Protesters Call For Resignation Of Michael Browne


Dozens of residents have protested outside the Ministry of Education in a bid to have the minister resign over the E-books scandal.

This week Michael Browne accepted responsibility for the “irregularities” which has left the government with an unforseen bill of US$ 5 million annually.

Today’s protest was led by opposition forces who are of the view that Browne should resign or be fired by Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

PM Browne told the nation that there were procedural breaches when the E-books contract was signed.

He also said the minister would be held responsible but has taken no action against him to date.

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  1. Seriously, ANR, you call about 30 people “DOZENS”? I was at the MOE when the picket today when the crowd was largest, and the number was 28. This is shoddy reporting. “Dozens” implies that there was less than 100, but with multiples of 12. Certainly, you don’t call just over two dozen “dozens”. It 200 people show up to an event, do you report that “hundreds turned out”? No! Hundreds, like dozens, implies that there was several hundreds, not just a pair of hundreds. Please do better.

    • So 6 million dollars down the drain and 1.2 million dollars every year thereafter for a set of useless paperweights from India (of all places). These paperweights have no content and no structured procedures for producing e-text books and your biggest bone of contention is ANR reporting of crowd size.
      No wonder politicians can register companies and act as middle men between government and private vendors and enrich themselves unchecked. It is people like you that encourage this behavior.

  2. No report about the fact that the user fee has now been reduced to 80? This is almost half of what is paid in the BVI, 3 times less than the cost at issue. The Minister needs to go on an apology tour. Fact is the issues with this goes beyond the license fee. The presentation he did this week was 2 years late. There were not enough persons supporting this initiative ( a very good one)which increased the problems with implementation

  3. Why is it so hard for us to get our politicians to do what is right? It matters not if 1 person or 1000 persons was demonstrating and calling for him to demit office. In light of what transpired, the Minister must go. He can no longer be in charge of the Education Ministry and do so with any measure of respect and confidence. Ebooks cloud will forever be hanging over his head. Go in peace Mr Browne and let us move on.

    • The sad thing is that NO politician has ever resigned under such circumstances
      So don’t hold ur breathe that he will just go. Spencer remained as PM after he got us that “NEW” power plant (without parliament’s approval).

  4. @Wash an Basin The meaning of SINGULAR and PLURAL does not discriminate…
    ONE is singular…
    More than one which might be TWO is PLURAL…
    Two can be referred to as ones….

  5. If there were “procedural breaches” when the contract was signed it should simply be cancelled and declared null and void.

  6. This shows that the OPPOSITION DO NOT have any support. They CANNOT organize a protest.
    Labour party will be the Government for Antigua / Barbuda for next 30 years. First of all the OPPOSITION parties need to get Their houses in order. The UPP Representative in Parliament is a shame. The Gentleman does NOT know what He is talking about It is a shame. Hon. MICHAEL BROWNE did a wonderful explanation in Parliament in reference to the E BOOKS.This is now behind Us. Let Us move forward in governing the Country. Hon. Gaston Browne the best Prime Minister in the WORLD ( WORLD BOSS).

  7. Hmmmm looks like these protesters are more on the ‘elder’ side. Well a nice stroll is always good for the ‘old’ bones. Lol.

  8. It is amazing when some commentators on this site demonstrate ever so often their limited brain power. Attacking the lone opposition in parliament with merit less claim shows how hopeless some people are. Even worst call the World ASS the best PM in the world . May the Lord have mercy on such people who are nothing but enemies of the Country.

  9. It seems like black people will forever be the poorest and in the minority!? Most people who vote in these slave plantation islands seem to only vote on political party line rather than for good governance. This is why politicians in power on these islands will always get away with wrong doings,because the populace fair to hold them accountable!

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