Radio station denies dismissing host over anti-CCJ stance


The General Manager of Pointe FM Colin Oneal Browne has broken his silence over the absence of talk show host Dave “Beef” Joseph.

The absence of the “Real Talk” host has led some listeners to speculate that he was fired over his vocal stance against the Caribbean Court of Justice.

However, Oneal Browne who runs the radio station “founded” by Prime Minister Gaston Browne said the beef with Joseph is not over his support for the London-based Privy Council.

Senator O’neal Browne addressed the issue while interviewing his boss, Prime Minister Gaston Browne, on Saturday.

“This is something I wanted to keep internally but at this time I want to say something,” the host said, after PM Browne asked him whether Joseph was fired or resigned.

“Some people are saying that it is a matter for the Caribbean Court of Justice, it’s not for the Caribbean Court of Justice. It’s not about the CCJ,” O’Neal Browne insisted.

PM Browne added, “at the end of the day we have to respect people’s opinions.”

O’Neal agreed with Browne that “other internal issues” were responsible for Joseph’s departure.

Beef has been vocal in this opposition to the CCJ ahead of the November 6 referendum.

However, Pointe FM has acted as the mouth-piece for the government’s with the replace the Privy Council as this country’s final court of appeal.

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  1. Colin O’Neal Browne whatever his name is has strike again. I have seen this move before on Crusader Radio and it all came crashing down for the UPP administration. Keep up the good work from inside the belly of the beast you leopard with browne spots you can’t change. You will bring down Gaston Browne. To my friend Beef I am not sorry for you, you work so hard to get your God Gaston in power. If someone told me this would have happen to you. I would say to them they are crazy the man is washed in the red blood of labour. I listen to your stab in the back so call friend Spliff on ZDK throwing you under the bus, when I thought that was it, here comes Saturday on Pointe FM a call to the PM from Spliff saying the CCJ has mash up you guys love affair, like Chucky with the stap knife and who bex dead. What a drama over Gaston money, the question I would love to ask Beef or Spliff who stap who in the back at State Insurance Corporation not over CCJ?

      • I heard when Spliff called in and said it’s said that his and Beef’s friendship had to come to an end because of the CCJ, but who bex dead. What kinda “friends” would allow are difference of opinion about a non-personal matter to separate them? That is ridiculous. Anyway I will take my chances with the Privy Council at this time.

        • You guys ever listen to spliff he is a con man well i know Gaston knows this and better watch your wife with him he speaks alot and behaves like a child

      • Wha! who up so early ah comment pan news page, Oh the two of a kind. Bwouy dem “BUGGARS” up early bad, Nastiness SMH

    • First of all who dismissed Beef? Why doesn’t Beef the “GODLY” man he is speak the truth.
      Secondly Mr Knight if Colin O’Neal did so much bad to the UPP, how come the Principals of UPP never came out and say so? just saying! Remember God is in the midst of all things and shall surely show his favor to the righteous. When you create lies and mischief to harm others your day shall surely come

  2. And why did Observer Radio accept his resignation? Complete the story no man real talk. Also what happened at ZDK and Mr Carter’s Radio station.

    What beef did they have with Joseph? Editor can you please do a follow-up up with the above mentioned, people want real talk man.

    I will tell you this much senator Brown’s program should be replaced. Nothing going on there it’s boring and out dated like UPP style politics. Perhaps the chief of staff can spice it up.

    • Rasstaman all of you encourage Beef to do mischief, there is more in the mortar than in the pestle
      speak up and say what you have against O”neal, Beef create problems every where he goes, just check State Insurance and AT& LU

  3. A LIAR must have a good memory to cover up their previous lies. I NEVER worry because I AM FORTIFIED IN THE WORDS THAT ‘a man (or a deceiver) will ALWAYS reap what he sows’.

  4. So if it’s not over the CCJ, then what is the reason? I hope we get to hear Beef’s side of the story.

    Mazaratti gone
    Goldi is gone
    Who next? Tabitha and Jupiter??

    Is there a dictator running that radio station?

