Rasfreeman Foundation condemns school for denying five-year-old girl with dreadlocks


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  1. These same people know us brown/blacks went through a phase where because of the colour of our skin we weren’t allowed to have an education now they’re doing it to their own people because of the way they choose to wear their hair when they praise a white character who has long hair down his and a beard down his chest 😤

    • gonna assume its the last brain cell working here, what about those who combs and neatly plat theirs that not being told they can’t do it like this or like that and must be done in a very particular way only?
      you absolute fking nounce

  2. Can I send my daughter to the rasta school with her hair uncovered?
    Can the little princess wear a pants to your school?

    Answer that rasfreeman

  3. Whats is this? 2022? A black Child is being discriminated by Black Adults in base of her hair style? WTF is this? All black people should be ashame of this..Many died fighting slavery, segregation to be respected..and now a Black people is doing to another black people..Wait to a little black girl this weird discrimination? Martin Luther King is on his grave yard twisting a lot

  4. Son of Mami_Wata & Papq_Elegba CHRISTened Jumbee_Picknee at life’s #crossroad of SWASTIKA & SQUARE says…

    While certain aspects of society discriminates against locks, AFRO, BRAIDS, KRUTEE etc,(all hairstyles used by people of African descent), and this is unjust, the RASTA, Rastafarian MOVEMENTS and ORDERS(there are various Orders of the Rastafari Movement, some don’t even wear locks, as with the case of several Twelve Tribe Members), OUR RAS TAFAR I Movements MUST pick the BEAM out of their eyes as well and 🛑 STOP their own discriminatory practices, especially against women and people of other cultures.


  5. Discrimination
    the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, sex, or disability.
    This list is very cropped.
    I discriminate against certain people and do not want them as part of my circle of friends. I warned my daughter years ago about the kind of men I would not tolerate she is dating. And although dreadlocks are not one of them, their attire certainly is. Especially those that wear their pants below their waist showing their underwear. I really find that sickening and wish we could make laws against that. I have come along way accepting certain hairstyles and tattoos for that matter. When my sons had their first tattoo, they had to hide it from me. Over the years I just look at it and wonder what brought them to do that. Wearing earrings for a man was also taboo for me. Nowadays it has become acceptable to see men and women with tattoos. I mean things change and sometimes not always for the good. The schools that practice these arcade rules will have to understand whether you base it on religion or not, it will not stand in today’s world. It is unacceptable for the majority of people to live in a kind of sect. Everything is about people’s constitutional rights. I recall the ruling in the USA whether or not a baker should have the prerogative to decide whether to make a cake for a gay couple’s wedding. And the list goes on. Should gay people be allowed to get married in our country? We will tear down the fabric of our society one thread at a time.

    • @From The Sideline….😆😆😆U ole to rass! The youths are forging their own path!
      Did you mentioned recently, that you were against your children dating or marrying “white/pink(they’re actually 50 Shades of Victoria Secrets PINK), people? Correct me if I’m wrong!

      I can recall wearing NY YANKEES Baseball Cap with the Adidas Sweats n Sneaks in the 1970’s, this style got it RAP while we were building the HIP-HOP RAP Game. We know where the Black Community’s took Rap and Sneakers…..sshhhhhhsh to the Billionaires Club of Hollywood. We even got into some of the Bohemians Black Tie Affairs.

      AFRO and Dashiki was banned, frowned upon by the ALP of VC Bird Snr(Tim Hector and the ACLM took a walloping).

      Until recently, BLACK, AFRICAN AMERICAN University’s like HAMPTON, banned braids, twists, locks etc for students in the School of Business. Policy has since being reversed.

      Silicon Valley “techies” began wearing sneakers and wore them, unlaced until they were almost shreds, and many CEO’s, Executives frowned, yet, the techies won!

      Papa Bird usually speak about “The Mulatto Syndrome” which plagued Antigua’s work force prior to his government’s crack down on businesses like the banks.

      And, and, and, please remember the BASTARD SYNDROME practiced by the Churches of England and ROME.

      History is replete with this type of CHARACTERISATION.
      The RASTA MOVEMENTS should have being way ahead in their livery, especially, when it comes to EDUCATION, since, the Saint, Prophet, Emperor and King Haile Selassie I was an arden supporter of EDUCATION. So much so, he gave up his ROYAL PALACE to become one of Ethiopia’s first UNIVERSITY’s.
      Ethiopian Airlines one of the better managed Airline in the World today started under H.I.M. Reign. The Caribbean is begging and screaming for an Airline like Ethiopian Airways.

      So, if the RASTAFARIAN MOVEMENT still feels discriminated against, as it pertains to EDUCATION, we have ourselves to blame for thinking, even LEARNING/EDUCATION is BABYLON. And, this is pure unadulterated blurnclath radish ness.


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