Public Cautioned Ahead of Planned Picketing

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodeny

Public Cautioned Ahead of Planned Picketing

It has come to the attention of the police administration that some members of the public have organized and planned to stage a picket in St. John on Thursday 12thAugust 2021.

The administration wishes to remind the public that the country is still under a State of Emergency, and as suchthe protocols under the Public Health Act (Infectious Disease) Amendment Regulations of 2020 will be strictly enforced.

It is therefore expected that the mandatory wearing of face masks and social distancing guidelines be adhered to.

Members of the public are further reminded that no more than fifty people will be allowed to assemble within a certain given space; while adhering to the said health protocols.

The police are looking forward to the full cooperation and support of all in this regard.

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  1. I would like 50 people to picket in different parts of St. John and observe all the protocols. Maybe thousands will turn out. Better do it on a Sunday with less traffic. See what the squad does then.

  2. There’s always more than one way to skin a cat.

    With the advent and availability of #Social #Media, there’s no need for everyone to picket in St. John’s.
    Picket at various sites/locations around the Country, then #LINK and broadcast them to Social Media as one #VIRTUAL EVENT.

  3. Go ahead Puppet Rodney. Prepare the stage for your goon squad again. The lives of Antiguans and Barbudans are of no value.

  4. Another one of the top dawg poodle ……barking it’s annoying. I have a recording with the same top dawg telling these same poodles tek are you hand off my vehicle and what he wouldn’t do to them. This same top dawg and his bunch of renegades march up high street when the same poodles gave them instructions to go up long street. I didn’t see any teargas. The Labour Party are the most destructive organization on Antugua and Barbuda. They are the curse on the nation, time for them to go and go now.

  5. This imbecile continues to kiss Browne’s ass. Go back to where you come from. You are working for Gaston not the people. We pay your salary but you have forgotten that.

    We don’t need permission to picket. We will continue fighting for our freedom. Whatever it takes.

  6. SS Chief: Jews (FFAB) have the rights to picket once they follow the protocols and laws of the land or else SS Squad will be ready to Gas, rubber bullet, beat and if needs be use other options…

  7. The Puppet would always do what his Master says.300 alcoholic drinking persons could attend a fete. The Police never paid that any mind. They were not concerned about following protocols of physical distancing and masks wearing. However,to picket they are concerned with crowd size of 50,distancing and masks wearing.You the Police need to swim from Antigua and Redonda.Become baits for Great Whites.

    • Seems you forget they had to be vaccinated. They also were to adhere to the masking and distancing protocols. A&B was not the only nation allowing such events for vaccinated persons. It is still the unvaccinated who are most likely to catch covid, and get seriously ill

    • FROM THE SIDELINE why you guys are such blind HYPOCRITES? Were not Gaston Browne and the ALP marches forewarned when they were given a marching route by the police which indicated that they should turn right from Market Street onto Long Street and they defied that order and instead turned right onto High Street. Did the police tear gassed them or used rubber bullets for their defiance of the order of the police? You and all the other ALP minions and propagandists need to shut your hypocritical mouths.

  8. I am for vaccine, I am for Prime Minister’s Brown (so far), but I am also for people’s constitutional rights. Let them picket, they have an issue, let them air such issue and then as head of police, as Prime Minister, as Attorney General, you try and satisfy them as much as you can. At least try to help instead of blocking their way of seeking help.

    • @my way of helping…Jumbee Picknee, kno a who fu frighten!

      This #epiDEMIC!? #planDEMIC!? #panDEMIC!? Now, take your pic and all three will have components of each other. It’s where we as HUEmans are with these #vaccines!?
      The question, and at this juncture it’s a very simple one; which variant are people being vaccinated for!?
      There are many people who remained perfectly normal, as to prior COVID-19 until now, however, once they decide to take a #jab, which #vaccine, since, some are already allegedly requiring booster #jabs!
      Some who got the #jab became carriers of other strains!?
      Antigua & Barbuda are supposedly using a #cocktail of vaccines, some of which are not approved by the CDC/FDA for use on the American public, the Russian and Chinese comes to mind, so therefore since, the American pharmaceutical giants and their European counterparts are already reporting almost as much as 10billion$$$ USD in, let me repeat 10billion $$$ USD in profits for the first third of 2021, and who the phuck knows if they’re telling the truth, the way they cook their books like crack, and still got probably the same or more in #Funding, from Governments, to do research which they just do happen to have all of the machinery in place.

      Do I need to throw in, the fact, that WHO have names for VARIANTS which they’re seeing, like NOAA have names for HURRICANES!
      Damn, it’s hurricane season!

