PWA calls for improvement in working conditions, but acknowledges that police officers fear victimization


The Police Welfare Association (PWA) is expressing its frustration with the Browne Administration and the fact that its continued calls for improved working conditions seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Corporal Marilyn Harris, Chairman of the Association, says that since the new executive was elected in October 2021, several meetings have been held with the membership to discuss their issues.

Several actions were taken by the Association and its membership last year and in previous years.  However, in spite of these, Harris says, nothing is being done to alleviate the oppressive conditions under which officers have to work.

Harris says the new executive has re-submitted its proposal to the Minister with responsibility for the Police, Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin.

She says the PWA pleaded with Benjamin to implement the insurance policy for police officers before the end of 2021, given that it has been negotiated over these many years by different executives.

Harris says that promises were made to hold discussions with a local insurance provider; but, to date, there has been no word on the progress of this issue.

The PWA Chairman believes the Administration is taking the Police for granted because some officers refuse to stand up for their rights – since they fear being victimized by the authorities.

Because of this, she says, some officers will not turn out to meetings, because they do not want to be identified as having taken part in any action against the Administration. REAL NEWS

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  1. Administrations only want Police to work, they care nothing of them.CAP.330 states inter alia that 2 pairs uniforms annually, Free medical attention. Some tears ago the doctors who were contracted to serve the various Divisions refused to attend to police officers without upfront payment.They withdrew their contract services. However, Officers paid upfront and were reimbursed by the Treasury. Now you can’t get the reimbursement. Empty store room. No uniform. I will never buy any uniform. It’s wickedness. It was bad before but it’s worst now..LOOK AFTER THE POLICE MAN, THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS TOO.

  2. Wow! the ABLP is a wicked bunch of people. They victimize people! I know.
    Keep the faith! BETTER DAYS ARE COMING!

    • Don’t worry UPP have some new Retired Canadian Mountie Police to take over again….Pay the $40,000 ecd monthly again

  3. What was the stance of the PWA regarding the officer allegedly seen on video holding on to a packet of dental floss?

    • What’s your stance ? You mother or father never made a mistake? Let me answer! Yes they did and the mistake is you. Wrong forum for that question. It sounds dumb!!!!

  4. It is indeed silly season. Everyone is coming for their pound of flesh from this government. Who is next? I mean everyone knows that these issues go back many years. And everyone also knows that that this administration has been working on improving working conditions not just for the police but everywhere. It started with the Post Office workers. And they just finished the Parham Police Station and the Dock Yard Station. And remember the Head Office on American Road was renovated not so long ago. I mean can one be genuine in their plight. They cannot do everything at once. But as I said it is silly season. So put the pressure on this government.

  5. Yes it is who in the kitchen feel the heat.if your going to speak please do God bless start with the facts. One the dock yard station was not done by the government the business community in that area did. Two police head quarters is incomplete painting it and doing the third floor with only one way up and same way down with out running water does not make it complete. Third the ply wood drop shed that was nocked up in front the old barake room is not a police station and only happend because they was evicted out of the ticked booth at stadium for cricket . So yes it is really silly season when a house that is being used as a police station is being sold because on years yes years of unpaid rent,yes it is silly season when the owners for all the other rented houses being used as police and fire station both in Antigua and Barbuda get eviction notice once again of unpaid rents, yes it is silly season when two police offices lost there LIVES on duty and it appears that there families will be taking legal action against the government due to lack of proper umeration. And ever more so in 2022 police officers in Antigua and Barbuda should be begging for insurance,uniforms,basic standards working conditions and environment .yes it is really silly Season when you really have the heart to defend the government in these matters but then again the piper must sign. Stand up for what is right my brother it could have been you,me or one of your family members.

    • Most of what you have said is untrue. The police, Defence Force, Fire Service have been insured since 1994 and have been receiving their benefits. The Prison Staff has been insured since 2019.

      Additionally, the station at Dockyard was in FACT repaired by the government with assistance from the business community.

      The assertion that the police have to be beginning for insurance, uniforms, and basic working conditions is nonsense, plain and simple. The problem with some of you police officers is that because the government refuses to give you the MONEY and instead setup the medical facility at Police Headquarters you have taken umbrage to it. The amount of fleecing that used to take place has been eliminated and this is the main bone of contention.

      • Thanks for the enlightenment. People like to spread false claims hoping that those who do not know better will buy it. But I always tell them as long as I can, I will expose them

      • You are just regurgitating what you hear Cutie said in Parliament.Do you know what Insurance Companies underwrite those Policies. Do you know if those Policies are in effect, to this day.For Insurance Policies to be in effect, the premiums must be paid up to date.

        • For your information, Black-Man, I wrote that before Cutie spoke in Parliament and I didn’t even watch Parliament until last night. What I would like for you to do is dispute what I said and substantiate it. Not even the Chair of the PWA can dispute what I said because it is FACTUAL.

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