PWA Snarling – Commissioner Rodney Bawling


By Rawlston Pompey

It has been the knowledge that nothing good ever comes from leaders that harbor a ‘Sense of fear and insecurity.’ When the Lord cautions about ‘Fear and Trembling,’ ‘He’ may have been speaking to ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM.’ Thus, says ‘He; ‘…Work out your own salvation’ [Philippians 2: 12]. When the ‘Lord’ spoke to those whose hearts appearing to ‘Him’ as full of evil and wickedness,’ ‘He’ may have been speaking to a few members on the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC).’ Ensuring that they turned from their evil and wicked ways, frighteningly, ‘He’ warns; ‘…I will punish you for all your iniquities’ [Amos 3: 2].


This commentary looks briefly at the recent ‘Media and Parliamentary’ exchanges between the ‘Police Welfare Association (PWA)’ and Justice and Legal Affairs: Chief Legal Adviser to the Government; Police and Public Safety and Labour Minister, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin.’ It further looks at certain ‘Administrative Difficulties’ said to have bedeviled ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM.’ In his capacity of ‘Commissioner,’ with the super-imposition of the will of the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC)’ on his administrative and operational functions, it appears to be a struggle and a challenging dilemma. Still, whether or not his administrative difficulties were due to ‘Ministerial or other Causation,’ likened to rank and file members, the ‘Commissioner,’ must Bawl.’ There has been no better way than to begin this commentary with the disappearance and fate of ‘King Obstinate Hog.’


Well known for its grunting and wallowing in mud, those domesticated or hunted, humans have found the ‘Pig’ a useful and life-saving animal. Though it has been scripturally-declared ‘unfit for human consumption,’ none may deny its commercial, consumption, scientific and medical value. For ‘Human Survivability,’ its flesh has been on the table of the wealthy and indigent. Most interestingly, today, ‘Medical Science’ has shown other useful purposes. Through the precisional skills of Surgeons and a surgical procedure called ‘Xenotransplantation,’ a genetically-treated ‘Pig’s Heart,’ was reportedly implanted into the human body. The intended purpose has been the prolongation of human life’ [WEF: January 7, 2022]. For legendary social commentator ‘Sir Paul Richards,’ more popularly known as ‘King Obstinate,’ he had very good reasons to ‘hold his head and bawl.’


Universally, for members of ‘Police Services’, theirs has never been, and will never be an easy lot. For ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM,’ likened to ‘King Obstinate,’ he must ‘Bawl.’ Amidst all the confusion and seeming imposition of its will upon him, it was not difficult to conclude that much of his ‘Administrative Troubles’ have emanated from the behavioral pattern of the ‘7-member Police Service Commission.’ Confusion seems to reign as to who or what constitutional body, shall give administrative directions to the holder of the office of ‘Commissioner of Police.’ In this connection, such directions pertain to matters of; (i) ‘…Promotion; and (ii) …Transfer.’’ Those familiar with the ‘Constitution Order and Police Act,’ must know that the person appointed ‘Commissioner of Police,’ commands and controls the ‘Police Service’ [Section 6: Police Act: Chapter 330].


Benefitting from the vigilance of a neighbor, ‘King Obstinate’ regarding his ‘Hog,’ curiously he asked; ‘So Police Tief an nyam me Hag?’ Describing its ‘Plight’ and the manner it was concealed and conveyed, he sang; ‘…Police wrap up the ‘Hag’ in a crocus bag.’ Vexingly, he accused the ‘Commissioner of bragging that he nyam (eat) me Hag’ [2015: YouTube]. Today, though not about ‘Hog,’ head, feet, ham or rice pudding,’ the ‘Executive of the PWA’ had been forced to ‘Snarl.’ Making the concerns of the membership public, ‘Public Safety and Police Minister, Steadroy Cutie’ Benjamin’ made its members ‘Bawl.’ Still, greater ‘Bawling’ was said to have been caused by the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC).


Before man’s transition to the ‘Place of Milk and Honey’ or where ‘Sulphuric Fire and Brimstone, ‘waits, there comes a time when humans shall ‘Snarl and Bawl.’ It has been widely known that the ‘Police Welfare Association (PWA)’ has often taken issue with ‘Ministerial Promises.’ It was also known that when ‘Matters of Welfare,’ the ‘PWA’ growls like a ‘Tiger,’ while the Minister roars like a ‘Lion.’ That which has caused ‘Growling and Roaring,’ has been the vexed issue of ‘Medical Insurance’ for its membership. There has still been ‘More Bawling’ by rank-and-file members of the Police Service. This time, ‘Bawling’ reportedly caused by the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC).’


