Ray John wants counselling for his colleagues alleging harassment

Police Headquarters on American Road

A well known member of the Royal Police Force is calling on the law enforcement agency to provide counselling for the alleged victims who made claims of impropriety against Commissioner of Police, Wendel Robinson.

Officer Ray John told state media the officers are a priority and the police force has a duty to “take care of them”.

“They need to call them in, counsel them, find out who else, who other persons, because they might be other persons out there that we don’t know of,” he said.

John believes other officers may have had similar experiences but were afraid to come forward.

The Police Service Commission suspended Robinson on Thursday after noting the complaints made against him were “inimical to the discipline and morale within the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda”.

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  1. LOL what a joke. Counselling for victims?? Please!! What about the others who have been harassed by other members of the force or the civilians who have been sexually harassed by police officers why do you investigate them sonce they in the mood to investigate police. Chups

  2. U have a pretty good idea of everything that is going on both of u were best of buddies until the falling out…
    Mr Rodney make sure u call mr john to give a sworn testimony of what he knows.and we will see who spills who’s secrets

  3. Ray John is the individual who needs the counselling so that the Royal Police force of Antigua and Barbuda can finally rid itself of the scourge and stigma with which it’s plagued.
    Nuffield Burnette

    • Mr brunette u just hit the wind out of me lol I can’t manage this good morning. but on a more serious not YES RAY JOHN NEEDS A GOOD OVERHAULING HIMSELF NOT WITHSTANDING THE FACT THAT ROBINSON IS AN AWFUL INDIVIDUAL.

    • Does this Ray John ever finish secondary school?? After hearing his speech on ABS TV, I am wondering.

  4. I had to re-read this again and again.
    The notorious Ray John is right in the middle of this bullying saga.
    Many of us are wives of police officers.
    Many of us have had to question our husbands as we noted certain extra gifts among other things coming home.
    Many of us have contracted HPV… human papillomavirus and other things and wonder where the hell we got this from when we are faithful to our husbands.
    You think it easy to find out that you married to a man for over 15 years and then find out he not only going front but he going back to.. And not with you but with his own mankind?
    You think it damn easy?
    And then you have to wonder what other diseases you may have contracted because you now hear that some have the virus?
    A just shame alone let me no call in on observer but when me done with that man I go up the alter with he near go have not one place to live and he better go find his mankind to give him shelter.

    • Condolences. Stay strong.
      Know that sham marriages continue and being in one for 15yrs makes you able to begin again with opened eyes.

  5. God has to be making preparation to come back to earth a second time since Satan started to correct sin in Antigua.

  6. R. J you a tremble now Rodney in Power. You and Robinson mash up SSU. Now you back stabbing your buddy cuz the water dirty now.. The public won’t be fool by you. Who else you wouldn’t backstab. You well know that a gwarn longtime but you a long with other officers like cowards. Now that the Junior officers stood up, you want say you a do something. Mr Rodney you also hide like coward but I still believe in you. Do the right thing. Put leaders to lead, eliminate RRU. Robbie and Ray Unit. That unit was built on lies, pure evil, just to make the two of them look good.


    • If Mr Rodney is a true man of God as I am hearing, he will do the right for the nation of Antigua and Barbuda and the people. If he can’t, God will rise up a woman in the police force to do the job. For example, Queen Deborah was called by God to bring back Israel to some descency after several men leaders had destroyed it.

  7. When the dust is settled; my Police Force will rish again like the Phoenix from the ashes…..Antigua/Barbuda citizens know i Love our Police Force …..if it was not for my “situation” while studying to be a Barrister/Attorney in England i would be Among my ” Boys” but God knows best…… i always miss my Boys and i hope the good old Days will come back. ONE LOVE!

  8. Ray John you sure know how to kiss ass when it comes to securing your seat. You know what was going on but you failed to step in and help those boys cause the promotion sweeeeeeeeeet you. As long as you elevate, Anuses can be invaded. A unit was formed ( RRU) by two men.. One seek power to sodomize n the other want wa he can get which he got… A side with the commissioner in victimizing one of them from joining the unit. I know because I’m a cop. A shadow in your unit who sees everything.. Really and truly we don’t want you to lead us. Mr Rodney please hear the cries of the organization.. You mash up the unit to let yours look good, keeping us down in the process. GYPG splitting us up making a certain few get recognition. Do you think as a leader we we’re happy. We weren’t not what you do to us was no action of leadership. Even your dark knights telling people they’re Elite and we’re not… You and Mr. Robinson kept us in the dark. I hope PSC find some kinda law justifying why you should have been a Sgt. Before being an officer…

  9. God does not wear pajamas. This is surely pay back for all of the political and non-political harassment that many of our citizens have endured at the hands of this wicked police force. May the fire and brimstone continue to blaze in Babylon!