  9. FROM THE SIDELINE why you guys are such blind HYPOCRITES? Were not Gaston Browne and the ALP marches forewarned when they were given a marching route by the police which indicated that they should turn right from Market Street onto Long Street and they defied that order and instead turned right onto High Street. Did the police tear gassed them or used rubber bullets for their defiance of the order of the police? You and all the other ALP minions and propagandists need to shut your hypocritical mouths.

    • @ Charles Tabor

      No need to waste your breathe and time with the likes of FROM THE SIDELINE, Colombo+Thoughtful, Smh, tenman, ERIC ( THE RED ), Conrad the Red, INDIRA, PHILLIP.G. All of them are nothing but warts on Gaston bottom. Wherever he goes, whatever he does, whatever he says they have no choice but to follow.

    • Recall the court throwing out the case brought by UPP appointed COP. Among the things pointed out was he decided to snail mail them a letter with the new route the day of the protest. Also recall the prosecution always asking for more time until the magistrate threw the case out. Remember also when Humpreys (minister of helps)was denied permission to march by the same COP. There was no state of emergency but the COP claimed he did not like the man’s character. Then there was his beating by cops during a picket at transport board. Since we looking back you recall when Galloway and VBIII were arrested for picketing? Your memory so bad that you don’t recall riot squad being called out during the UPP reign of terror and persons on OMG demanding then opposition elements be locked up. I challenge you to find any clip from ABLP key persons calling for fires to be set and police stoned

  10. Mr. Tabor. Can you advise the public which political organization created the public order act? Wow…as the old saying goes when you dig a hole for someone always remember to dig two. Most UPPITES are vindictive and bad.

    • COLOMBO+THOUGHTFUL I really do not know what turns on the question. Anyway, the Public Order Act was passed in 1972 by the PLM government. That Act was further amended in 1976. I really do not know what the passage of that Act has to do with the present situation. Any law can be on the books, the important thing is how it is enforced. The way the ALP government is presently using the Public Order Act in bringing frivolous charges against the two Freedom Fighters young ladies are can only be seen as political persecution and not prosecution. Their is a very serious flaw in the charges brought against the ladies which you will hear of in due course.

      • Boss watch how you now defend persons who have openly called for fires to be set an the police stoned. Instead of disassociating your party from such sentiments you have embraced them by labeling them freedom fighters. Your very statement shows Harold Lovell a liar when he claimed the PM was wrong for linking the UPP with the said group. UPP as usual hides behind such groups

  11. Hail loyal warts. Just to highlight your stupidity and foolishness. I voted once in Wadadli history and it was for the PLM. I don’t live in Wadadli and can’t even vote and don’t plan to. I was in Wadadli when your the UPP was showing a Tape publicly to the world that a former PM sexual abuse a young lady. Do you they were sued and lost big time? Do you know that they promised to lock up their opponents and for 10 years in governance nothing tall go so? Do you some of these opponents turn around and beat them backside with the help of decency voter’s? These people like you are very vindictive, dishonest, lacks decency, morality and bad minded. You think right thinking Wadadlians will ever forget you all for the lie’s you tell. I don’t follow liars and Sanctimonious hypocrites. The UPPITES were the worse to govern Wadadli. I don’t need to follow Charlatans and shameful Politrickians.

    • Colombo+Thoughtful you should know fully about VC Bird then. It is well known he was with a 13 year old girl when was well into his 60’s. You want to turn a blind eye to that? It was the same Bird who lowered the legal age of consent to 15. You can’t deny that either. Unlike you, I don’t back any party member who is involved with nefarious activities or any party who takes advantage of people. You are a complete jackass backing criminals. You have nothing to say about the theft of crown lands. You have nothing to say about a dictator government.

      Further more you don’t live in Dadli. You left why? I am guessing it’s better where you went to. Come back and make a difference then instead of mouthing off. It’s about which politician will better my country and my people. It never has been about party.

  12. TABOR is Harold Lovell PUPPET. Lovell is a VIRGIN according to Tabor. No ATTORNEY GENERAL for you TABOR . You are wasting your time. AWFUL PERSON you Are TABOR

  13. You most,,,not all,,,fail to understand, that there are forces greater than Gaston Brown at work here.
    Don’t you see this is happening
    A push to vaccinate.?
    Using vicious “arm twisting” tactics,that will only worsen.
    Once a countries leader achieves what is expected of he,,or she,
    – vaccinating their people –
    I deduce, three yrs,after that accomplishment ,The World Bank will bestow on said country,,,a very low interest loan,,,one third of which will disappear into the pockets of those leaders who helped to Vaccinate the Globe.

  14. Yet your rass Quincy a back that dutty Browne. Another Browne lipped ass kisser.

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