First, seen as ill-advised, the ‘PWA’ made startling revelations of; (i) ‘…Existing untenable and unsanitary working conditions; (ii) ‘…Inadequacy of Medical Insurance; (iii) …Unavailability of uniform; (iv) …Non-approval of ‘Risk Allowance; and (v) Inaccessibility to land’ [Observer February 12, 2022]. This was said to have provoked a measured, unthinkable and inept response by an irate ‘Police Minister Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin.’ Seizing a ‘Privilege Parliamentary Moment,’ he spared no effort in countering claims, suggestively and spuriously made. Ill-advisedly, the ‘PWA,’ had made startling media revelations, levelled against the ‘Authorities, untenable unsanitary working conditions, inadequacy of medical insurance, unavailability of uniform, risk allowance and inaccessibility to land’ [Observer February 12, 2022].


Measured as may have been, and as unthinkable and inept a response it may also have been, an irate ‘Police Minister Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin,’ seized a ‘Privilege Parliamentary Moment,’ spared no effort in countering claims suggestively spuriously made. Then likened to a ‘Caged Tiger,’ he viciously attacked the ‘Executive’ of the ‘PWA.’ Then he made the ‘Executive’ ‘Stranger to the truth’ [ABS: February 15, 2022]. He dismissed claims of ‘Ministerial Neglect’ of matters said to have affected ‘Police Welfare.’

QUOTED SUM- EC$200, 000

Seizing the right moment, with ‘Ministerial Conviction,’ he read from a letter, purportedly authored by ‘Manager Janice Hodge.’ The contents speak to provisions of ‘Medical Insurance Coverage.’ The ‘Executive’ was made to be seen as being ‘Stranger to the Truth’ [ABS: February 15, 2022]. Members of Parliament were informed that contained in the letter was the quoted sum of ‘EC$200, 000’ represents ‘Medical Insurance Coverage’ for members of the ‘Security Forces and Prison Services.’ In his parliamentary capacity, the Minister informed the ‘Speaker and Members of the House’ that such coverage exists from ‘1994’ [Observer News: February 15, 2022].


In spite of this, the ‘PWA’ remains firm and steadfast that mere reading of a letter to an accommodating ‘House Speaker, Sir Gerald Watt KCN QC,’ made him complicit to the ‘Ministerial Response.’ The Executive shared the view that the issues were never part of the ‘Parliamentary Order Paper.’ Then likened to an enraged ‘Caged Tiger,’ the ‘Executive’ of the ‘PWA’ came under vicious attack. Its members were made to be seen as being ‘stranger to the truth’ [ABS: February 15, 2022]. He refuted claims of official and ‘Ministerial Neglect’ of matters said to have affected ‘Police Welfare.’ Seizing ‘Bragging Rights,’ he read from a letter, purportedly authored by ‘State Insurance Manager, Janice Hodge’ of provisions long made of ‘Medical Insurance Coverage’ for members of the ‘Security Forces.’


Even so, the ‘PWA’ appeared adamant that mere reading of such letter to an accommodating ‘House Speaker, Sir Gerald Watt KCN QC’ when the issue was not on the ‘Order Paper,’ made him manipulatively complicit to the ‘Ministerial Response.’ Even with such accommodation, unmoved and unconvinced, the ‘PWA’ remains adamant that mere reading to an accommodating ‘House Speaker Sir Gerald Watt KCN QC’ when obligatory ‘Matters of Police Welfare’ were given negative parliamentary and non-negotiable venting when such matters were not contained on the ‘Order Paper.’ Such accommodation, they believed, made him complicit to the ‘Uncharacteristic Response.’


In Service, those then associated with ‘PWA’s efforts were; (i) ‘…James Hill, former Deputy Commissioner; (ii) …Cosmos Marcelle, former Superintendent and; (iii) …Claudette Brathwaite-Mason,’ Inspector.’ Instructively, during her membership, the lone female held representative positions on the ‘Association.’ They have been most supportive of the efforts of the ‘Police Welfare Association.’ They have rallied for inter alia, improved accommodation and working conditions of service, increased remuneration and fringe benefits, opportunities for career development and upward mobility within the structured ranks from ‘Police Constable to Commissioner of Police.’ Now, in a different capacity, they have left much to be desired.


