Reasons Why You Should Consider Working Remotely in Antigua


By Mariette Williams

Working Remotely in Antigua

Antigua and its sister island, Barbuda recently initiated a visa program for those who can work from anywhere. Called the “Nomad Digital Residence Visa,” eligible remote workers can apply for special resident authorization and live and work on the islands for up to two years. I recently spent some time in Antigua, and here are 7 reasons why it should make your shortlist for a remote work location or a short stay.

The Beaches

Antigua is a small island with an area of 108 sq miles, and it’s known for its beautiful beaches. The island has 95 miles of coastline, resulting in 365 beaches for visitors to explore. Some of the best beaches on the island are the picturesque Dickenson Bay, the relatively unspoiled Half Moon Bay, and Carlisle Bay, home to Carlisle Bay resort, pictured here. Wherever you decide to spend your time sunbathing, you’ll enjoy the aquamarine waters, soft sand, and cool breezes – in between virtual meetings, of course.

The Fresh Fruit

The Caribbean has some of the freshest and most interesting variety of fruit, and that’s also true in Antigua. For example, Antiguans enjoy a fruit called locust fruit or Jatoba fruit. Locals call the spongy fruit stinkin’ toe because when you open the oblong shell, there’s a pungent smell, but once you bite into the fruit, there’s a sweet, slightly sharp explosion of flavor. Also, like other Caribbean Islands, the mangoes in Antigua are fresh and delicious. While we were in Antigua, we picked mangoes straight from the trees, devouring them in seconds and after tasting mangoes from the Caribbean, it’s hard to go back to the grocery store variety.

The Access to Sailing

Antigua is also known as the sailing capital of the Eastern Caribbean, and it’s a pastime that many visitors to the island participate in. Carlisle Bay resort, like many resorts on the island, offers sailing lessons right on the property. While I didn’t take the resort up on the sailing offer (some things are better left to the professionals), we enjoyed a sail around Carlisle Bay on a Hobie Cat. There are several other certified sailing schools in Antigua like the top-rated National Sailing Academy Antigua so you can spend your weekends sailing.

The Hiking Excursions

While the beaches and sailing are popular activities, hiking in Antigua is another outdoor activity you’ll enjoy. If you’re brave, start with a hike up Mount Obama, which is the highest point on the island. The hike takes about two hours, and when you get to the top of the 1,319 ft mountain, you’ll get sweeping views of the Caribbean ocean and other neighboring islands. Other notable hikes include Signal Hill, the second-highest peak in Antigua, and The Pillars of Hercules, a scenic hike that winds around the Antiguan coastline.

The Temperate Weather

Another big draw to Antigua is, of course, the weather. The weather in Antigua is warm year-round, with an average high temperature of 82.9 degrees and an average low temperature of 72.3 degrees. Like most of the Caribbean, the rainy season here lasts from June to December, and summer thunderstorms are not uncommon. Fortunately, even in the rainy season, storms don’t last long. Expect a few hours of rain before the weather goes back to sunny skies.

The Proximity to Other Islands

Antigua is only a three-hour flight from Miami, and very accessible from other major international airports. It’s also close to Montserrat, known for great diving and snorkeling spots, and Guadeloupe, home to La Soufriere volcano and some impressive rum distilleries. Many of the locals I spoke to take weekend trips and holidays in the neighboring Montserrat and Guadeloupe, and the equally remarkable islands of St. Kitts, Anguilla, and Dominica.

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  1. High cost of living

    Low quality of living

    Terrible and expensive internet, electricity and other utilities

    High fees for very short term visa

    Could live many other places with higher standard of living and lower costs and nominal fees for a longer temporary residency permit like Mexico.

    Could be living quite well in Mexico with all the modern amenities, all the modern restaurants, malls, shopping opportunities or could live in expensive Antigua with none of those things and expensive, unreliable internet, cell phone service and electricity

  2. Is sparse and of low quality

    The food is expensive and not tasty

    The local cuisine is not good

    If you must live in the Caribbean, consider other islands that have an abundance of locally produced fruits and vegetables like Dominica or Jamaica

    Also Jamaican cuisine is delicious. Antiguan food, nope

    • So I work here for 15 years remote. I disagree with the comments above. Move to the north and you will get stable internet, you also don’t need a machine gun for your security like in Mexico or Jamaica. The food is great when you go to the right places. Get a generator for power cuts and you are fine. No place is perfect

  3. I hope all those foreigners who reading this article see this comment.

    Internet here slow and expensive. And we have plenty power cuts. You can enjoy the rest in the meantime while you can’t work. Hope you don’t get fired for not being able to work.

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