Recall of machine readable passports


The Passport Office of Antigua and Barbuda, acting on a Decision of the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda to discontinue the dual use of machine readable and ePassports, wishes to advise of the commencement of a recall of all Machine Readable Passports of Antigua and Barbuda.

The recall of all Machine Readable passports will facilitate the use of only the new Antigua and Barbuda ePassport introduced in April 2017.

With effect from June 1, 2019 the Passport Office commences the recall of the Antigua and Barbuda Machine Readable Passport.  All citizens of Antigua and Barbuda with a Machine Readable passport are advised that the document becomes invalid on 31stDecember 2019.

Only ePassports will be valid for travel as of 1st January 2020.  Application forms for the ePassports are available at the Passport Office, Queen Elizabeth Highway, the Antigua and Barbuda Missions in the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom  or from the government’s website

Further information is available from the Passport Office in Antigua and Barbuda at telephone 462-0092.

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    • They’re getting rid of paper passports. Everything will be electronic. At least, that’s what I gather

    • What you don’t understand that even dunce me got it.

      If you have a passport issued before April 2017 it will be no longer of use come December 31, 2019!!! You haffu change um!

  1. Canada visas are only valid as long as the passport they are attached to is valid. Does this mean all Canada visas to Antiguans are cancelled once the passports are cancelled?

    • Noo, you’re fine. Any passport issues before April 2017 people will need to change it to the epassport.

  2. What happens to the visas say for the US and Canada attached to the old passports? Are they going to have to be renewed?

    • You will get your old passport back from the passport office when they re issue you with e passport. Therefore when you travel to either the USA or Canada then you take both (ie old passport with visa and new e passport). Your visa remains valid in your old passport. When the visa is expired and you seek to get a new one, once approved it will be placed in the e passport.


    Further information is available from the Passport Office in Antigua and Barbuda at telephone 462-0092.

  4. I am now convinced what Sir Lester said….Antigua is not a reading public…or is it that we are not a comprehending public?

  5. This is a compulsory requirement without the benefit of much explanation. And this will come at much expense to persons many of whom have passports in their possession that are far from its expiration date. It is a rather unfortunate requirement and clearly much more is behind this. Government clearly believes that the population has money as no consideration is given to the cost to the citizenry and the time limit given to change the passports. It is a most inconsiderate act and should be reviewed. It is hard to ask someone who still has in excess of 6 to 9 years left on their passport to foot the bill for a new one, albeit it is $75.00 Money doesn’t grow on trees!

    • I agree,if the Passport isn’t expired,you should be given the new one’s free,valid for whatever time you had left on the present one.. You have already paid the fees for a Ten year Passport..

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