Questions raised about fairness in Cost Pro driver’s remand


Residents are concerned about the fairness of a decision to remand to prison, the 25 year-old driver, who crashed into the glass doors of Cost Pro Supermarket last Friday night.

On Thursday, Brad Samuel of Yorks was one of the two men who were remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) until September 4th 2018, after appearing before Magistrate Dexter Wason in traffic court on the charges of malicious damage and dangerous driving.

As news of this became public, many residents took to social media and to radio stations to question the sentencing of the Antiguan man.

Residents argued that the man should not have been remanded to prison, in light of the fact that no one was injured during the crash nor did he attempt to escape.

They compared the situation to that of a hit and run incident which occurred late last month, where 41-year old Garvin Crump, received life-threatening injuries and was placed in the Intensive Care Unit, after he was left unconscious at the side of the road by a medical student who, a day after turned himself in with his attorney. The student was later granted bail.

Residents where quoted on Facebook as saying, “what about the lady that got knock down and lef for dead, leaving her nine children motherless? I don’t hear anything on that since she died. The system really twisted boii. Smh”

“And the medical student got bail for knocking down a man and driving away leaving the said man to suffer before he can come in. Money really can talk!”

“How the Indian man na remanded to prison? Only in Antigua, a na wa you no a who you know…#smh.”

“The system wa Babylon designed a no for poor people for dem and friends the man Ho knocked down the man up Coolidge and left him for dead no get that penalty him out pan bail but the guy Ho mash up a glass remand till September.”

“I can’t hear anything on the student who hit the man and run me nearly piss ma skin when me hear Wason deny bail; Lord we need help.”

“You are sending this man to jail on remand so what happen to the med student who hit a man and leave him to die. Smfh.”

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  1. Why did that man as it is been alleged, knock down Gavin and left him there, and now he is out on bail? Someone needs to answer this very troubling question. Now he is in the hospital fighting for his life.

  2. I believe in punishment once it is proven it was in fact reckless driving but however I don’t believe in jailing the driver if no life or lives were lost…Heavy fines and revoking of drivers license for a period of time or permanently…

  3. pure corruption in Antigua, sometimes I’m embarrassed to say I’m an Antiguan !!… ….shit will never change….

  4. He was not “sentenced” he was remanded pending trial. Journalist needs to be careful with legal terminoligy

  5. What on earth is going on, no justice for the black man in his own country.Papa VC please come back.

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