Public Urged to Support National Panorama Competition as It Returns to Carnival Calendar


Festivals Minister Daryll Mathew is urging the public to support the National Panorama Competition, emphasizing that appreciation for the steel pan art form should be shown tangibly.

He highlighted the importance of public and corporate support, stating that the recent enthusiasm for the event must translate into real backing

Following a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the National Festivals Commission and the Antigua and Barbuda Steel Pan Association, a three-year agreement has been established, providing $1 million in funding for the association.

The 2024 Panorama Competition, scheduled for August 3 at Carnival City, will feature seven steel bands: CUB Hell’s Gate Steelband, WIOC Gemonites, Harmonites, Panache, Original Steelband, Halcyon Steel Band, and Westside Steel Band.

Minister Mathew expressed satisfaction with the agreement, which outlines the collaboration for the next three years.

Pan Association President Patrick Johnson praised the stakeholders’ efforts, noting that the funding supports the extensive involvement of steel bands in various Carnival activities.

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  1. Wow! An ABLP leader in the making, if ever there was one – mind you not difficult with the current incumbent.

    But Daryl look out though, Gassssston dey ’bout

  2. This ABLPs habit of letting things come to a head only to appear to show leadership is exhausting. Not only that but it is ridiculous because all that was eventually done could have been done before! But, someone must seem strong by sending out threatening letters and ultimatums.
    The same is being done with the judging of the calypsonians! Though the body agreed on a particular method, they are told, we don’t want to use your method- fullstop; no further explanations or negotiations. They will probably get away with this because calypsonians are very divided.

  3. Mr Michael, when are we gonna see some steelband back in the country side? Once upon a time we had steelband as far away as Old Road taking part in panorama.
    We had steelband in Urlings and the big one in Bolans and all this was made possible by Rising Sun pan builder Vincent, building and tuning the pans and the GOAT himself also out of Rising Sun Papa, traveling back and forth teaching first timers how to play pan.
    Chet mentioned a steelband coming out the east, which is awesome hope by next carnival we see the countryside taking part in our panorama. Great pass time for our youths.

  4. Dear editor,

    May I bring to your attention that the commentary by a so-called Brixtonian at July 3, 2024 at 6:13 am is fake.

    As always, I separate my paragraphs and my sentences are grammatical, readable and most importantly make sense to readers.

    If you compare my first ANR to the OBVIOUS fake one, you’ll see there’s a big difference in composition.


  5. Government don’t even want to support the Pan Association but U want us to support them ?

    Kinda Hypocritical dont you think ? Carnival is the only time the Government is concerned about Pan.

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