Random “Stop and Search” by the Police among measures to curb youth violence           



The Minister of Education Sports and the Creative Industries reported on the recent symposium held on youth violence, and the outcomes of that important conference.

The most significant item on which the conferees agreed would be the start of the public campaign, aimed at reducing youth violence.

The campaign will begin immediately by undertaking three doable actions:

Establishing a hotline to provide information anonymously

Reaching out to all young people by organizing an anti-violence public                        awareness campaign using promoters, artists, NGO’s, schools, churches etc

Random “Stop and Search” by the Police.


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  1. Stop n search is a dangerous precedent for our kids. They become targets for police officers to bully and harass them.
    If the police suspects them of a crime or they fit the description of a perpetrator then by all means stop and search them.
    I’m not a fan of this method at all.

    • It needs to be done,its ridiculous the violence and robberies,while they are at,ban the bullshit dancehall music,gloryfying shooting and robbing people and have multiple sex partners and smoking weed,they are damaging the youth

    • I agree it’s not the right way but why should so much of the police time be wasted on going after these youths to prevent crime instead of holding their parents accountable. It is not the police job to parent these youths because police have no patience so if bullying them and treating them like criminals and terrorizing them is the only way then oh well n I’m sure these same parents will be arguing saying the police treat their child wrong but at the end of the day whose fault is it? Isn’t it the delinquent parents. Hold the parents accountable n if their youth break the law put the parent in jail, I’m pretty sure if the parent’s freedom to party is interrupted they would be more stern with their youths.

      • And there we go, Lionman, you said it all !!!!
        Lock up the parents, its their responsibility to parent their child/ children. The same nice time they had making them, the same nice time they must take parenting them or failing to do so they should have a nice jail time.

    • Totally agree @ Coming Down, you only have to look at how the UK deal with stop and search, where they target certain ethnic groups, and then totally ignore their own indigenous criminals. Go figure!

  2. unless the country is under martial law, Im pretty sure this development is illegal. You need probable cause for a search and you are violating individual civil rights if you dont have it

  3. As long as the child orchildren is not participating in any of these rediculous activities carrying on then he or she should be fine. Just let the officers do their jobs.
    But hey!! Adults object to corperate too causing the matter to escalate making it look like the officerd abuse their powers which in some cases its not so. However to every action there is an equal and just reaction

  4. Now that more tourist are becoming victims, some attention is given to crime in Antigua

    Where there is NO WORK there’ll be crime!

    There is no evidence that this practice reduces crime — however, youngsters that behaves contentiously and or belligerently during these searches are more likely to be harassed by law enforcement. Be careful, it’s a double edge sword.

  5. These youths have brought it on themselves. If they find them with knife carry them out in the bush and beat them merciless over the head

  6. 100 percent agree with the stop and search. And if found with any weapon 🔫🔪 sissors, knife, blade, machete, gun that is deemed illegal to be on your person, in your bag, in your car, fine them $500.00 plus 1 night in jail. And failure to pay the fine, another 5 nights in jail, not counting weekend and public holidays.

  7. There used to be “stop and search” under Rudy Juliani in NYC back in the late 90s and for a time after. An attorney friend who lived in Brooklyn told me he loved it there and that “there isn’t anywhere in the city that I’d be afraid to walk in at 2:00 am”.

    Now look at it.

    We’ve raised a generation of kids with insanely violent music, insanely violent video games, overwhelming amounts of self esteem and no Judeo Christian values…we’re now reaping what we’ve sown.

    Stop and search is an societal imperative.

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