda!
      🤓😄😅”man made!?”
      Why not, #WomanMade? 😅👣👣👣

      • I don’t know the resort. Sueing my rass he will get nothing because i have nothing. Be serious people.

  2. As long the incident happened is accurate then name which Resort .
    They going to sue for telling the truth ?

  3. ANR did say they have not been able to verify the information. If they cannot verify it they cannot print its name. They should call and have discussions with Management.Then based on info obtained, print the name.
    By the way,Antigua is not exempt from Covid-19. As those lying Politicians would have us believed.Where is that lying, bull chit dashboard.

  4. Yes,call and have a conversation and get feedback. Do your journalistic digging. Then you would be able to decipher bull chit from the truth.

  5. Govt ministers forget they work for we the people not the other way around.

    Since the current ones are not doing the job of the people, it’s up to we the people to put others who will.

    It’s time politics change and it’s long overdue. In the future, they either work for us or we fire them. No more self enrichment and nepotism.

  6. @Wicked…🤓👣🍍🍍😅dis Yah serious no rass!

    Boss right about now, me cyant mek COVID-19 FATIGUE, run my rass inna de grung, a time laff.
    And laff! And laff!

    If, and wen me dead, dem words YAH KNO still hab meaning!
    …dust to dust
    …ashes to ashes is a must
    …so, me nar mek nun fuss
    …’cause, wen YAH say come home
    …I’ll be a Jumbee Picknee without bones.
    …and, most definitely
    …I’ll be jamming in dat #HeavenlyJamboree!
    …chipping to de sounds of Papi.

  7. Oh duck. Thanks Bro, you knew what was up and look out for me.. sigh, I hope you get better soon..

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