Proposal For Redonda To Be A Protected Area


The Environmental Awareness Group is proposing that  Redonda be decalred a protected area.

The group made a presentation to Cabinet yesterday.

The lawyer proposed a governance structure which would include a Public/Private Management collaboration to ensure that Redonda becomes a part of the National Parks system

The EAG also provided the Cabinet with an update on the progress that has been made on the island of Redonda, since all goats and rats have been removed therefrom.

Fifty-two live goats were transported by helicopter to Antigua after they were captured on Redonda; three thousand rats were poisoned.

Since these two species have been removed from the one-square mile island, all manner of wildlife have come alive again. 20% of all brown boobies in the Caribbean are now nesting on Redonda; three species of lizards, including a rare type found only on Redonda and no place else on earth, have also begun to thrive.

Trees that also disappeared have begun to return.

Birds and lizards were threatened by the voracious rodents; and the lack of water and food caused many goats to die of hunger on Redonda during a very dry year.

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  1. And what do the “King(s)” of Redonda have to say about all of this? I understand there are now several pretenders to the “throne”, or are they all just pretending????

    • Redonda is an uninhabited Caribbean island which is legally part of Antigua and Barbuda. However the whimiscal claims to kingship and the tradition of the literary kings of the island are graciously tolerated by the nation’s government who understand and appreciate the publicity value the kingdom adds to their Country.

  2. Two things stood out to me from this article:

    1. Fifty-two live goats were transported by helicopter to Antigua (GOAT BETTER THAN ME. NEVER BEEN IN A HELICOPTER IN MY LIFE)

    2. three species of lizards, including a RARE type found ONLY ON Redonda and no place else on earth (IT IS TRULY A UNIQUE PLACE THAT OUGHT TO BE PROTECTED)

    Kudos to the EAG led by the lovely Ms. Arica Hill.

  3. That photo speaks volumes. Look at that lush grass. It almost looks fake. Big tings ah gwarn ova dey jack. Bloop Bloop!!!

  4. The EAG has voiced its objective concern with regards to Guiana Island. It is now making this proposal to Cabinet. Now that Tahambay is gone, the difference is clear. The new EAG seems fair and balanced thus far. Unlike Tahambay who allowed political motives to overshadow genuine concern for our environment. I hope this current EAG will continue to hold the goverment and all stakeholders accountable with regards to environmental issues, coupled with making proposals such as the one stated in this article.

    Btw who was the lawyer referred to in paragraph 3?

  5. Redonda & Guiana Island should have both been protected. Let’s see how long the rock stands until Chinese want to buy hardcore for foundations.

  6. I thought there was a God….

    So who gives humans the right to decide which animal is more important? Which should be killed? Which lives should be preserved?

    Putting hypocrisy aside some body playing God.

    I thought God took care of all his animals and plants he told humans to look at the Lilly and if he care for the Lilly how much more will he care for beings.

    I say ambitious humans who thinks they know more than God…..

    • “Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” [Genesis 1:26]

  7. Redonda deserves further protection.
    Being new to this discussion, I also wonder if Rendesvous Bay is also under consideration as a protected area.

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