  11. Why you so curious about who he had relationships with? Why you want to see video? Chups. All of that is irrelevant to the investigation surrounding the complaints of sexual harassment by three officers. I don’t know how seeing footage or knowing people’s names are going to advance the investigations. Some of you all just too fast.

  12. Many are not going to like this comment:
    If Mr. Roberson is found innocent of these allegations made against him I do wonder how will you nay sayers will react. Will you all say it is political interference? Will you day it is the brotherhood? Will you all say the probe was not independent. From what I’m seeing the top brass of the police force is very unprofessional in this whole matter. For the fact those reports were circulating for the general public to see never mind to top officers discussing a matter that is under investigation is just showing how unqualified some of these high ranking officers are. Waiting and see the end of this dilima.

  13. @watch and see he can never be found innocent never never never y would they put him back when a lot more going come out …..This man is not suited for being a officer trust me so don’t know who paid u to text that shiet u got to be his lover or mum a…..

    • The expected asine answer. I’m not Mr. Roberson lover nor his mother and I’m certinaly not paid by anyone. It is an allegation but you are so caught up in the filth of this story you fail to see how weak this case is espically since the top brass of the force is not conducting themselves professionally. Allegations of homosexual behavior is always within the force and even if Mr. Roberson is found guilty it is not going to stop.

      • Real talk….. yes it’s always wise to keep an open mind in such matters.. No matter how destructive the evidence may seem. A man is innocent until proven guilty. Remember the accused morals may be of questionable nature but he is no fool. Beware

  14. Wow! Ray John a play innocent, and since when the accused became commissioner of police he Ray John got the most promotions in a single year. He has to be one of Robby boy toy on the force. Since Robby became the head of the force he Ray John became a treat to many citizens in anu with all the power given to him.

  15. “A notorious member” 😂. I heard the interview if he was positioned to do so improve his public profile 😆 it didn’t work. We know Ray and secondly he sounds like he didn’t graduate pre school.

  16. I feel compel to ask how can a junior officer make such disparaging remarks about a Commissioner of Police. I will be the first to admit that the allegations are serious and those personnel should be given all the support from administration. On the other hand to all are deemed to be innocent until proven guilty. I do not consider ASP Ray John has the moral fortitude to speaking the way he has spoken and should be the last to speak about the COP like that. The top COP has put his neck on the block for him and his comments are suggesting that he is bringing a message from someone. Every embarrassment of the COP is also one for the PM as we all know none of position from ACP’S to COP cannot be made without the PM agreeing. I hope the Acting Commissioner and the PS C takes action to prevent further outburst like the one Ray John blind sided the Commissioner with. He was the Chief of Staff for the COP so how can anyone have trust in him now. The serving members should acknowledge that any damage done to the force now will be there responsibility to repair in the future so let’s not make the damage irepairable. Let us all learn from experience like this and do the right and moral thing at all times.

    • Round of applouse to you Mr. Hughes. Ray John should be the last person to open his mouth about this whole saga cause everybody from police to civilian know how much Roberson put he self to make sure Ray John jump ranks and that is his thanks. Mmmmmmmm (Sly J voice)

  17. Well said DC Hughes. When an allegations are being made against a person they are innocent until proven guilty. The acting commissioner and PSC should control the rank and file of the force to prevent any further damage this scandal will do to the public perception of the RPAB

  18. Well we all know that nothing last forever.
    During the tenure of Robinson as Commissioner all the cases of Policemen sent to Magistrates Court and High Court should be closely examined.
    Everyone knows once an officer would refuse his advances he would boast to them that he will make them pay.
    One day all these things will definitely come to light.

  19. Ray John can’t get way from this ya… If they bail him a pure stupidness dem a gwan with.. Cause it’s treason…. Time enough we as antiguans stand up for our country. Imagine a whole man come from vincie n mash up our country. Now we might have to get visa to go other country when dem day so done make millions. We can’t take this sh1t no more. The Reign of the vincie over the police force should be over…. Dem a mash up our country n police force. Gas station rob- vincie police, incest with daughter – vincie police, alleged sex scandal – vincie police, passport a sell- vincie police. Antigua police force look bad. Bad bad bad…

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