Regional body condemns attacks on police officers


Press Release from The Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations

The Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations (CFPWA) is aware of and continues to closely monitor the attacks on police officers across the region whilst performing their lawful duties.

We have noted the attacks on police officers in St. Lucia, Jamaica, and most recently the Bahamas as well as Turks and Caicos Islands.

Some of these attacks have been fatal, and others have left members seriously injured.

These incidents are concerning to us as a CFPWA because gun violence is not tolerated in our communities across the region, nor are brazen attacks on police officers.

The safety and security of society in the various jurisdictions is the primary responsibility of police officers who are entrusted with the responsibility of preserving and maintaining law and order.

It is our members who stand as a buffer between the law-abiding citizens and the criminals in our society.

We recognize the extremely challenging and dangerous environment in which our police officers must operate, yet our members continue to give selfless service for the betterment of the region.

We condemn these preposterous acts of violence and brazen attacks on our officers. As a CFPWA, we strongly support our members who use justifiable force to protect themselves and the lives of law-abiding citizens throughout the region.

We want to remind our members that self-preservation comes first.

The CFPWA would like to encourage all of our police organizations and governments to establish a legal defense fund to assist our officers if charges are brought against them during the lawful execution of their duties and deadly force is used.

Finally, the CFPWA continues to urge all our police organizations and governments to ensure that our members have proper insurance coverage and proper protective gear when being deployed, along with the necessary lethal and non-lethal options, along with body-worn cameras to capture our version of an incident or an encounter.

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  1. good. let it be known.

    Still not a single word from the Teachers Union condemning the acts of vandalism by cowards against their own workplaces. ABUT?

  2. Well America is to be Blamed for all the gun violence in the Caribbean. We don’t manufacture Guns but yet guns can be easily purchased illegally and shipped to the Caribbean unnoticed. They sold us into slavery and now giving access to guns for us to kill one another. The Blood of our people is on the Hands of the Republican Party in America.

    • The US government did come to the Caribbean and just hand them out. Shipping an illegal handgun and smuggling in an illegal handgun makes all parties criminals.

      They will say that they need it for safety and protection, but then when asked how they came by the gun…what will they say? That will get very interesting! What if it gets stolen? Can’t report it stolen as it was an illegal weapon. So now we have an illegal weapon in the hands of criminal after criminal after criminal.

    • Hail, Identity_Thief still filling up on Ras Smood’s 💩💩🚽! You’re an Ientity thief like Trump!

  3. Your memory is so short . Don’t you remember the attack on one of your own in Antigua recently- Deputy commissioner of police Wade.

  4. To those who would jump in with the “defund the police argument” just look at the cities that have done that. They have gone to the dumps. Some of them have quietly added back police funding to their budgets now that the Black Lives Matter rip off hysteria marketing hype is over. The police aren’t perfect but the criminals aren’t even trying.

  5. we condemn the police using excessive force and tinting their vehicles dark; them theif lie and bad too

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