Reasons Why Your Family Needs a Goldendoodle


D is for the dreamy friend who would share your summer days and winter nights. O is for the obedient companion who would always stay by your side, and G is for the goofy game-changer partner who would draw a smile on your face.

It is no secret that dogs are a great addition not only to one’s house but to one’s life. Dogs bring forth their endless enthusiasm and immediate love, which makes us eager to spend more time with them. But choosing which breed of dogs is like choosing the type of friend you’d like to have around all the time.

One of our finest picks is the Goldendoodle, or more commonly, the Groodle. From the early mixture of poodle and golden retriever, the Groodle is a hybrid that encompasses its parents’ sharp and friendly characteristics.

Its appearance shifts from small to large according to the type of poodle that was originally mixed with the golden retriever. As expert breeders at ABCs Puppy Zs advise, these easy-to-train, social, and helpful Goldendoodles are a smart choice for families due to all their characteristics.

And since Goldendoodle is gaining enough popularity to drive your curiosity back and forth, we’ll be looking at why you should choose the Groodle as an addition to your family.


When choosing a dog, it is important to prioritize its characteristics, specifically its comfort with people and its reaction to living in a house within a family. We all love to be welcomed home after a long workday by a joyful pet searching for cuddles and attention.

The Goldendoodle’s socializing nature allows him to engage in intimate relations with humans and enjoy the company of people. Its puppy-like character enhances its curiosity to wander around the house and play with its surroundings. Likewise, the Groodle’s affectionate nature and ability to make our stress go away just by having it between our arms remind us of how wonderful they are and how lucky we are to have them.


Allergies are pet lovers’ greatest fear; being deprived of being around their favorite animals is simply sad. However, hypoallergenic presupposes a less likely, if not absent, allergic reaction against pets.

Now, If your excuse to get a dog was your pet allergy, I congratulate you; Goldendoodle is the dog for you. Goldendoodle inherit their ability not to shed as much as the other breeds from their poodle genes. Their curly coat prevents them from shedding much hair, and as such, they are less likely to awaken their owners’ allergies.

High Trainability

A lot of talent shows feature golden retrievers and poodles because of their level of intelligence. It is no surprise that the Groodle will be as intelligent as those two. The Goldendoodle is more affected by training and is a fast learner.

They’re subject to reinforcement and react to encouragement and treats. They give more attention to training and excel at any activity in a short amount of time. So, maybe if you teach your Groodle a trick or two, he will even come first in your local talent show.


Friendly, joyful, and energetic; that is the magic potion to create the perfect Goldendoodle. They are outgoing and full of life, and they will also spread positive energy and a happy vibe around them.

While some dogs feature seriousness and strength, one can’t help but smile at this breed of dogs as they are quite playful when they seek love and care. Groodles are the kind of dogs you’d enjoy taking to the park and racing with. They are quite calm and obedient when in safe hands, and they will always cherish your presence.

Physical Activity

Goldendoodles are quite athletic and energetic. As we’ve mentioned above, they are more likely to receive training and grasp it in a short time. Those training may include running in circles, achieving specific tasks, rotating, retrieving, etc.

The average period for a Goldendoodle to perform centers around half an hour. They love playing and jogging, and that is why you’ll never run out of ideas to entertain your dog. Having an active dog will encourage you to move more and motivate you to exercise to keep up with your Groodle, which eventually prevents you from catching illnesses and diseases.

Having a dog is good; having a Goldendoodle is better. This underrated dog breed is the perfect choice for families as they evoke friendliness, safety, and happiness. They are active, energetic, trainable, hypoallergenic, and do not present any danger to children. So, basically, a Goldendoodle to start the day will take your stress and worries away.

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