As far as the nation’s jurisprudence was concerned, there must have been good reasons for the nation’s rejection of membership on the ‘Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).’ ‘None may argue over the constitutionality of the ‘PSC.’ None may also argue over the composition of its membership. However, as regards to its recent behavior, its membership may have given, members of the ‘Police Service’ to feel discontented. Rightly or wrongly, either individually or collectively, the body had been accused of blatantly rejecting recommendations referred to it by the ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM.’ To all intents and purposes, ‘Claudette, Cosmos and James (CCJ),’ have reportedly made the ‘Police Promotion Board’ looks wishy-washy, the ‘Commissioner ‘Snarl’ and those with reasonable expectations, ‘Bawl.’


Likened to current serving members of the ‘PSC,’ each would have had their fair share of woes, trials and tribulations. Yet few may have descended to the depths of despair. Many personnel have not only been overlooked, but also left worryingly ‘Disappointed, Demoralized and Disillusioned.’ Not only has the general membership of the ‘Police Service,’ but also personnel close to the chain of command, seemed to have anxieties about their stagnated positions within the Police Service. Seemingly, the main ‘bone of contention,’ has been the making of promotions of personnel that appeared to have been influenced by the environment. Such practice may have been compounded by apparent personal preferences to personnel seen as starved of ‘Merit and Professional Competence.’


Speaking from an organizational and administrative perspective, there may be no doubt in the mind of the citizenry, members of the ‘Police Service’ appears to have entered a phase that speaks to ‘Professional Incompetence.’ This may have been due to the reported ‘non-consultative way’ in which personnel are elevated to positions within the ‘Police Service.’ Research has revealed that personnel not so considered to be elevated ranks, without ‘Administrative Referrals’ to the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC)’ by the ‘Commissioner of Police,’ are often found wanting of ‘Professional Competence.’


It shall be known that appointment to the office of ‘Commissioner,’ resides only with, and contingent upon the approval of the sitting ‘Prime Minister’ [Section 105 (3)]. The latter may have been evident as has been the cases for ‘Ex-patriate Commissioner Gary Nelson’ [Canadian] and ‘Former Commissioners Vere Browne and Wendell Robinson’ [Pride: January 21, 2015: April 5, 2018]. While the former was removed from office: 2008-2010: BBC News: May 24, 2008], the latter was cited for ‘Dereliction of Duty and Irresponsibility,’ (Failing to publish Promotion List), was suspected to have been ‘Acrimoniously Suspended’ by the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC)’ [BBC: 2010-2015: Jamaica Observer: January 16, 2015].


With scant respect to the ‘Commissioner of Police,’ these were said to have been made by the ‘PSC’ ‘Non-Consultatively.’ Instructively, these and without ‘Referrals’ for its consideration. That which shall be said of this constitutionally-established body, is that its members comprise reasonable, decent and honorable. The most contentious of functions of the ‘PSC,’ have been the; (i) ‘Removal from office; and (ii) …Exercise of disciplinary control’ of members of the rank of Sergeant to Commissioner.’ Those below these ranks, fall within the constitutional and statutory authority of the ‘Commissioner of Police’ [CO: 1981: Section 105 (5): Section 6: Police Act: Chapter 330].


The ‘Constitution,’ states; ‘…The power to: (a) ‘…Appoint persons to hold or act in offices in the Police Force (including appointments on promotion and transfer and the confirmation of appointments); (b) …To remove from office; and (c) …Exercise disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such offices, shall vest in the Police Service Commission’ [CO: 1981]. That which the ‘7-member Police Service Commission (PSC)’ shall understand, is that neither the ‘Constitution,’ nor the provisions stipulated in the ‘Police Act,’ make a ‘Commissioner of Police’ subordinate to the ‘Police Service Chairman’ and its membership.


There has never been doubt as to who is ‘Commissioner of Police’ and who are ‘Police Service Commissioners.’ Both the ‘Statutory and Constitutional Provisions’ make it explicitly and sufficiently simple and easy for ‘Students of the Adele School’ to understand who has been duly appointed to take charge of the ‘Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda’ and the ‘Police Service Commission.’ In the case of the latter, the statutory provision states; ‘…The Commissioner of Police shall have the command and shall be responsible for the ‘Superintendence of the Force’ [Police Act: Section 6: Chapter 330].


