Rape of Black men during slavery season


By Franklin Jones

Did you know that during slavery slave owners would buy slaves to engage in forced sexual acts? These male slaves were bought entirely on the prerequisite to owning a big penis.

Black men were also routinely raped by their slave owners as forms of punishment for their insurgency. The process was known as “breaking the buck or buck breaking.” Involves an African slave who was challenged and then whipped in front of his entire congregation of slaves.

Once the slave was worn out the master would have the other Black slaves make him walk over the trunk where the pants would be removed and the slave owner would have the slave sodomized in front of his wife , family , frnds and kids.

Slave owner would make sure the slaves wife and children watched front row and center, so they could witness the death and sexual humiliation of her husband and father. Buck Breaking was the slave master’s most effective tool to keep all young Black slaves from being defiant and retaliating. It would also scare the mother and wives who would never consent to an insurgency. Buck Breaking was so successful that it was turned into a “Sex Farm” where the slave master could travel from plantation to plantation feeding his sadistic needs.

The life of an African slave in America was forged with constant degradation. White masters beat and ridiculed total discretion to rape any slave they liked – man, woman or child. White slave masters even committed acts of incest with their own mulatto children born from their slave mothers. Even African slave marriages were not recognized by their white masters.

The following story takes place on August 12, 1742 in the state of Mississippi. It’s a Friday night, and the Master Host is entertaining some fellow slave owners from the neighboring plantations. As they keep drinking and sharing slave tales, the host starts bragging about a particular “nigress” who was his favorite when he craved for sex. He bragged about the round and firm ass of the female slave. He said it was unlike anything he’d ever seen in a white woman. Her three guests were intrigued and all asked to see her and maybe give her a ride. The hostess agreed to do so and escorted his three guests to the field at the back of the mansion where his favorite slave lived.

She lived in a small cottage with her husband and two daughters. When the master and a guest arrived at the shed, they kicked in the door and entered. They found the slave in bed with her husband and two daughters. Her daughters were in a separate bed in the same cabin in a bedroom. The four white men, the master and his three guests, ordered the husband to get out of the bed and leave.

The enslaved husband — conditioned for years of horrific torture by his master — obeyed without even having a moment to get dressed, he immediately came completely naked.

He sat outside naked on the cold wet grass that was moistened by the evening dew. He listened as four white men repeatedly raped and sodomized his wife while his children cried in fear in tears.

The husband tried to block the sounds with his hands over his ears, but unsuccessfully. The session appears to have lasted several hours. When the temperature outside dropped, the slave husband began to get cold and shudder. But the discomfort he felt on the cold, humid morning piled in comparison with the ache he felt in his heart as he heard his wife and daughters screaming as the four white men took turns with his wife. When white men were done raping his wife, they marched out the door laughing and drunk telling the husband that he was sure a lucky nigga to have such a wife. He was forced to smile and nod. He then returned inside his home feeling totally emasculated while sniffing the stench of drunk sex and finding his wife and children in tears.

Throughout history, the white race has demonstrated a rooted predisposition to brutality and racism, which is equated only by their propensity for deceit, greed and hunger for power. The white race has shown throughout history an almost total disregard for non-whites human life. Only they are the race most prone to racism; all the other races were either their enemies or their victims. Their subjugation, murder and exploitation of black people particularly is incomparable. Against blacks, whites have demonstrated, throughout history, a near complete absence of ethical and moral behavior. They committed mass genocide, slavery, lynchings, castration and even countless beheadings of blacks. However, despite this brutal contrary story, the white race is often perceived as the race of the highest ethical and moral character; furthermore, millions of blacks are so infatuated with whites. How do you explain this incredible contradiction?

The real reason why many blacks are so infatuated with whites despite the brutal history is because it is the white dominant elites who control what most black people believe. We are the education we learn, the books we read and the movies we watch. As white elites control the education system, television media and film industry, it allows them to indoctrinate ideologies in the minds of black people that serve their own interests. This is how the ruling elites now control the black masses.

White elites used their control of the education system and the film industry to give their entire race favorable reform. The version of history given to blacks, during their educational development, while being entertained, has been heavily revised to hide the true atrocities committed by whites against blacks throughout history. In doing so, they have made their white race look less inhumane throughout history.

