Rasona Davis-Crump takes up position of Financial Secretary within the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Governance


Rasona Davis-Crump takes up position of Financial Secretary within the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Governance

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua and Barbuda – 25th February, 2023………“The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Government remains committed to the advancement of women in the public service and every sector within the society.

Women will continue to be recognized and advanced by my Administration,” were the words of Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston as he commented on the recent appointment of Rasona Davis-Crump as the country’s new Financial Secretary.

Prime Minister Browne said that the appointment of the seasoned professional and career public servant with over 25 years’ experience in the areas of development economics, fiscal management, and public policy is a demonstration that his government is serious about taking the country to the Next Level.

“Next Level development is respectful of the crucial and equal role that women play in all aspects of our nation’s development,” he said.

Mrs. Davis-Crump began her career as a public servant in 1996 at the Ministry of Trade. She was recruited in 1997 by the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Secretariat in St. Lucia where she initially worked in the Office of the Director General and then the Economic Affairs Division before returning home in August 2004 to work with the Ministry of Finance.

She was subsequently appointed to the position of Deputy Financial Secretary with responsibility for policy execution and management.

As Deputy Financial Secretary she negotiated technical and financial support from bilateral, regional, and international donors and creditors; developed and implemented strategies for improved fiscal oversight and management; and served as the Ministry’s focal point on various projects and programmes funded by institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and Caribbean Development Bank.

Mrs. Davis-Crump played a significant role in crafting several government policies. Among her most gratifying achievements is being a team leader in the creation of the National Student Loan Fund, which has supported the educational aspirations of citizens for many years.

Prime Minister Browne stated that Mrs. Davis-Crump has served on and/or chaired several committees and boards including PDV Caribe Antigua Barbuda Ltd., the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank, the National Student Loan Fund Committee, the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, the Depositor Protection Trust, and the Eastern Caribbean Partial Credit Guarantee Corporation.

“I committed to the economic and social advancement of Antigua and Barbuda and will, in my new role as Financial Secretary, continue to champion initiatives that improve Government’s ability to serve the population,” she said.

She credits her success to God’s providential care and grace; the sacrifice, determination, love, and support of her parents; and encouragement from many mentors and teachers including the late George Goodwin, Denise Gardiner, Sharon Peters, and Mrs. Glendina McKay, Ms. Cynthia Quallis, and Ms. Parker from the Greenbay Primary School.

“I am grounded by my faith in Christ and strengthened by the loving support of my husband, family, and friends,” she said.

Rasona Davis-Crump holds a Master’s degree in Development Economics from the Centre for Development Economics, Williams College, Massachusetts, USA and a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Economics from the University of the West Indies.

In 2014, she successfully completed the requirements for the designation of Accredited Director from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (now Corporate Governance Institute of Canada).

She also acquired audit committee and risk committee certification from the Caribbean Governance Training Institute.

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  1. Wouldn’t it have been better if Mrs Davis-Crump had represented us at the 104th ECCB conference rather than our Prime Minister, who loves to dance abroad instead of dancing at home.

    Gaston Browne never seems to want to sort out the current problems in Antigua.


    • … the only other one I can recall was the former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson – and look whey he dey now?

    • Geez you really obsessed with Gaston Browne!!!! Lward of mercy get tf over it!!! Elections done!!! Just congratulate the woman and done nuh. You have to talk about Gastone Browne? Seems like you in love with the man and get giddy every time you see his face. At lease charge he rent for living in your mind!!!

      • Is that all you got boss? Do you not have a mind of your own to concentrate on the serious issues troubling Antigua & Barbuda?

        Obviously not!

        If shooting the messenger gives you succour and comfort, well go ahead – fill your boots.

        But if you have ANY other topic – of your choice – that you want to comment on let Brixtonian know, and I’ll WIN that easily as well.

          • Hell no me related to Gaston Browne but come on man every time so. Even when things have nothing to do with him you bring him up? Its obsessive. Get over it like it or not he is the PM for the next 5 years. Maybe next time Antiguans will get it right and vote him out come on the more you talk about him the more empowered he feels. Just mek he lone and continue watch her self destruct.

    • You know Brixtonian, I wasn’t going to respond to this. But I felt compelled. By you making such a stupid suggestion it removed all doubtin anyone’s mind how dumb and ignorant you really are. This a ministerial meeting. One of policy makers. The FS doesn’t make policy. It executes government policies. Get educated and think before you speak.

  2. Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “The human condition, plans for humankind and collaboration between women and men in those tasks which increase the sum total of humanity are new problems, which demand true inventions.” – Frantz Fanon (A French Speaking Caribbean Man from Martinique), The Wretched Of The Earth-1961. Banned in Britain and France and their Colonies around the World where the Sun Never Sets!

    Congrats to the Good Lady! A True Grand Dame who stand tall amongst her Peers!

    Again Best Wishes, Success and Kudos to Mrs. Rasona Davis-Crump on her appointment!

    “Comrades, there is no true social revolution without the liberation of women. Inequality can be done away with only by establishing a new society, where men and women will enjoy equal rights, resulting from an upheaval in the means of production and in all social relations. Thus, the status of women will improve only with the elimination of the system that exploits them.” Capitaine Thomas Sankara, President Burkina Faso, assassinated 1987!

  3. @ Stay Alert!

    Rasona Davis-Crump is another UPP product and trained by Dr Cort and Harold Lovell.

    No credit to Gaston Browne

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