Pump attendant, driver injured in Gas Station Accident


A pump attendant at Spencer’s Service Station was taken to the hospital after being injured.

It is alleged that the white car seen in the photo was filling up when the pickup slammed into it.

The pump attendant who was there at the time suffered minor injuries.

The driver who reportedly blackout was also taken to the hospital.

Police are investigating.

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  1. Did the driver take the vaccine?

    This is the second of such incident.

    Dis the driver room the market street accident take the vaccine?

    • Melchesidec,

      I’m over 50 years old and I’ve seen, encountered and witnessed some strange and outrageous stuff in my lifetime. But your comments re the vaccine are easily the most ignorant and uneducated I’ve come across in over half a century. Hopefully you’re not too old to turn your mindset around. Good luck.

      • Why was that an ignorant and uneducated comment? The vaccine doesn’t have any neurological side effects?

        • How the question dunce? Low blood sugar, seizures, lack of oxygen and other things can cause a blackout. Only one on that list is neurological. Blood clots is what ***they told us*** have been the side effects from the vaccine. WHAT have they NOT told us?

      • You’re comment is the duncest you sound arrogant and crippled minded nf 🙄 so many side effects you hear about when you take the vaccine and you are one of them

    • There are many that took the vaccine and died suddenly after. Nothing wrong with questioning what may be happening from am experimental vaccine. The reason a coronavirus vaccine was never approved before is because all the animals died when they came in contact with the wild strain of the virus after being vaccinated. So, this time, they decided to use humans as the guinea pigs. Good luck to all the trial participants!

        • Yes, death comes to all of us but, people shouldn’t have to die from an experimental vaccine if they don’t want to. When the government is forcing certain sectors of society to take it in order to make a living, they are condemning some people to death.

  2. First world countries are tracking persons who take the vaccine is that happening in the region?

    We hear of blood clots etc blood clots can cause medical emergencies what is going on with these medical emergencies while operating vehicles?

    We need to hear of the reported side effects documented by the country this far…..

  3. I hope, that the injured recovers from their injuries with no long lasting side effects except pain, suffering and mental anguish.

    Allegedly, while there is no current laws/regulations on the books requiring a toxicology report pertaining to the driver(s), involved in an accident, it’s time to require blood and urine samples be taken at the scene of the accident and a breathalyzer test is administered.

    Those who drive company and or government vehicles and are involved in any accident, should be required to go to a lab within a set time period to do the blood/urine analysis.

  4. Do not follow material/money. Luke-14 Forsake everything, everyone, and yourself for Him
    Luke-12 and Matthew 6 Sell everything and give all away to poors, but keep your giving in secret
    Give to those in need and help them out if you want to be saved Matthew-25
    Luke-16 Work for Him, never for $$, then He will give you and your family if they join you also the food and clothes
    Matthew-28 Tell the Truth to everyone
    John-17 Work together in love and peace
    Do not take the Mark of the Beast right hand forehead, to be the only way to buy or sell (not an covid mask nor vaccine, rather could be a quantum implant or tattoo) Revelation-13,14
    US fits the description of the Babylon, to be destroyed with fire in one hour Revelation-17,18 HE loves everyone, and we ought to love Him most back

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