It also makes the white race look worthy of worship. Under the deceptive review of history, brutal wild white barbarians were transformed into redeemers and saviors; the ancient black Egyptians became Europeans; and many tyrants like Christopher Columbus were transformed into heroes. So Blacks have been deliberately misplanned to forget the historical and brutal mistreatment of their ancestors committed by whites throughout history and instead admired and respected white culture above their own.

This redesigned, white-friendly history is being purposely pumped into the impressive young minds of generations of black students—without being counterbalanced by the equal amount of negative assertive information racial positive – throughout your educational development. Of course, black students are very vulnerable to such a demoralizing environment because they are subjected to it for seven hours a day, from five to eighteen years. That black student omission is a significant reason why so many blacks are so in love with whites despite a brutal history. The human mind is like a computer, however efficient it is, its reliability is as great as the information it feeds it. If you can control the entrance into the human mind, no matter how intelligent a person may be, you can perfectly control what they think.

The manipulation of target populations through control of information is not a conspiracy theory. The hypothesis behind this type of brainwashing is that human being is a biological creature from birth but is from then shaped as a person through social influences and information and in that sense it is a social construct, a product I belong to the society. Therefore, if the social information given to a target population can be controlled, the beliefs, thoughts and behaviour of the population can also be controlled.

As whites control virtually all social information blacks receive, it allows them to control the beliefs and behavior of black populations. Black people must wake up and recognize this psychological warfare program that’s being used against us.

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  1. Whites have done bad. Whites have done good. Blacks have done bad. Blacks have done good.
    Asians have done bad. Asians have done good.
    Don’t know what was in each individual’s heart before we were born. Not a good idea to get caught up in hating people for what their ancestors might or might not have done. We should all just choose to follow the good practices from all our human ancestors and reject the bad practices. True, there is bad media from every culture that currently influences persons to follow all kinds of bad lifestyles. There is also good wholesome media that inspires and uplifts society, but getting harder to find. We should all contribute more to producing good wholesome media…

    • SO YOU TAKE MY HOUSE…GIVE ME THE WINDOWS IN 50 YEARS, MY SON THE doors in 75 years, my granddaughter the galvanize on the roof in 50 years…see the picture?

      We are a smart people… Time has a way of resolving all issues.

    • If this is your final takeaway from this article, you missed the point or maybe you aren’t black and can easily dismiss the sentiments.

    • Show me the other races of enslaved people that were frequency lynched and set on fire, the buck breaking of their men, the feeding of their children to dogs and alligators, the chopping off of their children’s hand if the parents didn’t meet their quota of whatever massa say the quota is. And much more too numerous to mention.

  2. wow I have heard this before but every time damn it is deep. only the truth can break the mental shackles. True identity and self love is a MUST.

  3. It is an historical fact that homosexuality was unknown in Africa. That is a white man thing. Is it because these curious white men raped our black men that homosexuality is so rampant in the black population of Antigua today? Did these white rapists sow a bad seed that still lives among us? REMEMBER IT IS A WHITE MAN THING!!!! They begging for it.

  4. Don’t forget there were even BLACK slave owners in both the US and even here in Antigua. There’s lots of blame to go around.

    • If this is a historical fact, name the black slave owners in Antigua. Their descendants should still be around. Name them.
      You people not tire blaming black Africans For their enslavement and sufferings.

  5. The world can never be at peace if we blacks continue to relive the past…… Our forefathers have freed us from such bondage . So we should use the past as a springboard to continue to propel us to supremecy. The King of Jew said “forgive them they know not what have done ” The focus is no longer where we came from but we are going

  6. Although slavery was and is not unique to the African experience I know of no other group of people who were completely dehumanized, people whose place of origin, the entire continent of Africa, was considered in essence a factory that could supply an unending supply of free human resource. I know of no other group of people who have single handedly created empires which are still in existence today off of the sweat of their forefathers working on the plantations.

    I am typing this in the tongue of my colonizer, and I know of no other group of people, descendants of slaves, who are completely disconnected from their culture. I know of no other group of people who are completely disconnected from their native tongue. All of the other cultures mentioned by the social critic and economist Thomas Sowell are connected to their ancestral past and some can even trace their family ancestry to the 12th century BCE. Which black Antiguan or Barbudan, present or past, can do that?

