Recent deaths of women in Antigua –A cause for concern

Neltah Telemaque

Statement by Women Against Rape:

Recent deaths of women in Antigua –A cause for concern

Nowhere to Run for Shelter

‘2015 domestic violence in Antigua and Barbuda is a “serious problem”

In this year 2021, six years later, and during the sixteen days of Activism to ‘end violence against women and girls;(VAWG) Antigua has recorded yet another violent death of a woman bringing the total thus far to three.

Three women -all of which are associated with violence in intimate relationships. A sign of blatant disregard for women and girls!

Writings support that Patriarchal cultural patterns that are deep rooted in society fuel the commodification of women and normalizes violence.

Gender Based Violence(GBV) continues to plague our society in a variety of ways in both overt and covert manners.

Femicide is documented as the most dramatic and grievous forms of Gender Based Violence and human rights discrimination against women and girls and occurs in a multiplicity of forms on a daily basis presenting in two main ways –violent intimate relations both current and past and violence by others including relatives, social environment, or strangers.

This heinous act of Femicide has left many children motherless, with families and communities in deep grief and shock.

It creates an irreplaceable void in the area of Human Capital and development.

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  1. 😵😆I am not laughing at the victims of violence(all victims), but at the #bumbling #bureaucrats and
    #nattering #nabobs!
    VIOLENCE against women and children in our culture have being the NORM, and in many regards is still the norm in Our Culture.

    …habits become #Norms!
    …norms, become #A Way Of Life
    …a way of life, defines A People
    …a people, defines a Culture
    …said culture, will dictate
    …this culture, shall predicate
    …the directions, said PEOPLE take
    …as, TIME is left in its own wake
    …bringing to fruition, the truth and reality
    …some will cry, “it’s a pity!”
    …forgetting, that life is cyclic!
    …it’s simply logic! Not magic!

    • Just because it is the “Norm” doesn’t mean it is right. We must work to change our mindset about that. Just because it is the norm does not mean we should tolerate it and look a blind eye. It is this very mentality that prevents women from being taken seriously, it also perpetuates the very violence that many women are subject to. Men should do more to step up and call out other men when they see their bredren behaving inapropriately toward women.

  2. Yes this needs to be addressed on an institutional level starting with the FAMILY. Let’s show our boys how to handle rejection and pain

    • @Well well well…”addressed on an institutional level.” U ah gee Auntee Roachee nuff run, fu she money!😆😀😅🥲
      Let’s take the highest institution, the Parliament, and address our behavioural traits and habits first which permeate the walls, halls and catacombs of this institution.
      Several days ago, Wilmouth ‘Simp’ Daniel got acquitted along with others, after he allegedly converted his bus into a fucking whorehouse.
      How much more demeaning and disrespectful is this to women and children of our culture.

      Imagine, you stop to listen to five and six year old children, pointing at The Mobile Whorehouse Bus like it’s an ice cream truck, and telling each other, I want to #Ride-Up and #Wink-up in that bus.

  3. There are so many empty hotel rooms in Antigua. The government should set up a programme where any female is threatened or feeling unsafe can stay at a hotel until they feel better. This could be an immediate form of shelter for females until the government can built a safe house for females in every constituency.

    I would imagine that these safe houses will be stocked with supplies so that the females would not have to leave to purchase anything for there safety. The future is female! Let’s value our women and girls.

  4. The police do not take violence against women seriously. All types of rapists, predators, women beaters in the police force, in the cabinet, and even regular men just walking about. They get a slap on the wrists if anything at all. Predators protect other predators and even some women will protects no good, b*tch a$$ men always trying to blame the victim for something. Not all women are innocent in these matters, but men are the aggressors more often than they are not. This is a HUGE problem in our beloved little Antigua that needs to take more precedence. People are only shocked until it costs someones life.

    • @Rudegyal…U camment well #Rootical, as to sum a de ROOT CAUSE, dat mek dem kinda violence inna r we Kulcha lib on.
      Me goh disagree wid U, regarding “man a always, de agressah.”
      Innah dem time Yah kno, Oman rude to rass too, lakkah dem a #Man #John.
      E goh ruff and tuff, fu change plenty a r we DUTTY and nasty habits.

      • Read again my bredda. I said men are the agressor more often than not. I also said women are not always innocent. This is not to wage war between men and women. In fact, we need to be in harmony. We need each other more than ever. Love!

    • Tap blame police fa violence against women. Wen y’all get y’all blows and police lock up da man y’all go da police station and court and tell dem leggo da man I said wft i said

  5. Speaking as a male, I am absolutely appalled at the increase in the murder rate of women in Antigua. I believe it all stems from mens insecurities when women decide that their partners are a waste of time and decide that after giving them chance after chance to improve their lives and ESPECIALLY their aggressive behaviour, the women decide enough is enough and want to leave.

    However, here lies the problem with dominant and insecure males who decide ‘NOTING NA GO SO, AND YOU LEAVE WHEN I SAY SO’ …

    Men must allow their ex’s to move on, when the relationship has collapse and can’t go any further – I SAY THIS AS A FATHER WHO BROUGHT UP HIS SONS TO RESPECT WOMEN AND TREAT THEM AS EQUALS … AND IT IS NO SURPRISE THEY ARE BOTH IN LOVING LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS OF OVER 10 YEARS AND MORE!!!

  6. No man has the right to hurt or murder any woman, because we DO NOT own them. Is is simply our turn as being obliged by the women until she deems fit to dump us. If the relationship seems toxic…just leave. Lots more Fish in the Sea !! 🙏

  7. 3 out of 14 murders is a cause of concern in your books? That’s…rather none analytical. Your stats did not merit your findings or the tone of this article.

    Unlike the author of this article, I am not trying to fuel a men vs women debate but rather highlight a blind spot/flaw.

    Condolences to the families of any one who suffered the lost of a love one by the hands of another.

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