Not only has the ‘Police Service Commission’ been accused of repeatedly ‘Dabbling and Dictating’ where personnel shall be transferred, but also decided who shall be promoted or transferred. These practices seem rooted in organizational culture. It has been the organizational knowledge that even when ‘Commissioners of Police,’ neither recommended promotions or transfers of personnel under their command, they are so promoted or transferred. Such practice not only breathes contempt, but has also seen as counter-productive to functional cooperation. Not only shall respect for their organizational or institutionalized positions be accorded, but also there shall be no usurpation of power or administrative authority.


Not infrequently the docile abdicates his/her administrative responsibility to those in need of professional development, yet hold reasonable expectations for their upward mobility, Many, have failed to offend those that connivingly and vindictively, seek to retard ‘Progress and Prosperity’ of the competent, dependable and reliable. Even as a ’Commissioner’ may feel doubtful or fearful, whenever the time comes, and without being consequentially reckless, whatever it takes, a ‘Commissioner’ shall halt the retrogressive and domineering at the line of demarcation. Invariably,’ Chairpersons and Police Service Commissioners’ have shown contemptuous disregard to the office of the Commissioner of police. Whenever, this happens, it seems to reduce the holder of such office to be seen as subordinate or subservient to the body.


In its relationship with the ‘Police Service,’ none may argue or dispute the; (i) ‘Constitutional Position’ of the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC)’ [CO: 1981: Section 15]. Conversely, (ii) ‘…From the ‘Superintendence; …Administrative and Operational perspective,’ except the ‘power-drunken,’ ‘and those that possess an insatiable appetite for, and to wield power with impunity, none may argue over the ‘Statutory Position’ of the ‘Commissioner of Police,’ [Section 6: Police Act: Chapter 330]. For a ‘PSC Chairman,’ however legally bright and members, however docile, daft or stupid, to harbor contrary beliefs, then all, most certainly will have been harboring ‘Illusions of Power.’


There are several recent ‘Cases on Point.’ Apparently, imposing its will upon ‘Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney QPM,’ the ‘Summary Transfer’ of a female officer, ‘Superintendent of Police Louisa Quashie, speaks of his horrors with the ‘Police Service Commission.’ Instructively, this female officer has not only demonstrated her loyalty and devotion to duty, but also an unmatched and undivided allegiance to the ‘Police Service.’ Even as she pursues an online academic course of studies in ‘National Security and Strategic Management’ [Mona Campus], she held responsibility for the ‘Criminal Investigations Department’ and the ‘Professional Standards Unit.


Even with these then assigned areas of responsibility, it was revealed that she had successfully utilized, balanced and managed the time, and had acquitted herself exceedingly well. Such time was devoted to the ‘Call of Duty,’ family life and academic studies.’ Then seemingly smarting under disguised acrimony, yet under ‘Pretext of Hypocrisy,’ its membership reportedly advised ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM,’ verbally ‘Clobbered into Submission’ by the ‘7-member PSC,’ they contended that adequacy of time was essential to her continuing studies.


Interestingly and commendably, these assignments, she reportedly accepted, thereby allowing for multi-tasking, strengthening resolve and building character. Now, even with the availability of several high-ranking officers, those apparently lacked competence, administrative knowledge and leadership and communication skills, saw a loyal, competent and efficient female officer of the ‘Gazetted Rank’ for whatever reasons, and without an opportunity to be heard as the ‘Principle of Natural Justice’ always dictates, unceremoniously and seemingly aided by the ‘Commissioner’s docility, the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC)’ decided upon her removal from the ‘Sir Wright F. George Training Academy as Commandant’ [February 9, 2022].


That which might be seen as commitment and testament of her professional competence, are easily discernible from these statements. From professional knowledge; ‘Where angels feared, she ventured; …Where male counterparts dreaded, she trod; and …Where their presence was conspicuously absent, she made hers seen and felt. She stood high above them all. Privileged information revealed that that this able-bodied, competent and efficient female officer has been virtually transformed into a ‘Roving Superintendent,’ while the professionally incompetent and inefficient, are sheltered.


Instructively, almost 50% of its members comprises of three ‘Police Retirees.’ Through the eyes of serving members,’ the great majority have reportedly seen the small minority of members of the ‘Commission’ as morally depraved, evidenced by an attitude and behavior that speak to treachery, acrimony and retrogressive punishment. Serving members not only expect the ‘Retirees’ to distinguish themselves, by providing leadership, but also in making a difference among the ‘7-member PSC.’


