Quarantine for unvaccinated remains until COVID numbers reduce


The quarantine requirement for unvaccinated citizens returning home from abroad may be removed if epidemiological conditions improve further.

Last week, Cabinet announced that unvaccinated returning Antiguan and Barbudan nationals will be required to produce a negative PCR or Rapid Test on arrival and spend 7 to 10 days in quarantine with a tracking bracelet.

A final COVID-19 test must be done before they are allowed to move around freely. During his radio show on the weekend, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said for now, the prerequisite will remain in place, but can be eliminated if positive numbers keep trending downwards and vaccination increases.

“Assuming that COVID continues to retreat, then we may decide you know there is no need to quarantine, and then we’re likely to have an increase in the percentage of vaccinated persons, so let’s say we get up to 70-80 percent of the population fully vaccinated within the next few months, you know we can further relax the policy.”

However, for now Browne said a complete removal of the requirement is unlikely. He stated his Cabinet will continue to monitor the figures nationally, and once there are marked improvements, changes will be announced.

He continued, however, that Cabinet cannot remove requirements that will discourage people from becoming vaccinated. The prime minister is hopeful that unvaccinated nationals who have not been able to return home since the start of the pandemic will see the importance of being inoculated against the virus.

“If you’re unvaccinated, we’re saying here that you have to quarantine for 7 to 10 days and that is a protective mechanism, and at the same time it should serve as a disincentive to encourage people to get vaccinated,” Prime Minister Browne contended.

With approximately two-thirds of the population fully vaccinated, Antigua and Barbuda is viewed as one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean.

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  1. A negative test whether vax or non vax is still negative quarantining for that period of time and being negative is just a way to try frustrate and force the people into an experiment, it have nothing to do with science. The whole thing will crumble soon

  2. The CDC has been withholding data on COVID infections because they fear it will make it look like the shots aren’t working. – https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/20/health/covid-cdc-data.html
    They’ve been relying on data from Israel or just teasing out whatever fits their message.
    If this appears in the NYT times it’s bound to be worse than it sounds.

    Say it with me:
    Trust the science. Trust the science. Trust the science

    • Indeed. The last two years have shown that today’s new information is just last week’s “misinformation” that they couldn’t hide any more.

  3. This administration’s not so subtle COERCION to get EVERYBODY vaccinated and masked up is what is going to be the END of the ABLP.

    Keep pushing your violations of NATURAL LAW. The more the ABLP keeps pushing their immoral, unethical and unscientific covid dictates, The angrier the people are becoming.

    Soon, you monsters won’t be able to walk down the street without a squad of soldiers protecting your useless, wicked selves.

  4. I encourage everyone, both vaxxed and unvaxxed to take a look at the World Economic Forum’s website – https://www.weforum.org/about/world-economic-forum – and notice where some of the language we have been hearing in our parliament comes from such as “Public private partnerships”. This is the same organization which gave us, among others, the leaders of Germany, Russia, France, New Zealand, Austria and…wait for it…Canada. The plandemic is their ticket to maintaining law and disorder. It’s not just about masks and jabs. They have much more in mind.

    This explains why countries with on opposite sides of the globe with differing health situations are all applying the same broad brush policies. The great reset, which until recently was the subject of conspiracy theories is now spoken of openly by WEF founder, Klaus Schwab. he boasts that he has his “operatives” in all major governments including at least half of Canada’s parliament. I believe him.

    What next? Conspiracy theories about three sixes? Time to wake up people. Jesus is coming soon

  5. Please review the protocols for in-transit visitors who, most times, are at the airport for less than 2 hours. I don’t see in-transit visitors as being a threat to Antigua. Perhaps ask those persons to see there itinerary for confirmation that they are not staying in Antigua.

  6. @The great reset
    You are correct in your observations… They are all connected to WEF founder, Klaus Schwab and a lot of them were trained in his Global Leadership Fellows Program.

    I think the reason people have such a hard time believing that something sinister is happening globally is because of how BIG and multifaceted their lies are. This CAN’T be true… but it is true.

    On their WEF website you’ll see words like, “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”, what they actually mean sustainable for THEM…. to achieve that, they plan to murder 7 billion people to reduce the ‘carbon footprint’ of ‘useless eaters’.

    Everyone should read Klaus Schwab book ‘THE GREAT RESET’. It will send shivers down your spine. They view the PEOPLE of the world the same way as they view cattle or sheep.

