Regional Political Consultant Marries Same Sex Partner Of Ten Years


Regional political consultant Peter Wickham was formally married to his partner of the past 10 years, Giancarlo Cardinale, on Saturday at the Hotel de Ville in Strasbourg, France.

The formal ceremony was attended by friends and family on both sides and included Wickham’s sister Angela Clarke and her husband Clarence, along with their other close friends who made the long journey to Strasbourg for the occasion.

Giancarlo, who is originally from Milan, Italy, regularly visits Barbados. He works with an international organization based in Strasbourg.

Wickham indicated that they will continue to live between their homes in Barbados and Strasbourg for the time being, as they are both very committed to their respective work in Europe and the Caribbean.

The wedding was followed by a cocktail dinatoire, where friends sampled delicacies that reflected both the Italian and Barbadian culinary traditions.

On the Barbadian side, they enjoyed conkies (without raisins) and a Bajan Great Cake, which was prepared for the occasion by Wickham’s aunt, Joan Mitchell, who ran the popular Pelican Restaurant some years go.

As part of the wedding favours, guests all left with a selection of traditional Bajan confectionary from The Sugar House in Christ Church, Barbados.


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      Not in anyway homophobic.

      But not supportive of ‘…Man Marriage.’ Na-a-ah!

      A visionary social commentator ‘…Mighty Sparrow,’ appeared to have long visualized its ‘…rampancy’ a very long time ago.

      In one of his social commentaries, ‘Sparrow,’ suggestively, but cleverly speaks to ‘…certain activity’ with ‘…certain body part.’

      He sings; ‘…You say that you love;

      …And you’ll give your heart;

      …But you have a whole body;

      …Why not give each part;

      Then he says; ‘…Now they are making excuses in song.’

      ‘…Sixty million Frenchmen cannot be wrong’ [Sixty Million Frenchman: You Tube].

      Do not think ‘Sparrow’ had visualized ‘…its legitimacy.’

      Now a ‘…rampancy’ not only appeared to be spreading across the globe, but also ‘…emboldened advocates in some Legislative Chambers attempting to influence some administrations.

      Even as some advocates have been harping, the good thing in this region, the constitutional arrangements, particularly the ‘…Founding Constitution Principles,’ does not allow for it to be included in the ‘…Fundamental Rights and Freedoms’ as entrenched in the Constitution [CO: 1981: Chapter II].

      Consequently, none dare ‘…Table a Bill in Parliament’ to give legitimacy to ‘…Buggery and Man Marriage.’

      Now ‘…Man Marriage’ is being spread in some nations.

      Even as the Scripture speaks to ‘…an abomination,’ bet’… ya doggone life,’ some people like it so.

  1. Well, the women will know that they might have to do likewise. Men (most men) dont mind a menarge d trois but I wonder how they would feel about two women wedded.
    Lawd Jesus tek the wheel.

    • Relax, when and if the political tides turn, your side will again be arm and arm with him since they will like the dance his poll elicits. No doubt you will also dance a jig with his partner. If not said already, happy new year sistren


      Not sure why you should change the spelling from ‘…Polling’ to Pole.’

      Do know that with such change, anyone else, you are in trouble Zack, – ‘…Pole Strokes.’

      Should have allow readers to use their imagination, rightly or wrongly.

      Where will such ‘…pole’ be planted? and

      What may be installed on it?’

      Renewable Energy-powered Lamps?

      If the answer is ‘yes,’ then go no further.

      It will be inferred that you either ‘…want to see Pole vaulting’ or ‘…want to see the Light.’

      Aint going to see your way to enter into Heaven through that Light though.

      You will see any other place, but Heaven.

      To see light, you can look up at the ‘…Sun; …Moon and Stars,’ go to the Olympics to see how it is jumped.

      Talk to ‘.female’ World record holder of that discipline, Allison Stokke.’

      Bull Bud! Na-a-ah.

      Mighty Cypher spoke to the experiences of a ‘…Fresh Water Yankee’ [You Tube].

      A few strokes and he bawled ‘…Murder! Murder! Police!’

      Most certainly, ‘…Tamarind Whip’ may have been better.

      But still have to ‘…run where your feet can’t go.’

      Howz dat Zack?

  2. So with all those big bumper women in barbados, its an italian but that won the poll. Ladies, your commodities are a dime a dozen, all the fake lashes and Gstrings are out, personalities are in.


      No pun or fun is intended and no apology P.

      This comment is primarily intended to get you to speak more ‘…respectfully about women,’ nationally and globally.

      The description suggests that you are ‘…Anti-Woman.’

      Firstly, women are not ‘…commodities’ for sale, or on sale for a ‘…dime’ (an American 10 cents).

      Hence, such thought speaks to ‘…Moral Depravity’ and such comment can be considered ‘…Cheap and Callous.’

      Women are ‘…Mothers; …Aunts; …Daughters; …Nieces; …Grannies and …God Mothers; and Wives; …Teachers and Doctors and Nurses too.’

      What’s yours P?

      Certainly, could not be a ‘female mule.’

      By the way, no woman would get in the way if you desire ‘…an Italian Stallion P.’

  3. I’m so happy for them, love is love and everything is love.

    And as a true born Antiguan, I wasn’t raised to hate on how people live their lives, so i don’t know where you uncivilized mongrels come from…must be Guyanese or Jamaican.

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