Regular supply of water still a “dream” for many residents

Ivan Rodrigues, APUA

Residents are still complaining about the country’s water problem although a 2 million-gallon-a-day Reverse Osmosis Plant recently came on line at Shell Beach.

“One day I will take a video and put it online to show the air that comes out of my pipe,” one caller who complained on radio said.

The woman said the nation’s poor are suffering the most because APUA chose to have people in the north benefit first from the plant.

Elsewhere, other residents are still going days without water.

Weeks before the annual summer festival, carnival, the government promised that the water woes which has gripped the nation for years will be over.

The Gaston Browne administration and officials of APUA promised that the coming on stream of the Shell Beach plant will be enough to make up the water shortfall to homes.

Head of APUA’s Water Business Unit Ivan Rodrigues told state media this week that the regular supply of water to households remains a dream of his department.

“…the dream of everybody within the water department. We want to get to the point where you turn on your tap and you don’t wonder if water is there. You’ll be just as confident as when you put your foot on the floor,” he said.

However, Rodrigues argues that “to get to that point we need to change some infrastructure and we need to do the work out in the field.”

He also urged residents to continue to conserve water.

“The cost of water must reflect its importance and consumers must also try to conserve. And people need to understand that we live on a water-scarce island.”

“Weather conditions are not expected to improve and global warming is expected to continue,” he added.

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  1. Question.Why the hell with all this rain people still cannot get water? Something is fundamentally wrong at APUA.i think it is about time the government take into consideration a change of the management,the present are obviously either failures or they have ulterior motives. When you start cutting poor people utilities for measly amounts, and the minister who has the power to change that structure, does nothing,the same poor people who elected you,how do you expect those poor people will feel about you .The minister seem to be blind or he do not care to see.Mr PM open your eyes and do something before you pay the ultimate price.Just the truth.

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