    I know of no other group of people who were subjected to centuries of mental conditioning, conditioning that even modern scientist such as Charles Murray, author of the Bell Curve, are adamantly trying to convince their peers that members of the African diaspora are still less than human and it will take possibly another six hundred years for blacks to psychologically recover from the impact slavery had on us.

    Thomas Sowell highlights so called facts that were not taught in schools, some are true, however, where is the list of black slave owners in the Caribbean? Where is the list of black slave owners of the Antebellum South of North America? What of the additional things we were not taught in school like the Ife sculptures of Nigeria, which were done centuries before the the famed Greek sculptures known today? Why did he not mention while our ancestors were conducting economic trade with Europeans and imparting our knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Philosophy to the people of Italy, European Nuns were preoccupied with worshipping the penis of Christ? Why has he not mentioned strains of sexually transmitted diseases not known to exist in Africa and originated in Europe are still prevalent in Caribbean slave descendants? And why are we in the twenty first century still running a pencil through a student’s hair to ensure it is of acceptable length when an African’s hair was connected to his tribe, to his people, to his culture?

    • @Rashiek Ferris…and, these are some of the reasons why, I still work my #OBEAH #OB-eye-AH, when I come to life’s #cross ❌✝️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☦️☠️🤞⚔️ROADS, and seek guidance from MAMI WATA and PAPA ELEGBA!

      …Your reasoning, is not only enlightening!
      …It will strike the thoughts and reactions of many
      …Like, YAH rolling #Thunder and #Lightening
      …So, a telling you! Hey, please keep up this kind of reasoning!

    • Thank you! Someone who gets it. If this was written about the Holocaust, I’m sure the comments would be different. I believe black people need to take responsibility for ourselves now but knowing the impact of the past can help us work on our issues and move forward.

  7. …and, while you’re doing the research!
    …please, don’t forget about the church
    …and, their #Indoctrinations
    …into their new Re-Legions
    …with such things, as #BASTARDISATION
    …to, control Nations and HUEmans!
    …telling you! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
    …it’s a part, of the Master Plan!

  8. Some say “buck breaking” still going on today here in Antigua AND Barbuda with both blacks and whites participating, willingly and unwillingly. Time hasn’t changed much.

  9. The whites believed the blacks were endowed with special sexual characteristics, and they were and are jealous. That’s why the sexual powers of Barbudans in particular is much sought after, male and female. They are special in the eyes of sex crazy whites. There’s still a whole lot of “breaking the buck” and “buck breaking” going on, black and white. Just ask around.

  10. The Isis(Yssis)Papers by Frances Cress Welsing a great read to balance one’s thought process about all this mess!

  11. The problem with black people today, whether in Africa or the Caribbean, has to do with leadership. How can blacks progress when some of their leaders are self-centred, corrupt and think white.
    The conflict in Ukraine tells us what we already knew that white lives are more valuable than other lives. Black people have been brainwashed into thinking that they should have empathy and feel sorrow when white blood is spilled, but when nonwhite countries are destroyed and their citizens bombed it is ok. Some black people will even blame the non white countries for being bombed.
    There is still black slavery, but it has taken a different form. Africa is a vast continent, with most of the world’s wealth in terms of natural resources. Why are the countries being hindered in their develop? You hear of one civil war after another. But who are providing the weapon to these illiterate gangs. From what I know the weapons are not from Africa.
    As Bob Marley sang, black people have to free themselves from mental slavery. White people will not give up their perceived powers and their attempt to control the world. Black countries have to build their own power and not continue the servitude with the Chinese. We may not realize this, but all other races think that the black race is inferior to them. Black people have few friends. Just mostly exploiters and potential exploiters.

  12. I honour Bob Marley, but don’t forget he was bi-racial, black and white. Indeed, he possessed white physical features…he was simply a darker complectioned white guy, and that’s why they still accept him. He looked white. He was bi-racial, black and white.

    • During slavery, they may have given him an inside job, but he would still be a slave. Bob Marley could never say that he was white and got accepted as such. He is accepted and famous because of his talent. Don’t you know the one drop of black blood rule?

      • Bob was “taken out” by his illuminati cult members after he snitched on them in his songs.

        The “lung cancer” was a cover up

  13. Even today white women love the opportunity to nest with the Barbudan men who descended from the stud farms. They are still sought after by white men and women. WHY? What’s so special with them?

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