Recent Regulations Related to Slots in the UK


As you may have known, the UKGC or the UK Gambling Commission is the authority responsible for licensing and regulating all of the online casinos operating within the Queen’s lands. The commission has recently introduced a package of strict laws and precautions to ensure protection against gambling abuse. These new provisions follow the public consultation carried out by the regulator last year – visit today.

The regulator has justified the new restrictions based on the fact that the highest average losses per player in the UK are recorded on slot machines. Introduced in Feb 2021, these provisions aim to limit the risks and dangers of slot addiction and protect the vulnerable from falling into the traps laid out by online casinos. According to the new laws, slot producers are directed to change or permanently remove certain features from their online slot machines.

New Restrictions On Online Slots in The UK

The newly proposed slot provisions by the UKGC are as follows:

  •     Turbo Feature: UKGC has restricted slot producers from adding Turbo Feature in slot machines. Remember, Turbo Feature enables players to increase the spinning rate and results in higher losses within short periods.
  •     Spin Speed: UKGC has also banned spin speeds under 2.5 seconds, meaning that h spin of a slot must take 2.5 seconds to complete no matter which features are activated.
  •     Auto-Play: Auto-Play feature is also banned from the slot machines to protect players from losing track of their wagers and time. Studies have shown that it is more difficult to stop playing using automatic spins. On the other hand, this feature pushes players to indulge in other games at the same time.
  •     Suggestive Animations and Sounds: Animations and sounds that give players a false illusion of victory will also be prohibited. In some cases, the value of the winnings is less than that of the stakes involved, and the slot tends to depict otherwise.
  •     Wins and Losses: On the other hand, the UKGC has also implemented other complementary measures. Each platform will have to indicate to its users the duration of its session as well as the total amount of its losses or its gains on a slot machine.
  •     Prohibition of Reverse Withdrawals: Reverse withdrawals will also be prohibited from all online gambling sites. This function cancels withdrawal requests and returns the funds to the player’s account. The players can thus wager these sums in a temptation to keep on gambling.

Final Thoughts

These newly proposed laws can change the current standings of online gambling in the UK and are being opposed by the online gambling industry and players. However, Neil McArthur, chief executive of the Gambling Commission, says the evidence shows that these features increase the vulnerability of players. Operators will therefore have to work to comply with these new measures by October 31, 2021. Suppliers will have to consider the new instructions when designing online slot machines and implement them to their existing platforms. 

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