Public Transportation Union condemns the recent attack on an AUA student


The Public Transportation union (PTU) condemns the recent attack on an AUA student by an unlicensed taxi operator.


This incident highlights the need to improve the laws of Antigua and Barbuda to make conducting taxi operation without the proper license a punishable offense. Once stronger laws are implemented, strict enforcement must follow. We call on the Transportation Board and the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda to begin consultation to achieve these improvements.


The PTU further encourages all individuals desirous of joining the taxi trade to become properly licensed and to take advantage of all available training. Service excellence in the transportation business is a matter of national pride and is critically important to the success of tourism, our number one industry.


To our valuable guest we are sincerely sorry and deeply sadden, this attitude which was exhibited does not reflect the attitude and culture of our Antiguan and Barbudan people, we are a friendly people.




Mr. Patrick Burnette


President – St John’s Taxi Association


Chairman – Public Transportation Union


Mr. Daniel Tittle – President – Antigua National Taxi Association


Mr. Ian Joseph – President – United Taxi Company


Mr. Bobby Williams – President – Quay Taxi Asociation


Mr. Patrick Byrne – President – Eastside Taxi Association


Mr. Keithroy Blacks – President – Bus associatiom



Gregory Shoy Athill


General Secretary – Antigua National Taxi Association


General Secretary – Public Transportation Union



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  1. In no way, shape nor form did that person represent any segment of the public transportation system. He operated completely outside of the law.
    I would urge the Public Transportation Union to lobby the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board, The Ministry of Legal Affairs and The Minister of Transportation to be mindful of the harm being done to your sector by the C plate drivers. C plates belong on enclosed VANS, not buses, Heavy Duty Equipment, Pick-ups, Trucks and not on vehicles with passenger carrying capabilities.

  2. he can sue… The statement should have been reviewed by an attorney.

    • Shame shame shame, imagine he’s not a liscence taxi driver an he’s doing that I hope he serve some sentence he practically tramatize that poor man,I bet that man fear for his life now an doesn’t feel safe anymore,I can just imagine wat his family is saying to him right now over this disaster,that taxi man has no right to do wat he did he’s wrong dead wrong an a charge must be made he need to be fine an confine.

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