Remembrance Day to be Celebrated on November 10


Sunday 10th November will be observed as the National Day of Remembrance for those who fell in the World Wars 1914-18 and 1939 – 45.


The day will be marked with the annual service at the War Memorial on Independence Avenue where Four Sentries will be in attendance along with Ex-Service men and women and the Defence Force Band.


The Service will include a blessing by the Dean of the Anglican Cathedral, Buglers sounding the Last Post, a two-minute silence, Buglers sounding the Reveille and the Sentries will Order and Present Arms.


Wreaths will be laid by dignitaries including the Governor-General Sir Rodney Williams, Acting Prime Minister the Hon. Steadroy Benjamin, Chief of Defence Staff, Sir Trevor Thomas, Acting Commissioner of Police Atley Rodney, a representative of ex-service men and women, members of the Diplomatic Corps, the National Cadet Corps and other uniformed bodies.


The National Day of Remembrance Service will commence at 7:55 a.m.



  1. Can future National Day of Remembrance “for those who fell in the World Wars 1914-18 and 1939-45” be expanded to include the veterans (all those who enlisted for various reasons) of Antiguans & Barbudans-and their descendants? Their appropriate recognition with the laying of a wreath should be included in the event. Let them always be in our collective consciousness!

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