    Speaking about 666…. Bill Gate’s (He attended Klaus Schwab’s Globalist leaders schools in 1993) already has patents (patent numbered 060606) on a technology to make it possible to link people to financial transactions. This patent does NOT go the whole way to “the mark of the beast” but there are already indications that people who have received the jab are broadcasting wireless ‘bluetooth’ signals containing MAC addresses. (tracking of individuals)

  7. Is this message board the QAnon fan club? Wow, what a bunch of delusional nut jobs you all are! Your comments and fantasies are brilliantly hysterical

      • BTW… There is not such thing as QAnon.
        There is Q and then there are Anons. They are two totally separate things.
        …and NO we aren’t delusional. You may be though if you can’t see that something weird is happening all around you. WAKE UP FOOL

        • Furthermore, Q has never mentioned ANYTHING I’ve ever talked about here on ANR. You don’t even realize how dumb you sound!

    • Wack-jobs, all of them. I can’t wait until the three horned, two tailed globalists arrive to through them all into the fiery abyss. But you know, the sad part is that they will be disappointed if this doesn’t happen coz they are betting everything on it actually happening. Losers! Can you imagine their sad faces a few years down the road when they finally have to come to terms with the fact that they’ve been played by a bunch of degenerates pumping out misinformation from their mothers’ basements.

      • “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

        ― Mark Twain

      • Their ramblings and conspiracy theories would be funny if they weren’t so sad. The day will come when they’ll realise they’ve been sucked in by some sad spotty adolescents with nothing to do but sow wild bullshit. I guess then they’ll find something else to whinge and play the victim about. As you so succinctly put it…Losers.

        • ‘conspiracy theories is a term created by the C.I.A. is dismiss critics of the warren commission report into the murder of JFK. Are YOU C.I.A.?
          We are not ‘whining’ and defiantly not playing at being victims “losers”.
          Our duty is to inform those still asleep. You obviously don’t need to be awakened, cause you sound like you are neck deep in the conspiracy to hide the truth.

          It’s sweet how concerned you are about our welfare…. 😏

      • You really need to get your keyboard caps lock button fixed. You should probably try to get your toxic personality fixed at the same time

  8. Why critical thinkers are labelled as conspiracy theorist? In this world we have good and we have evil.

    When a man want to control he looks do decieve those who will not perceive the lies

    Hitler executed over 6 million Jews

    Slavery was real and still is real today.

    If we look at history man look to have dominion over other man, nothing is new under the sun

    We cannot trust everything we hear or say, but do proper research and use your conscience.

    It is better to be Anti vax than Anti God and Anti nature

  9. Agents of the devil is on this platform who will try to block the truth, they will quick to get upset and label critical thinkers as conspiracy theorist, but the truth will last while the lies fade because it need more lies to confuse the people, some are paid to help confuse although they know the truth

  10. RIGHT MINDED CRITICAL THINKERS have discovered that Brixtonian is Angel, Angel is Brixtonian. Only the UNEDUCATED SHEEPLE are in denial of BRIX-GEL. Prove that this is not so Brixtonian, I mean Angel, I mean BRIX-GEL.

    • @Reply to Have You Heard?

      Hey @Brixtonian, did you know we are now joined at the hip?

      I feel no desire to prove or disprove any of these stupid things you are spouting.
      Talk about spreading MISINFORMATION 😀 HA Ha Ha Ha

      These people are now showing how scared they are of what we are revealing!

      • @Angel, this shite is hilarious! I’ve been pointing out that the person who’s accusing you of being Brixtonian is actually the masquerader. His/Her writing pattern of always trying to insult and only going after the commenters that’s against the narrative are dead give aways. Just think back to one name that was always so relentless in trying to counter EVERY comment you made. Every one of those replies to your comments on this thread is from that SAME KOOK. Now Angel, my unsolicited advise to you is, STOP engaging with that energy vampire. Obviously, he /she can’t stand being ignored hence, pretending to be multiple commenters. How sad! 🤣😂😂😂🤣

  11. These politicians are either cynical liars or incompetent. There is currently no update to Antigua’s official entry requirements showing online, that reflects the decision to allow unvaccinated nations to return. How to they expect people to purchase expensive tickets when what’s coming out of politicians mouths is not reflected in the governments formal guidance?

  12. This video produced by Canadian physicians a few months back sets out clearly the Covid 19 vax scam and why you and your family have been put at risk by the big pharma scammers and their cheerleaders at the FDA /CDC. They knew the jabs were dangerous and / or didn’t work from the outset . Effectively, the drugs failed their safety trials but corrupt US officials re-jigged and then lied about the trial results and inflicted the jabs on the public anyway. Regulatory capture. The $$$ prizes all round were too big to pass up.


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