Protesters in Guyana block bridge over vaccine requirement


Some residents of Linden, in Region Ten, have blocked the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge to protest against the measure requiring persons to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination before accessing hospital services.

This was confirmed by a source at the scene earlier this morning.

Protestors are preventing persons and vehicles from crossing the bridge.

Today’s protest follows the implementation of the restrictions on unvaccinated persons by hospitals in the region.

On Monday and Tuesday, staff of the Linden Hospital Complex were barred from entering the establishment after they could not produce proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Unvaccinated persons who wanted access to the hospital services were also not permitted to enter the compound.

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  1. Even if one agrees with everything you say about the benefits of the vaccine it still boils down to one fundamental answer.

    • You noticed that too. The blood of our people will be on the hands of the police commissioner and Gaston Browne.

      We will continue to fight for our freedoms. Gaston Browne and govt will fail at making us slaves with no rights.

    • Don’t see anywhere in the article where key organizers unlike in A&B called for fires to be set and the police stoned. I see no mention of social media posts where said key persons were calling for the PM to be harmed

    • Since we speaking about Guyana, let me share a key excerpt from a letter there by Dr. Jerry Jailall

      “I noticed there are some political surrogates of the PNC, the GTU and now the GPSU, whose top brass are well vaccinated, using their members as political fodder, telling them “GPSU acknowledges and will fiercely defend the rights of any citizen, particularly its members who refuse treatment and medical intervention as well as those who wish to keep their medical information confidential.” If workers’ organisations truly care, would they not be emphasising more on the benefits of vaccination, rather than saying we will back you if you resist the government’s efforts to keep the nation safe? How much does the GPSU have in its medical and funeral support fund for the non-vaxxers? Workers need to be careful that fully-vaccinated union leaders, MPs and politicians are not using them as pawns in their political games. Be wise and take care of yourselves and families! If you or a family member gets infected with the virus, those same agitators will be nowhere around to help you in your trials and tribulations!” see The unvaccinated should take warning, learn from the errors of victims who refused vaccines By Staff Reporter| August 9, 2021

      Sounds a lot like the UPP? You see how the spirit of the pharisees and sadducees continues to exbibit itself in opposition parties globally? Watch the republican’s whose prez played a key role in developing covid vaccines play games about its use. Very same party has no problem arguing that laws allowing abortions be overturned. Yet vaxines that help to curtail the spread of covid should not be mandated

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