Public Cautioned against Obstructing Police Investigations


The Police are again issuing a warning to members of the public to desist from commenting publicly on sensitive matters under police investigation, or cases that are before the court.


The concerns came following several sordid and irresponsible comments made on social media and other related platforms, concerning an ongoing investigation into an alleged offence committed under the Sexual Offences Act. It is further alleged that certain videos and audios are circulated on social media, in an attempt to identify the complainant and accused in the said matter. Not only is this type of behavior unacceptable, but it is bordering on the line of hampering future police investigations and the obstruction of justice.


Members of the public are therefore reminded that it is an offence against the Sexual Offences Act of Antigua and Barbuda No. 9 of 1995, for anyone to publish or broadcast the identity of an accused person or complainants in a sexual offence case.


The Act state: – After a person is accused of an offence under this Act, no matter likely to lead members of the public to identify a person as the complainant or as the accused in relation to that accusation shall either be published in Antigua and Barbuda in a written publication available to the public or be broadcast in Antigua and Barbuda except-


(a)    Where, on the application of the complainant or the accused, the Court directs that the effect or the restriction is to impose a substantial and unreasonable restriction on the reporting of proceedings and that it is in the public interest to remove the restriction in respect of the application; or (b) In the case of an accused, after he has been tried and convicted of the offence.


Anyone who contravenes this Act is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine of twenty-five thousand dollars and to imprisonment for two years; and upon conviction on indictment to a fine of twenty-five thousand dollars and to imprisonment for five years.


The cooperation of the general public is expected going forward.

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  1. ‘obstruction’ is a totalitarian’s word. WE THE PEOPLE have rights, one of which is freedom of speech.

  2. This whole article sounds like a subtle threat to the public big brother waving the baton . You better behave or else . The cooperation of the general public is expected going forward . Still waiting for NIGELL killer)s !

  3. Please…the media should be at fault!
    The VN circulating just shows what they planned on doing to the minister.
    The police was just forced by the public to charge the minister without really the US this would not even made it to court.
    I hope the minister Sue all parties involved when this is over…

    The police in Antigua needs more training.

    • Like duh. This is the sad reality of Antigua. The media always puts out the sensational scandalous stories and then the public outcry end result the police does shitty investigations and when it does reach court case thrown out for lack of evidence.

  4. Plunfirtunately the police didn’t even investigate properly but public. Chupzzzz
    People wanted to bring down the minister and his party..u (police department) and the media ran with the scandal without really say? now u realize u did a shitty job it’s not the public..chupzzz
    How did people hear of the what happened it’s from a police that feeds the media..both at fault!
    Welcome to Antigua sad sad!

  5. The police department didn’t do their job. Now the voice note saying it’s a set up. And people voicing their opinion u guys have alot to say. Give me a break.
    The police department didn’t investigate and feel ashamed. u didn’t do your jobs correctly and want to talk about the public.
    Someone in your department is feeding the media with info so stop it.
    I would sue everybody if am the minister.

  6. The customs act section 173 says if anyone clearing goods using counterfeit documents ( the broker with $3millions customs fraud using pm fordged signature) is subject to 5 Years in prison and $100000.00 fines.
    So why the broker is still at large.
    When the police and government shows example of good governance then one can says on the media that the public is …yadayadauda…and whatever.
    And commenting on the social media is not Obstruction of justice .
    Any lawyer can argue on that point .
    Please find who FORDGED the PM signature.
    Please find and arrest the BROKER.
    Please find who shot Mr Cornell Benjamin.
    Please please find who murdered/ assassinated Mr Nigel Christian.
    Please find who is behind the killers.
    And also please let the public know what they supposed to know ( on the evening that Mr Christian was assassinated public’s could have assisted if they know Mr Christian was taken in his government issued NISSAN frontier ABC 34)

  7. Two things:
    1. What is the reason for the secrecy in naming an alleged defendant in such cases? It’s almost as if our law is built to not believe the victim anyway.

    2. Can the police please look into the allegation that a member of Cabinet attempted to interfere with the same case by approaching family of the complainant?

    • @D Oh please look into what? The victim wanted money and that’s all.extortion set up!! She knew the minister didn’t do such things… that’s why laws have to change in Antigua. “Evidence” then charged not charged then evidence just ridiculous!!
      may the minister sue them all..and they get jailed.
      When people wicked.

  8. Answer
    1. Deformation. Believe it or not is it not sometimes these “victims” do lie and by the time the “truth” is discovered the damage done alleged defendant is beyond repair. Also there is a little phrase known as ” innocent until proven guilty”
    2. Why don’t you people just allow the cops to do their job. Sometimes it is like yall want to play judge and jury and try a case base off all the gossip and hearsa.

  9. @Alkebulan: What has become of that case.Did it suddenly went away.That was a tragedy.Being run down on the side of a highway and killed by motor vehicle.Was that driver ever arrested by the Police?

  10. Sometimes a voice is needed when corruption is coming from all angles starting from the top. What they want to say dont question the system just accept everything. When the police is not controlled by cabinet decisions and special dispensation and we see fair Antigua and Barbuda it would be no need to question. “Shut your mouth dont question us even if we are not doing our jobs correctly”

  11. Michael Browne dug ditches for others.He was blindfolded and walked.Then he fell into those same ditches.He dug for others.What lessons did you his followers learn.Do not wear blindfolds.Or not to dig ditches for others.

  12. Is there anything being done about the destruction of the fragile marine area and mangroves that Yida and company continue to do by Guiana Island and the surrounding area?

    Why hasn’t DCA, DOE, Fisheries and of course Gaston all quiet about this? Is Antigua being sold out by the MP’s in power?

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