Religious exemptions only for real rastas, PM warns


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says those seeking to avoid mandatory COVID-19 vaccination by claiming a religious exemption have another thing coming.

He says this will not be abused.

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  1. The saying is ‘have another think coming’, not ‘ have another thing coming’.
    Having gotten my editorializing out of the way, how does one know who is a ‘real’ Rasta?
    Isn’t Rastafarianism a religious ideology? There are dreadlocked persons who outwardly present as a rastafarian but who aren’t really practising true rastafarian religious truths. Then there are people who do not wear the outward trappings but are firm believers of the rastafarian truth. How does one differentiate?

  2. To whom do you Gaston Browne refer as a REAL RASTA? I am a REAL MAN,does that make me a REAL RASTA.What the heck is a REAL RASTA? Are they more precious than REAL MEN AND WOMEN? GIVE ME A CIALIS !!

  3. Chups. Mr PM, you know who fu fool.
    “Real Rastas” smoke weed. The smoke go into their lungs and make them bad. This puts them in the high risk category. You see why people don’t want to go for your vaccine? They could see you have one rule for us and a different one for your chosen others.
    BTW, did you get the vaccine? Can we please see your vaccine card?

  4. If they are serious about this vaccine mandate there should be no exemption. Is there a study showing that members of certain religions are immune from getting covod 19? This is all about exercising power over a confused population.

  5. “Real Rastas” smoke weed. The smoke go into their lungs and make them bad”

    Say whhhaaaaaatttt? Come again?

  6. this looks like a photo to impress!! and if it is, whom are you trying to impress Gaston? everything is a show boat for this dude. get real and deal with the reality of what is going on around you.

  7. The funny thing is That Rastafarian religion started in Jamaica in the sixties by illiterate dread locked men who think Selassie is the second coming of Jesus but the funny thing is most of them denounce the bible and not believe in it but still quote certain scriptures . Many or all of them don’t eat meat especially pork but they worship the man who loves meat and pork who also was a well devoted white Jesus worshipping Christian who believes in western Education and they don’t! He also uses western products etc etc… What a confusing set of people and of you try to correct them or teach them they’d be ready to fight you for their ignorance which makes no sense so a real Rasta is an illiterate person who lacks knowledge of their own history as to who we are and where we all came from before slavery same as these ignorant Christians and black Muslims those are not a part of our history!!! Do your research for yourself iuic those with an ear let them hear and the smart will always be successful with knowledge!

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