Rastafarian Leader Gains Relief from Stage Four Cancer with Medical Marijuana

photo credit: Tinnakorn jorruang/Shutterstock.

Medical Breakthrough: Rastafarian Leader Gains Relief from Stage Four Cancer with Medical Marijuana, Prompting Research Initiative at Sir Lester Bird Medical Center

CABINET NOTES: The Cabinet invited to its meeting two medical doctors, a pharmacist, an investor in medical marijuana, and the Rastafarian leader who suffered from stage four cancer of the prostate.

The afflicted male became very ill, lost his appetite and body weight to the extent that he weighed no more than a 120lbs.

The patient collaborated with a medical marijuana specialist and a traditional doctor causing him to gain more than 50lbs, to gain strength and feeling of well-being.


He thanked the Prime Minister and the Cabinet for engineering the collaboration with the traditional doctor to treat his ailment.

His Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test showed an unusual high, indicating the severity of this deadly disease.

However, the use of the medical marijuana, coupled with other treatment, caused the PSA test numbers to decline.

In order to deliver effective treatment to others who may be similarly afflicted, a research and development programme has to be inaugurated at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center (SLBMC); the laws of Antigua and Barbuda would require amendments in order to allow patients to choose this treatment.







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    • What FBI, Joyanne? Look at how many states in the United States of America have already made ‘medical matijuana’ legal.

  1. It was found on the Grave of King Solomon. Bless his eyes in the east, rising with the heavenly Sun. Given to us by the most high especially for it’s medicinal purposes, Heavenly father never let me leff my yard til my bowl white with ash.

  2. I am that medical marijyana specialist and aside from cancer (not only prostrate) I have remedies and treatments for alzheimers/dementia, autism, fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, parkinsons, diabetes, hypertension/high blood pressure, arthritis, chronic pain, gastrointestinal problems, inflammation, migraine, but I am prohibited from administering or distributing them to people who need it. Perhaps the government could expand their scope to include studies into cannabis treating many other diseases and maladies. I have over 35 years experience in the field and have the results to prove how effective these medicines are. It would be a world first and a true legacy to make Antigua an epicenter in this new industry. But the island will need to engage with professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge on the subject. I hope the opportunity here is not squandered by petty egos and businesses looking to get rich by exploiting the sick and the needy. We have big competition so It is important we get it right from the beginning.

  3. It is well known that traditional medicine is nothing to be rediculed. Traditional medicine is now studied by scientists and doctors so that they can find a cure for the terrifying diseases that can end our lives prematurely. Kudos to the Rastafarian Movement, the doctors and our Goverment for beginning discussions on this valiant endeavour to saving our lives. I am sure our Government will keep us informed on progress made.

  4. I would like to know if the marijuana was use by smoking or in a tea form . Also ,the article said other remedies. What were the additional treatment used ?

    • The treatment was a concentrate cannabis oil, cannabis suppositories, and a topical rub also made from cannabis, herbs and medicinal ingredients.. additionally there were some supplement treatments by the patients oncologist and a vegan diet and various local herbs and teas

  5. The insurance companies need to get on board…people have a right to choose their treatment and if insured should be covered.
    Integrative medicine is the way to go….the naturalist and conventional doctors can work in harmony…for the betterment of mankind.

  6. Since the Antiguan government mandated a vaccine on its population, it is incumbent upon said government to make this modality of treatment widely available to its people — especially those that are & will be stricken with autoimmune diseases, cancers and a plethora of other ailments that stems from the jabs. The jab induced cancers and other illnesses DO NOT respond to conventional treatments. Also, understand that these illnesses may be detected/diagnosed 5, 10, 15, 20 years post jab — It was precisely for this reason why vaxxine trial recipients were followed for many years before a jab would be brought to market.
    Make this AVAILABLE and AFFORDABLE for ALL Antiguans!


  7. First of all, the explosion of cancers is due to our lifestyle and the poor, poisoned and polluted foods we consume. Secondly, before they allow any cannabis to be administered at the hospital they will have to find a way to process or repackage it as it would be difficult to make millions off selling a natural product in it’s its original form. If nothing else they will have to find a way to recoup the 1/4 million they paid just to get the growing license. Even if we manage to find simple solutions big brother up north will be on us like the eagle on grenada or like the Cuban missile crisis. Don’t believe me? Just think back to when people went from being cured from COVID in our hospital to dying of it because the internationals swooped in to provide “updated” treatment protocols.

    Sorry for being negative but let’s be real while we work on this

    • The explosion of cancers are coming from the vaccines.
      A hospital does not have to administer CBD oil. It isn’t being administered in any hospitals as far I know; however, people can still accesss the extract to treat various ailments, as stated in the article.
      Blame the Antiguan government for agreeing to use the Who’s protocol for treating Convid.
      Antigua is a sovereign country and no one held a gun to the the leader’s head.

      Rick Simpson, original maker of RSO didn’t have a dispensary when he made his CBD extract that has a proven record of curing cancer. If it hasn’t been taken down, his method of making the oil was posted on YouTube.

  8. There is no cure from death, none, so if cancer doesn’t kill you, something else will..that’s just life. It’s the falsehood about the longevity of life that’s always been concerning to me, and the fact that big pharma and governments have used that very lie to make millions and rob the people blind.

    To have a thinking that mankind is the answer to his own demise is as ludicrous as it gets, and thats the delusion that’s more dangerous and drive many straight into the arms of these crazy doctors who think they are Gods.

    I have no faith in man, none. If any doctor tells me go south, I’m going north.

    • If this works as purpoted, then it’s good news for the hundreds of multiple tpye cancers that have exploded in our little country. @Good Luck, you can continue to bury your head in the sand about those “vaccines.” The fact is turbo cancers have exploded all over the world. Japan is now considering withdrawing the mRna jabs because of the explosion of turbo cancers in the young.
      Astrazeneca just pulled it’s clot shot(finally) admitting it causes dangerous blood clots.
      Anyway, how exactly is MSJ going to “inaugurate a research and development program? ” They can barely keep up with the traffic there doing basic health-care. These hoodlums in cabinet continue to feed the public these asanine things to perhaps appear as if they care.

  9. All this glorifying of a smoke which causes cancer will continue once it’s link to religion just as the Jim Jones effect in Guyana, what they not telling you is that bob Marley and king frank I died of smoke related cancer, but we continue to believe it’s some tree of god as though other trees are not of god, all trees has properties that may benifit you health wise so for marijuana in extracted from instead a smoke is a different narrative, aloes is extracted for it’s nutritional value, but once we black people are religious and not technology savvy you will remain in the dark smoking weed instead of using it technologically, you notice it’s the white mens Gaston gave the go ahead and license first to deal in marijuana, even though black people had criminal records and death of family members due to marijuana committed by the same government. The Rasta disappoint me that they allowed themselves to be bound by a book from the white man name bible, but the only smart part of it they freed themselves from the blue eye blond Jesus and replace with highly Selassie , that moment in history where the black man put aside the colonial god given by the slave master. We must recognize smoking cause health issues, done.

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