Property owners in St. John’s have a responsibility to spruce up the town, PM says


Property owners in St. John’s have a responsibility to spruce up the town, PM says

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    • The owners for these buildings need to include facilities/property maintenance in their annual budgets. Creates a five/seven year maintenance plan for maintaining these buildings. Pressure washing of the buildings; repairs; scraped and paint 🎨; and Labor and materials costing.
      Government need to clean out the gutters daily and maintain the sidewalks (frequently inspection), and repairs when needed.

  1. Yes, it’s true that the infrastructures in St. John’s city 🌃 need an uplift. Also the stinking gutters in St. John’s that smell like runny sewage need daily cleaning 🧹 especially the gutter west of the culture building lower Nevis Street which is near to Heritage Quay Port. The entire St. John’s city need a total overhaul.

  2. People have no pride in this country. They throw their garbage wherever they want as if our country is part and parcel of Cooks Dump.

    The govt doesn’t fine everyone for doing so but now world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne wants to tell property owners it’s their responsibility to spruce up the town. The same property owners are trying to run a business but world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne and his cabinet allow vendors to set up wherever they want including blocking the entrances and parking spots for those same businesses instead of removing and fining all of them.

    World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne and his band of maggots need to be removed from office never to run in politics again.

    Nigel Christian was executed while investigating the “forged” signatures. Why is the mastermind still walking free?

  3. Recommend to some friends a few places to stay recently and upon return, I ask how they enjoyed antigua. The response was the hotel was nice and the beaches were lovely but boy why the city look so rundown and all those unsightly shacks and old rundown buildings all over the place.

    Hear me making excuses, telling them all those buildings are privately owned and the government can’t force them to fix them up. I had no other answer.

  4. Those building have been around looking like that for a while..
    I hate to say this but Antiguan love to build nice building including houses but seems to have a problem maintaining the structure..
    Why is that ??
    It’s a disgusting sight especially in St John please have these owners do something about this..

  5. St. John’s has been a dilapidated mess for many years. In the first place, Market Street is too narrow for cars and pedestrians and should be turned into a mall. I don’t think the street was built for cars but for buggies. How can they the government criticize the building owners when the infrastructure is in shambles? There should be a revitalization project for St. John’s, especially market st. When I visit other countries and see the beautiful pedestrian malls with the colourful buildings and beautiful flowers, I wonder why market street cannot look like that. The government should take the lead, but they seem to be content with the filth.

  6. All of those high sidewalks on market street need to be broken down as they can’t accommodate two people walking in opposite direction and people are forced to walk in the street with the traffic. I really tip my hat to drivers that more people don’t get run over. We need a government that has civic pride and not just talk about investment.

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