Public servants who stayed home under vaccine mandate will receive two months pay under UPP government-Lovell


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  1. Payng virus spreaders and conspiracy nuts while the rest of us make sacrifices to keep everyone safe? No one should be voting for these people. We a party that stands up for workers, not the current bought and paid for rabble. What choice is there really, between Tweedledum and TweedleDee?

  2. I agree with this.

    Those workers who were discriminated against should be paid.

    There should be restitution to those who lost their jobs because of the regulations that the government had put in place.

    • Harry is now a magician…he going to spin his wan and the money’s going to fall from the cemetery. Harry you are the best Politrickian in the world but we the sane Wadadlians would not fall for your baboonery and evil spells again. You can bamboozle your dumb ass followers with your idle promises. Me so sorry that intelligent people will believe all your promises. Wadadli hab money’s can’t done.Me tan a dam liard that continues to fool the vulnerable and ignorant people.

          • FYI. I never voted for any labor Party government but I was believer of the UPPITES in 2000 until they got into power and they failed miserably with their lies and deceptions. They promised to lock up people like AM and now you blind followers are in bed with him. GB was absolutely right to get rid of the rotten mango. But you Hypocrites have no credibility to say anything about promises again. By the way the UPPITES was the worst to govern Wadadli. By the way these wicked and evil people took back government lands from poor people who they believe was labourites and give the same lands to their supporters. All ah you are good fu nothing that’s followed Politrickian like Liard Harry. Don’t worry about GB, asked Harry where the money’s will be coming from? I am won’t be fooled it’s people like you. Me too sorry fu all you

  3. King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe u nah tyadd lie boss? The people already know what you’re made of. LIES LIED LYADD

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