Prominent Businessman Under Investigation


A prominent member of a well-known family is being investigated by law enforcement, multiple sources have told ANR.

The probe is in relation to passport and money laundering allegations, according to initial reports.

The businessman was taken into custody on Friday and is being questioned.

He has not been charged.

More details to come as the story develops.

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  1. It seems that Since Antigua introduced CIP there has been an upsurge in passport crimes. There is no good in selling passports like we do. Time to end it.

    • Then we will be bankrupt. The economy depends on CIP to carry us over the hard times. It’s a win win situation. IF the “businessman” is guilty of a crime just lock him up.

  2. ALP and passport just don’t mix.

    Where are the ten men and the side lines to tell us how wonderful this alp admin is? If you can’t manage something as simple as passport how are you going to manage an economy.

    Simple simple process that the British implemented half decade ago and they can’t get it right, every time they in power some passport stealing, sellling now money laundering is being added to the list.
    Whenever alp in power the scamps, scoundrels and grifters descend on Antigua and have a field day.

    Visa restrictions coming for European countries soon

    • You suggest they put Janice (Observer host) to manage the CIP?? She seems to have a track record for “managing” things. Is that who we need to “manage somethinh as simple as passport”???

  3. CIP has caused irreparable damage to our country’s reputation. The way the program is run, borders on criminal. The practice should be ended for the benefit of the indigenous people of the country.

    • We have a program which is lead by a CEO who before joining us worked at Scotia Bank, for some 9 years, as the head of compliance for the eastern Caribbean and also Barbados, yet to your mind the program is badly ran? The same program you are badmouthing recently received a high ranking, in major categories, from Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates, a international law firm that specializes in investment migration. Recall a few months ago, we received a rating which saw us garner 100 percent when it comes to due diligence (Financial Times index). Even the recent US state department report (INCSR) listed no deficiency in our program and stated the fact that applicants are being vetted.

  4. I wish people would stop referring to black people as indigenous to the island. The term
    indigenous refers to people who were living on the land before colonization, i.e siboneys,
    caribs, arawacks. In the Americas they would be the first nation tribes, inuit, etc. All
    these were here before the white man, the black man, the Chinese, East Indian , etc

    • “Black people”???? Haven’t heard the correct term is “melanin rich people”

      Put your hand against a black garbage bag and see if it is the same shade as the bag.

    • @ba….balon
      I look to the day when people will stop referring to Africans with the derogatory term “black people”.

  5. How did this businessman get hold of Antigua and Barbuda passport to be accused of selling them? Do he has someone working in the Passport Office who is providing him with passports? Too much passports have been selling since this CIP came on board…too much.

    • Please direct me to the part in this article which speaks about selling passport. I must have missed it.

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