Public Safety Minister Takes Decisive Action to Combat Crime and Violence in Antigua and Barbuda



Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Public Safety, Immigration and Labour Takes Decisive Action to Combat Crime and Violence in Antigua and Barbuda

St. JOHN’S Antigua and Barbuda. May 24th 2023……… The Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs and Public Safety, the Hon. Steadroy Benjamin is leading a resolute effort to tackle crime and violence at its source in Antigua and Barbuda.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Minister and his administration have intensified their commitment to safeguarding the nation’s security and fostering a safer environment for all citizens.

Crime and violence have become pressing concerns in our society, posing significant challenges to the peace and well-being of our beloved country.

Acknowledging the immense pain and suffering endured by victims and their families, the Minister expresses profound sympathy and stands in solidarity with those affected by the recent wave of heinous crimes.

In an expression of genuine compassion, The Attorney General and his fellow ministers have long practiced the habit of personally visiting or reaching out to the families impacted by crimes, fires, or any other tragic events.

This compassionate approach knows no bounds of ethnicity or background, for in the eyes of the law, we are all one Antigua and Barbuda.

The Minister understands that combating crime and violence requires a collective effort, uniting the government, law enforcement agencies, and the public. In this regard, he fervently calls upon the citizens to cooperate closely with the country’s police force, providing crucial information and support to expedite the resolution of criminal cases.

The recent occurrence of the nation’s first homicide deeply saddens The Attorney General and he extends his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family, friends, and loved ones.
This tragic loss only reinforces the urgency of the Minister’s mission to effectively address crime and violence throughout Antigua and Barbuda.

Under the leadership of The Minister of Legal Affairs and Public Safety, comprehensive measures are being implemented to root out the sources of criminal activity.

These initiatives encompass strengthening law enforcement capabilities, enhancing crime prevention strategies, and promoting community engagement to foster a culture of safety and vigilance.

The Attorney General emphasizes his unwavering dedication to the cause and assures the public that this relentless pursuit of justice will continue unabated.
Antigua and Barbuda shall stand united in the face of these challenges, working tirelessly to create a society where every citizen can feel secure and protected.

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  1. not impressed at all with this bulls**t talk we need to see real action. its amazing how this is speedily solved and someone is charged so quickly. please keep the same energy for all criminal acts against every individual that is affected no matter the race.

  2. Ok, so waiting for the decisive action. When is it coming, flucking 2033?
    I am tired of all the crap that these clowns pass off on us, not even a press conference.

  3. So, what “decisive action” is Cutie actually doing? This article does not state one concrete action that is being taken. It is just a bunch of fluff about compassion of the Attorney General.

  4. No action plan mentioned.. ….

    When will Cutie be rearrested for the crime he committed? Let us start at the top and the bottom will straighten itself out.

  5. This man is so pathetic; he has been missing from any discussion on crime reduction, while being present as a perpetrator, as evidenced in the Linda Brann matter ,but after the Syrian dress down a couple of days ago, he has emerged with his usual sweet-sounding nothing. We need action but it’s not likely to come from Steadroy Benjamin nor the ALP.

  6. Decisive action?! Don’t make me laugh!

    The ABLP were warned – time and time again – by many concerned citizens that this uncontrolled immigration would come back to haunt the country.

    However, Gaston Browne and his merry men thought they knew better than many independent thinkers living here in Antigua, and sadly the “criminal” genie🧞‍♀️ has now been let out of the bottle.

    The only way I can envisage Benjamin and the ABLP can pull this around is if they use the same forceful tactics they used against INNOCENT women and children on Teargas Sunday on the 21st August 2021.


    Brixtonian coming up with solutions each and everytime …

    • … If I had taken the path into politics rather than business, Antigua 🇦🇬 woulda sweeet mi ah tell you …

  7. Impose curfew. Release the military. Crack down on alcohol selling after 7pm. No smoking in public places after 7pm. Do this for 3-4weeks. The government otherwise will have to find a way to stimulate jobs because people are desperate. Others just don’t want to work but for those people, let them have a good reason for being idle on a corner at working hours and show proof they can’t get a job.

  8. Cutie is the best at Bulls**t, with all the futile sweet words he feels that will be enough to solve the issues at hand. This man need to be removed from office, but yet the people keep him and other useless people in power. To all of you who placed those useless ones in power, now its time to deal and suck up to the issues at hand, man up and deal with the bulls**t,
    take it right up inna ru *ss.

  9. An infinite deal of nothing. This clown should do the country a favor and just resign. He is corrupt and really should be in jail. To save his a++ he altered the law and now has thrown the judiciary into chaos with all sorts of lawsuits upcoming. Just resign Cutie. Your sweet talking days are over.

  10. How do you folks think that an individual who is known to be criminally inclined; and is now head of a “criminal syndicate,” to do anything other than issue a PR piece written by their man in DC: which is insulting to the citizenry. Once again, they have given you their middle finger.

  11. This is not news since there are no details at all…where are the specifics? these are EMPTY words saying nothing at all!

  12. Is it true that the bedspread got his skin wash, when he went to appease the moneyed class and the ALP campaign donors?

  13. When those that HOLDS the power summoned him, he put his tails between his legs and put out a press
    release. If all the calls about the rise in crimes were taken seriously, perhaps what happened on Monday could have been avoided. But, as I’ve stated in prior comments, as long as the upper echelon of 🇦🇬n society weren’t being affected, the government didn’t see the urgency of addressing the issue. For those of you who were victims of crimes prior to May 22, I hope you see where y’all stand in the grand scheme of things.

    • Totally in agreement @ 👁👁 if our politicians were under siege like Antiguans this would have been resolved a long long time ago.

      The sad thing many of were asking for action against the criminal elements in our society, especially with the rise in attacks on our women and children – but we were ignored, and look now!

  14. If this lovely young man was not martyrd cutie na min go talk? no criminal wudda get caught.

    May justice be served for this man and Nigel C plus.

  15. It is tragic that a man had to die for 10 YARDS TO ACTION.Why a Syrian young man living in Antigua had to die by gun for actions to be taken? What that tells me.If it was an Antiguan of no connections.Not one damn thing would have been done by 10 YARDS OF CLOTH TO MAKE ONE SUIT.

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