Regular flights of Antigua Airways are to begin next month.



The Cabinet asked the Minister of Tourism about the success of the inaugural Antigua Airways flight which brought 114 passengers from Lagos, Nigeria, across the Atlantic Ocean on 1 November 2022, to Antigua.

The flight departed Antigua for Lagos on 6 November, arriving safely a little after 5:00 am.

Regular flights of Antigua Airways are to begin next month.

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  1. That plane left and went to Portugal. It did not return to Lagos.
    We have technology that tracks flight! Lawd have mercy.

  2. What was the Minister’s response to the success of Antigua Airways inaugural flight? Is the success judged by the safe take off and landings only?
    What of all the comments and concerns about our African brothers and sister without accommodations and wandering about?
    Did the inaugural flight out take all of the passengers it brought to our shores back or are some still here as is being said?

  3. Is anyone concerned that the African passengers left here, some with little or no baggage, wearing casual slippers for the Atlantic crossing, might become a public charge on our country? They are evidently NOT tourists, but poorists. What’s really going on?

  4. Exactly Mr Brian. How the general public doesn’t have those apps like flight tracker for their loved ones coming in or leaving is beyond me. The media especially knows technology and should use it accordingly.

  5. After all the kerfuffle and chaos of the inaugural flight, this wayward and out of touch government is still going ahead with this electioneering nonsense?

    Dem ABLP people dem stubborn so till. Mercy me!


    Call the election boss, quick quick … 🗳

  6. These guys will not quit. This was a chartered flight, with Africans who had no idea what the hell they were getting into. Who is going to be on these alleged flights? What of the unexplained cargo? Antigua is on the brink of disaster if this sort of thing continues . The international community must be watching this with amused concern.
    How come the folks at the airport who handled this “flight ” are so silent? The cowardice in this country is mind boggling.

  7. These flights will be a regular occurrence as they say, but who will be on these flights. That is the question. Does a farmer in Antigua need farm help. Trust me, somebody in high places knows what is going on.

  8. Those flights coming into and leaving Antigua.How much would they cost the taxpayers of the Nation? How much the 20% of that Company owned by the people costs? We need transparency into this matter for it is our monies,not Gaston’s.We do not want this to be buried like NYAMCO FINANCES.

  9. Human trafficking!!! Bunch of bull. So how come the airline’s booking engine is down? Where are the hotel packages? Is Olabanjo calling around to see which guest houses have rooms? How is this operation profiting our country?

  10. Maybe Gaston and his son have more apartments to rent. What a disappointment they must be thinking. These passengers can only stay at their place if they give them for free.

  11. I can’t believe how the UPP and their cronies can cry down an investor and wish he fails, just because of the local politics. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that it’s a black investor. And they don’t show him the same respect as a white investor. But I guess deracinated imbeciles are not only in Barbuda. They are in Antigua too. Because crying down something that is good for the country, which in the end will benefit many of us, regardless of our political color, is pure insanity and stupidity. But then again, these people are rather King of the Ashes. Unlike our PM who has said, he’d rather be an ordinary citizen in a thriving country than be the PM of a failed state. Lovell on the other hand was the de facto PM of a failed state.

    • @ From The Sideline, I note with much vested interest that you write about UPP supporters as:

      “…Deracinated imbeciles …”

      But wait!

      Looks like you’re now stepping up your vocabulary (at last!) – this is music to Brixtonian’s ears. Just wonderful 🤣🤣🤣


    • @just saying… It’s not just a ” black man”, it’s a black business man from Nigeria, they are not to be trusted without serious vetting. Trust, but verify, that’s all people are asking. Stop generalizing this situation to appease your lazy thinking!!!

  12. Is Antigua and Barbuda a Unitary State? Or only when it is convenient. This Airline known as Antigua Airways,should be named for the State.

  13. Please,what’s the link to book the direct flight to Antigua and Barbuda?Is there work opportunities for foreigners?

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