Undoubtedly, these retired officers shall not only have been seen as ‘taking something to the ‘Police Service Commission.’ They have not only been seen as a disappointment too many, but also brought many to the point of despair. Thus, while the incompetent ‘Prospered,’ the competent were reportedly ‘Suffered.’ This was said to have provoked angst in the membership of the ‘Police Service.’ Unlike the ‘Commissioner,’ members of the ‘PSC’ would rather have personnel exposed to the ‘Covid-19 Pandemic,’ than providing them with opportunities for career advancement, based upon; (a) ‘…Merit: (b) …Ability; and (c) …Integrity’ [Constitution Order: 1981: Principle: ‘B’].


In recent times, however, particularly, the post tenure of; (i) ‘…Sir Wright Fitzhenly George KCN: MVO, QPM: (ii) …Edric K. Potter QPM: (iii) …Alvin Goodwin QPM; (iv) …Truehart O.M. Smith QPM: and (v) …Elton Martin QPM,’ the ‘Chairman’ and members of the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC),’ have been accused of manipulating that which may have been detected as ‘Administratively Deficient.’ Given the understanding of the behavioral tendencies of the ‘Police Service Commission,’ reasonable inferences might be drawn that the members of the ‘Police Service’ have harbored beliefs that among the membership of the ‘PSC’ are members that have been seen as ‘disdainful and vindictive.’


Showing intrusive inconsistency, a recent administrative move by ‘Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney’ seeking to position a male ‘Gazetted Police officer,’ was said to have been aborted. The intention, was to provide exposure of the officer to actuality of ‘Police Duties.’ The primary objective, was to provide him with ‘On-the-Job’ opportunity that he may have enhanced his knowledge and professional competence.’ Whatever may have been the ‘PSC’s reasons, stiff resistance was said to have been encountered by ‘Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney QPM.’ Somehow, likened to a bullet-train leaving its track, the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC)’ was said to have made a timely ‘Sheltered Intervention.’ Thus, he may have been rescued from ‘Embarrassment and Humiliation.’ Those familiar with the axiom, must know that shines as it may, the ‘Moon could never hide from the Day.’


Even as some Chairpersons seemed to have believed,’ no ‘Police Service Commissioner’ has responsibility for; (i) ‘Law Enforcement’ and the ‘Rule of Law.’ Members of such body that truly feel that way, may seek positional exchange with a ‘Commissioner of Police.’ The apparent besetting difficulty facing ‘Commissioners of Police, Atlee Rodney’ has been apparent ‘Dabbling and Dictating’ by ‘Police Service Commissions.’ Lack of appreciation for the responsibility, role and function of ‘Commissioners of Police,’ have not only been statutorily stipulated, but also have been well defined [Sections 6, 22 & 23].


But even with organizational support and encouraging prompts, particularly by members of the officer corps, some ‘Commissioners of Police’ appear unwilling to stand up to, rebuff or challenge those eloping and interfering with their administrative responsibilities.’ In conversations with past and currently serving members, most are convinced that ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM,’ seems resigned in accepting whatever was dished out upon him by the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC).’ From professional knowledge, a ‘Commissioner of Police,’ taking this position, always runs the risk of being seen by subordinates as wimp, manipulatively vulnerable, docile and stupid.


Notwithstanding its triple-constitutional function, as they inferentially affect ‘Referrals’ by the ‘Commissioner of Police,’ for; (i) ‘…Promotion: (ii) …Transfer: and (iii) Disciplinary control,’ by the dicta of ‘Master of the Roll, Lord Alfred Thompson ‘Tom’ Denning [1899-1999], it has been settled law that; ‘…No Minister of the Crown and no Police authority shall dictate for the Commissioner of Police how he shall deploy his personnel, neither in enforcement of law, nor where they shall be posted’ [1968: Regina v Metropolitan Commissioner of Police, Raymond Blackburn ex parte: 2 QB: 118, 134-136]. Even with such authoritative position, widely referred to within the ‘British Commonwealth,’ likened to many others across the region, ‘Commissioner Atlee Rodney’ not only appears apprehensive, but also mortally afraid of the ‘Police Service Commission.’


