Provisional registration of pensioners until documents required are presented to Social Security


The Cabinet invited the Managing Director of the Social Security Board to address the issue of pensioners not being registered, upon the presentation of inadequate documentation. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

All retired persons who are eligible for a pension must provide all the documentation necessary for registration to be complete.

The Cabinet is giving consideration to having a provisional registration until such time as all the documents required are presented to Social Security.

The Director appeared on a radio program recently and was asked about payments to Social Security made by current and prior administrations.

The current leader of the UPP who served as Finance Minister from 2009 to 2014 was also on the same radio program.

The former Minister asserted that his administration provided a Government bond that was the equivalent of making a full payment to the scheme current by 2014.

The Director conceded during the Cabinet meeting that no administration has provided the cash necessary to make payments to Social Security pensioners like the current administration.

$30 million dollars a year (and more) have been paid by this current administration to Social Security. A bond is not cash, the Director conceded.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which caused many hotels to close and many employees of other industries to be laid off adversely affected Social Security payments and to slow the progress made in eliminating the debt to the Scheme.

As the economy recovers, payments to Social Security will also increase, the Cabinet asserted.

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  1. ” … pensioners not being registered [for]… Inadequate documentation …”

    Good one ABLP 👍, this is what is known in political terms as ‘kicking the tin can down the road’.


  2. Myself & my employer paid into this PONZI scheme for 34 years, where is my money? I say PONZI scheme because they can’t make payments unless money comes in.

  3. The Cabinet is not addressing the heart of the problem. I remember when Barak Obama was rolling out the Affordable Care Act. The website crashed. And when he launched an investigation the head of the program had to tender her resignation. Here we have the social security mess up royally and not a head is rolling. But the opposition takes the opportunity and bashes the government for it. And to date the problem has not been fixed. The boxed stops with the Director. no excuse whatsoever for that. Heads have to roll. The Cabinet needs to bring in an IT auditor. And let the auditor’s report tell you what the problem was. Was it neglect or just stupidity? Either way, no IT system should have an entire company go down for that extended period. People should be held accountable for the work they do and get paid for. If there are no consequences, then what’s the point? If the top slack the middle and bottom will drop off. In my entire working life, I have always understood that computer systems can fail, that is why you keep several backups. And today we have backups in the clouds. And we have MIRROR Servers. That is where you keep redundancy. ACT provide that service. You think a bank can afford that kind of glitch. The poor pensioners are the victims of this error and that should not be taken lightly. Once again heads have to roll. Cabinet do your job.

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