Registration For Antigua Carnival 2023 Deadline Is Fast Approaching


Monday 23rd May 2023 – St. John’s, Antigua………….

Registration for Antigua Carnival 2023, “The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival”, the deadline is fast approaching for the following disciplines and competitions:


1. Vendors and Booth Operators 8. T-Shirt Mas Troupes
2. Mr. & Miss Teenage Pageant 9. Individual Mas
3. Junior Carnival (Mas) 10. Monday Wear
4. Junior Calypso 11. Carnival Floats
5. Junior Party Monarch 12. Calypso Tents
6. J’ouvert Troupes 13. Calypso Monarch
7. Mas Troupes 14. Party Monarch


All persons desirous of participating in this year’s Carnival competition(s) are kindly asked to collect his or her registration package Monday to Thursday, between 9:00 am to 3:30 pm and Fridays, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.


Forms may be obtained from any of the Ministry’s three (3) locations:


  • The Department of Creative Industries Office on Old Parham Road – 562 9605/06.


  • The Festival Unit on Redcliffe Street (formerly the Festivals Office) – 462 4707.


  • The Cultural Unit on Lower Nevis Street – 462 5644.


Please note that completed registration forms must be returned to the Old Parham Road Office, upstairs the KFC and Inet Building ONLY.


The deadline for ALL Carnival Competitions and Calypso Tents is Wednesday 31st, May; meanwhile, Vendor and Booth Operators registration concludes on Friday 3rd, July.


Mas. Music. Creativity Antigua Carnival 2023 will be staged from Thursday 27th July to Tuesday 8th August.

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    “Antigua celebrated its first carnival in August 1957. The celebration served a two-fold purpose: It was a tourist attraction and a commemoration of emancipation from slavery. ……1 August 1834 slavery was abolished. People immediately celebrated by taking to the streets to celebrate their freedom and express their joy and happiness.”

    The focus of celebrating Antigua & Barbuda Carnival as “a commemoration of emancipation from slavery ” has diminished.
    MAYBE, unwittingly but conveniently, the middle- class authorities looked askance at it after the era of the rise and fall of the West Indies Federation (the breakup); the status of association with the UK (absurdity); the rise and fall of the Black Power movement (bludgeoning of Rasta); the rise and fall of the Grenada Revolution (invasion); our political independence (incomplete), so that today we find ourselves celebrating only “The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival!”

    There is a group of diehards, conscious, aware of the fundamental significance of our “Emancipation from slavery” who separately but doggedly hold their annual celebration at the same time.

    Recently, the British people and their “colonial subjects” celebrated joyfully the glory of the British Empire as in the coronation of the their King! The british-coronation-carnival festivities were broadcasted to the World! Europe is now propagating the lineage, splendor, glory, memory of their royal families!

    Isn’t it time to refocus our Carnival Celebration to include at “all levels” our “Emancipation from slavery” as in: ‘Antigua &Barbuda Emancipation Carnival Celebration……The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival?”
    Also, it’s time to re-energize ourselves to achieve economic, financial, mental, physical, spiritual freedom!

    “A people (especially our Youths) without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

    Let us interact with humility, grace, good intentions!

    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!!!


    • @Ratwell…hear+ye!

      …habits become Norms!
      …norms become A Way Of Life!
      …a way of life, defines A People!
      …a people, defines A Culture!
      …said culture, will predicate!
      …this culture, shall dictate
      …the directions, said PEOPLE take
      …since, life is cyclic
      …as, time is left in its own wake!

      The ‘celebrations’ have being infused with the Feast of Dionysus and Bacchus (Orgy, Bacchanal, mayhem, glutinousness). While some are trying their endeavour best, to reverse this process by reintroducing the true essence of Our Emancipation Celebration(s), the majority don’t care.
      As you are aware, the #FETES which have become the most popular aspect of the celebration(s) are all about alcohol, sex, glutinousness. Until and unless, the Emancipation Celebration(s) become a course in the Education System(preschool to college) and taught alongside, or incorporated into the History Courses, the BACCHANAL will only spread faster.

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Foot Garrat Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

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