  5. Apparently he was “dismissed” because he is a part of a group called CCJ CAN WAIT GROUP. Imagine that freedom of expression/opinion is being stifled by some in this country. This is exactly why Lovell said he would NOT instruct party supporters to vote a particular way. He encourages them to vote with their conscience. It’s a sad thing in this country when someone loses a their job because of a difference of opinion on a matter that is deemed to be “not political”

  6. How can we now make the CCJ as our final court of appealed after this? A black man don’t have any right or say who he should vote for? Where is the freedom rights? Pointe FM general manager and PM Gaston are more colonial master than the judges on the Privy Council. Dave “Beef” Joseph right to stand up for what he believe in that is his choice.

    • @Mary-Gene- So whatever happened between Beef& Pointe FM should determine what court one votes for?Is that what you,re really saying? Not surprised at your thinking process anyway,your grammar is also a bit distorted.Ive observed in many of your comments that you do not know when words should be used in the Past or present participle..

  7. If any body believes u can have have a brain and be around the alp u lucky u better say what they saying….i see some alp people commenting under a pm post “Gaston i love u i will take a bullet for u”and for what ….2 weeks now we dont have water in glanvilles , pares and most of antigua….most of these people saying how great he is are people that got personal stuff done look at the guy allen ,”here him thank u gaston for what u have done for me and my daughter thank u for giving me a third chance a fraudster u think this country easy…..hey dave u deserve every inch of this because u went and back a party that u know was not good for this country u knew that because i use to hear how u speak of the ministers but it is life


    People shall understand that ‘…still water runs deep.’

    Before the advent and/or operations, all a sundry knew of his stance with
    the ‘Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).’

    Admired the ‘…non-committal response’ by Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

    That said, everyone knew that he was part of group called ‘…NO! NOT YET.’

    Intelligence revealed a deliberate change of programming impelled ‘…Beef’
    to take the high ground, just as he had done at the ‘…Observer Media Group.’

    Whether or not for personal gratification, no one shall seek to impose his/her
    will, or positionally, exploit people for reasons of financial necessity.

    Conversely, no one shall follow ‘…multitude to do evil,’ or allow him/herself to
    be ‘…situationally or spitefully abused.’

    Though not a messenger, accept the message. No need to shoot. Beef is fine.

  9. No one fired Beef,he left on his own. If Pointe FM is pushing the agenda for the CCJ,its their choice.Because the station is aligned to the ABLP that do not mean it is a political agenda,the CCJ is not a political party. If the agenda of the station is to push the CCJ i cant see how anyone would want to have negative voices using the same platform to derail their agenda..No one can tell anyone how to vote,of course not. and no one should be upset with anyone for their choice on the matter,but would you allow anyone to come into your house and fight against you? As far as i am concern anyone not supporting the CCJ should make sure you are financially sound. You,ll are the ignorant one’s following politicians and other elitist who are financially able.,i am sure Beef to can afford to pay his way..Hopefully if the day ever comes for the need of an appeals court that you guys’s can go to the Pearl Quinn’s,Juno Samuel’s and the Hall’s etc for some financial help..

    • If the gov’t was concerned about a DEMOCRATIC VOTE, it would have presented BOTH SIDES of the argument. Instead it is tilted overwhelmingly to the side of the CCJ. Why is that? That one sided stance in and of itself is a huge red flag to the citizenry. If it’s apolitical then why not permit differing views on the same radio station? Now letting go of Beef will/can be perceived as stifling democracy. This is NOT a good look for the gov’t. We shall see who has the last laugh come November 6.

        REAL TALK THAT!!!

      • Both side of what argument? What is there that need soo much long drawn out debate.. And that’s nonsense about Hugh red flag -what is the Hugh Red flag telling you?that the CCJ is belonging to the ABLP governemnt?Clear and simple we are a region with people just as educated and as Intelligent as others in the developed world..We are all Independent nations, thriving on our own ,through our own will and determination.Why then do we still in 2018 have to go to the UK for a court there to represent us? We are an Independent nation for 37years,what is there to wait for?

  10. Craig that’s why they usually ask for more than one reference keep talking when you have CREDIBILITY it makes a difference

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