Regis Burton wants open discussion on LGBTQ rights


The man who wants to be the new candidate in St. Peter for the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party has been addressing a controversial issue.

Regis Burton appeared on the latest episode of #DADLIPOLITICS Twitter space.

Burton is one of three candidates hoping to replace Asot Michael on the ABLP ticket.

This is how he responded on the controversial topic.


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  1. If you don’t have a position on gay marriage, you shouldn’t be running for parliament. Parham people are not going to vote for the antiman lifestyle.

      • The was way more topics in the interview but ANR seem to only zoom in on this one which was answered in one sentence. This is a pure clickbait headlines to get traffic on the site.

  2. I am glad someone is speaking up about the antiquated laws here. LGBT+ people are people too and deserve equal rights and safety.

    • Safety???? Are there no hurricane shelters available in their areas? No police stations or access to the media? The deaths so far for this year show no indication that the victims were in such category and lossed their lives as a result of their sexual orientation. What safety and rights are you referring to?

  3. He’s pandering for campaign #Donations from the LQGBTAP, the well organized, funded religious and political organization in the HUEman world today!
    They fund their agenda($) very well. PERIOD.
    Anyone who gets into the #Game Of PoliTRICKS has to contend with their agendas.

  4. Them condemn the organic people who are not vaccinated but want to entertain LGBTQPYZ rights .Hypocrites

  5. Those LBGTQRSTUVWXYZ PEOPLE. They do have rights as the rest of us. They are men and women. They all have Human Rights. Why the hell do they need special rights? What would then happen to those of us. Who do march under that banner into that PARADE.Could we go out there and Parade for us not being Gays,Rights?
    That want to be political person is misinformed. Lacks the experience to talk on such a matter.Antigua in which I grew up was never an open society towards gays,period.Are you want foo capy ebry ting AMERICA DOES,SAME SEX MARRIAGES. Antigua is not an American Territory.

    • Ok Mr.Beach Bum since you are ignorant I will not afford you the bliss. Yes everyone in Antigua has Human rights but if you did actually research about what LGBT rights are, or what laws Antigua had in place. LGBT rights mainly encompasses from the legal recognition of same-sex marriage to the death penalty for homosexuality. I believe it’s a human right for someone to have a marriage, that’s equality not a special right. Antigua still has buggary laws in place. That right there shows you’re just a run of the mill homophobic ignorant. Educate yourself and remove your own personal biases while doing so, everyone deserves equal rights and respect.

  6. This guy just lost my support. Why is he hiding his opinion, whatever that mat be. He sounds like he’s trying to play politics. Get him outta here. There are better candidates. WHAT IS HIS POSITION PERSONALLY???

  7. Chups so now the you man is a “fish” or “anti man” because he is being up the of the LGBTQA+ community. He is now being bash with y’all homophobic rants and name calling. Nuff respect to you Regis for tackling this topic. The majority of these hecklers and not even comfortable in their own sexuality. Bunch of salty homophobes who can even whole a proper discussion without name calling.

  8. With all bills and short comings in his community this is his platform? WOW

    Nothing about the Fisher folks (pun intended)
    Nothing about he farmers.
    Health care

    All what he is studying is how he can make a way out of the closet.

    Bullet sorry I mean Bubbler a you a coach he?

  9. Regis Burton,you are going to get you kin wash inna Antigua Politics.When dem done wid you.Them go tar and feather you.Just hope you a na wan wuss,or a girly man.

  10. Comments filled with idiots concerned about how other people go about their sexual lives. If you have such a problem with who people decide to love or have sex with maybe you should answer your curiosities and find out why they do these things you retarded dumb pieces of shits

  11. There is no way this guy can get the ABLP nomination for St. Peter. The red voters would vote against him in the election, and the blues might take the seat. That should not happen. He is not a right fit for St. Peter.

  12. This land is already filled with a bunch of homo males ANYWAY. They might as well legalize it so the public can be informed of who is who, and have less sexual diseases spreading over the land. Most of these HOMO males HIDE what they truly are, and get with wombmen while being with males. It’s gross and disgusting and if it were legal, then these homo males can “freely be themselves” without fear, because now it would be “legal” to do. Once wombmen know a male is a homo male, chances are, she will not get involved with such a person. These HOMO males get with women just to avoid being detected and outed as a homo. Legalize it for a more transparent society, these HOMO males need to stop hiding who they truly are.

  13. Most of the persons that sometime go against something is some times usually the one that are doing it behind close doors Antigua needs to wake up and stop the foolishness man and let ppl live their lives.

    Not every is apart of the LGBTTQIAA Community there are some persons who believe that one should have equal privileges like the rest.

    Remind some of you that your husbands and boyfriends are uncover andnsometimes you all dont know some of you even have children with them and want to be bashing other that’s foolishness then when some of you all children turn out so you all forget that some times it’s you all problem cause you all curse your children tell them they are gay or a lesbian you all need to stop it and wake up to reality.

    Less we try to fight against sometime it’s better for us even the church there homosexuals that why I dotn really knock up my head when Pastors talk you know cause I know better .

  14. Aspiring politician, talking out both sides of his mouth. Can’t give a straight answer. Look out for those pretty boys, lots of competition.

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