Prosecutor from the Director of Public Prosecution’s Office to take charge of Dean Jonas matter



Former St. George Member of Parliament Dean Jonas will return to court on Friday to answer four charges from an altercation with police last Thursday.

Jonas is facing charges of Disorderly Conduct, Threatening Language, Resisting Arrest, and Battery on Police.

Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh confirmed Jonas’ station bail when he appeared in St. John’s Magistrates Court for the first time this morning.

The police prosecution requested an adjournment, informing the court that a prosecutor from the Director of Public Prosecution’s Office would take charge of the matter.

The Chief Magistrate granted the adjournment despite objections from Jonas’ attorney Wendel Robinson, who said his client was ready to proceed.

The attorney insisted that the police had enough time to prepare for the matter, especially since an officer had released the police bodycam footage, revealing all the facts of the case.

Robinson also questioned why the DPP’s office needed to take over the matter when all the alleged offences are under the Small Charges act.

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  1. Wendel Robinson,as Commissioner of Police you had persons arrested. When in factuality you knew they had no case to answer. The charges were all trumped up based on the evidence. Those cases were thrown out. Were you playing into the hands of a Politician? The Politician subsequently booted your arse out of the position as Commissioner of Police.

  2. All of this could have been avoided had he shown the police the document that he was holding, but I believe there was nothing in that envelope/folder to prove that he has or had full custody.

    School children say – and I am only repeating what I heard – that he did make an application for custody of the child and lied and told the mother that the court had granted him custody (so I imagine he will have to explain to the court why he lied). The mother called her lawyer who told her to pick up her child as she normally does and that’s when the trouble started. All Dean had to do was tell the truth and let the court process work. Yet he chose to lie and be confrontational.

    In the first place he shouldn’t have a child much less two out of wedlock. His wife should give him his walking papers or better yet, leave him and take him to the cleaners. She would definitely win. He’s just an embarrassment to her and their marriage now. A wife and TWO baby mothers. I hope he’s filing for custody of the other child as well because he would have to explain to me as a judge why this child and not the other. Maybe he’s trying to get back at her for moving on? The way he referred to her in the video “SHE!” When he was all up inside her and they were committing adultery I can only imagine the sweet NOTHINGS he whispered in her ears.

    • @NOTHINGS…a #REALITY_SHOW which if produced would be a great way, to record our Nation’s History rife with all kinds of controversy’s and hypocrisy’s.

      I remember hearing Lester Bird telling the story of his mother’s departure from Antigua and how he Lester became to be born, in America.

      Dean Jonas is not setting and precedent here. Just #Sand_Box Gossip innah #Garrat_Style:

      Any bets, on when Maria Bird-Browne


      is gonna challenge Gaston Browne for Leader of the ABLP? She has the goods on GB too?

      BTW – is this a political set up for Dean to keep him quiet unlike Asot?

      De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

    • Its a good thing that in most cases HEARSAY EVIDENCE is INADMISSIBLE in the court of laws because if they were allowed plenty people would be in jail or dead. Y’all always coming with y’all outlandish tales and second hand gossip.

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