Regional Students At UWI Jamaica Cry Out For Help Over the Situation On Hall


Dear Editor,

As a current resident at 138 Student Living Phase 2, I am inclined to write you to shed some light on the sever circumstances we are experiencing by this corporation and by extension the University of the West Indies as only the glitz and glamour is seen in the media.

Most of us were asked to leave on March 13th  by the University and yesterday as of April 7th was the first we have gotten any correspondence in regards to collection our things or about rent and to many of our surprise it was a 6 for a 9, where we are still being charged the full cost of rent $417 USD/ $56,295 JMD for a single room meanwhile a double room is $242 USD/ $32,670 JMD for the period of March.

In addition, to this we are being told we could only come on selected days for 3hours starting on the 8th in an email with less than 24hr to prepare. Adding insult to injury as a regional student we have to pay for storage since nothing can be done as we are in our respective countries and we do not get back our deposit as we are in breach of our contracts because we left. Where is the regionalism that the UWI is suppose to uphold.

The University is doing nothing to lobby on our behalf, and our student leaders the Hall chair and Deputy are not being affected so do not lobby on our behalf but most of all the Student Service Development Manager disrespects and chastise us when we ask questions and her lack maturity and competence knows no bounds

It is a global pandemic; persons are wondering where their next paychecks are coming from not so much how am I going to pay for a space I am not occupying. We have had to endure mold, water shortages, electricity blackouts and limited emergency procedures. But to know during this time a waiver, extension or deduction is not being granted is very unfortunate and disenfranchises many students.

We are lost for hope as students with no where to turn as we either comply, suffer, sue 138 SL or just ignore and from much feed back the latter two are what most students turning to.

This is utter nonsense; I do hope some official could help us or through your platform this gets the much-needed attention it deserves.


A Very Weary Regional Student

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  1. Very unfair to say that the hall chair and deputy do not lobby for us, because they are also being affected, and lobbing has been all they are doing!!!!

    If you looked at the town hall meeting UWI was also in discussion with 138 about the situation however, you do not know the contact that was signed between the two parties therefore you do not know how much say UWI has when it comes certain changes.

    Student leaders on a hold, even the Guild, can lobby and beg but at the end of the day there is only so much they can do as a student. I was a previous member of the hall committee and if you understoood the institution if 138 you would know that we could get on our knees and beg… all the works and they would still have the LAST say which can completely disregard anything we begged or lobbied for.

    So no, don’t go blaming the hall chairs.

    The situation is very unfair and disgusting at this time too for all of us living on hall as we already deal with a number of 138 related stress during the year, let us not blame the persons who have been trying, let us deal directly with 138, gather a team, there are strength in numbers, draft and email and have people send it all in or something. Like I said strength in numbers. The most we can do is try here!

  2. Also just a point to note, the University didn’t ask any Regional or International students to leave campus. In their email they said

    “During this period International and regional students are welcome to remain on hall, but are asked to adhere strictly to all instituted protocols.”

    They never asked anyone to leave, it was a case where if you leave okay, if you stay okay, if anything goes wrong you are under the completely care of the university.

  3. The university asked all students who can leave to do so including international and regional students, however,Jamaican students were instructed to leave.

  4. The university did state that if it is possible to go home do so. I am sure they are aware that students can’t necessarily afford to hop on a plane and go back home however they like.
    So given this situation, international and regional students are at a complete disadvantage.

  5. Well sah a Jamaica again?? Keep your mind strong. Do NOT allow their ineptitude to mess with your health. Keep us updated and good on you for bringing this to light.

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