Logic dictates that framers of the ‘Constitution Order’ could never have intended the ‘Police Service Commission’ to usurp the authority of the Commissioner of Police, nor share his administrative and operational functions’ by dictating who shall be promoted or who shall be transferred within the ‘Police Service’ or seconded elsewhere. Therefore, the ‘PSC’ shall wield no power and authority or dictate to the appointed ‘Commissioner of Police.’ Moreover, while, the membership may refuse to consider an appointment, administratively, the determination of ‘Eligibility and Suitability,’ reside with him/her that commands and superintends the ‘Police Service’ [Section 6: Chapter 330]. The Constitution never intended another person or authority.


Moreover, a ‘Commissioner of Police’ shall know the ‘Statutory Provision’ that states that he/she is only; ‘…Subject to the general directions of the Minister’ [Section 6 (2)]. Logic therefore, dictates that likened to the ‘Public Service Commission (PSC), while it is vested with authority to make; (a) ‘…Appointments; (b) …Transfers; and (c) …Exercise disciplinary control,’ should there be no ‘Referrals or Recommendations’ made by the ‘relevant holder of the particular office, the Chair person and his members shall not interfere with the administrative functions of the ‘Commissioner of Police.’ Failing which, he shall face the inevitability of ‘Exploitation’ of his tolerance and docility or ‘Manipulation’ of his ignorance, simplicity and stupidity.


Even as the functions of the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC)’ are constitutionalized, it could never be said its chairman and membership have autonomous control over the Commissioner of Police and the Police Service. Given this fact, no Commissioner shall encourage their disruptive intrusion and divisive exploits. Though a ‘Commissioner of Police’ shall always be mindful of his ‘Security and Longevity of Tenure,’ he/she shall neither be perceived by his subordinates as being impotent nor incompetent. Though he is not a ‘Frog,’ ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM’ is yet to ‘Croak.’ Ensuring that there shall be ‘Functional Cooperation’ and a desire for a stable ‘Police Service,’ he sends no ‘Message’ that speaks to animosity, neither has he requested any to be delivered.


As the currency of the situation demands, ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM,’ shall be fortified with the knowledge that his tenure does not lie in the hands of the ‘PSC,’ but at the ‘Constitutional Pleasure’ of the ‘Prime Minister’ [CO: 1981: Section 105]. ‘…Consequent upon this, the Commissioner, with deep humility, shall respectfully  whisper quietly to ‘Chairman Kelvin John …. ‘Senior lawyer and former Acting Judge’ [Bernice Freeman: Claim: BVIHCV2008/0383: …] that the ’PSC’s intrusive, exploitative and manipulative behavior of the ‘PSC’ has not only become disgustedly untenable, but also objectionable and intolerable. It has been the knowledge that those that fell victims to this ‘Commission,’ have been former Commissioners Vere Browne and Wendell Robinson.’ Bravely they stood, and though for very different reasons, humiliatingly they fell. Today, facing similar intrusions, is currently serving ‘Commissioner.’ But given their ‘Experiences and Truths,’ the ‘Prime Minister and Police Minister’ shall know, that there are more ‘Square pegs in round holes,’ than there are pot holes on the ‘Road on which ‘Commissioner Atlee Rodney’ danced to the choreographed Africa-originated song, ‘Jerusalema’ [ABS TV Video: December 23, 2021]. They shall also know that the rank and file are ‘BAWLING.’ ***

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  1. Only friends of the PSC are been promoted although some of them knows nothing just like the female on the Commission who is pushing them. Persons who knows the job are suffering bitterly.. The police force mash up too much politics.

  2. Oh, Mr. Pompey. You excite my desire to sleep with your well written long winded article.

    Very interesting points are raised. But your meanderings are a punishment to one’s thoughts.

    Please, go in peace. And next time try to write more succinctly.


  3. Well, A certain Police Officer with a Master’s degree is not even offered a Seargent’s job???? How can you have a Master’s degree and not even be offered the title of Seargent. And yeah, with over 20 years on the Force. This is what it has become…God don’t like ugly. Fix it. Cutie Benjamin must bawl because he is the master pupet mastwr pulling the strings. Throw a stone in a crowd and the hurt dawg go bawl.

  4. Mr. Pompey! I realize that you along with many other have a lot to say and offer now y’all not in the force but when you were there thing were just as bad and just as corrupt


      Nothing new.

      A ‘…Donkey’ had said the same thing to ‘…Rawlston Pompey.’

      His response was, ‘…Bray on Jackass; …Bray on.’

      Then here what it said ‘…He ha- He hah.’

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