Replacement parts for several reverse osmosis plants to arrive in Antigua before May 31



The two principals of the firm who have played a significant role in the acquisition of the Reverse Osmosis Plants for the APUA were invited to share with the Cabinet the delivery dates of the newest plants. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

The principals confirmed that the replacement parts for several of the APUA R/O plants will arrive in Antigua before 31st May.

Those parts will be applied to existing plants whose efficiency has declined over time; and, the replacement of the new parts will cause the plants to produce more potable water, daily.

The Fort James Plant will arrive in a few weeks and it will take approximately six (6) weeks to be installed and to become operational.

It is expected to produce 500,000 gallons of potable water daily, and subsequently its output will increase to 1 million gallons daily.

The arrival of the Bethesda 3-million-gallons-a-day plant will arrive in Antigua as early as July and commissioning should be complete by the end of the year.

Drought conditions have made the challenge of providing potable water more difficult, the Cabinet agreed, and the experts asserted. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

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  1. Do not forget to thank Mr Lovell……

    It was he who exposed the plot to have the plants under producing to increase the demand for water sales….

    • Are you a fool? These membranes were ordered so long ago and was scheduled to arrive in Antigua since October 2021 Harold lovell learnt about the logistics challenge apua was having and tried to score some political mileage- while Apua continue their work in increasing the supply anyway possible

      • Avatar photo Where's the GUN that killed NIGEL CHRITIAN and when will shortie be charged for forging the PM signature??




  2. But wait! Whe ya ah say? Tings moving at pace now wid di new water system 💧💧💧 in Tigua!

    Is it REALLY possible that this could be up and running by the 30th September 2022 in 141 days (as from Thursday 12th May) promised?

    This water installation has me really INTRIGUED, because after almost TWO terms in office with dithering, delaying, ducking and diving; it seems that after planting the magic money 💰 tree 🌳 EIGHT YEARS AGO, it seems to be NOW bearing in abundance.

    If the Prime Minister continues unabated and inexorably like this, I may have to stop my daily countdowns …

  3. So what happened to the “sabotage” claim from the useful idiots? People really need to educate themselves and stop this bias behavior regardless of parties affiliation.

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