Privy Council Ruling On King Sobering For Dorsett

David Dorsette

A very sobering moment is how Leroy King’s Attorney-at-Law, Dr. David Dorsett described this week’s Privy Council ruling that paves the way for his extradition to the United States to face criminal charges.

Dorsett’s candid assessment was in response to a question about the mental health of his elderly now that his handing over to U.S authorities is looming.

“I would imagine and I sense that a person in his condition, having heard the news, it’s like a person who has a trial and has been sentenced to a very heavy sentence. It is not a happy feeling. Not a moment of joy or glee. It is a sobering moment. No he did not tell me this, I can see it,” he said.

Dr. Dorsett met the 73-year-old King at least twice on Thursday, a day after the Cabinet denied their request for him to be removed from Antigua no earlier than January 1, 2020. In a letter to the Foreign Affairs Ministry Mr. King had explained that he wanted to put his house in order, to include addressing certain medical concerns that he has.

In the same correspondence, it was disclosed that the former head of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission was diagnosed with cancer twice. During a brief interview, his lawyer declined to divulge the types of cancer or whether his elderly client was still battling the disease. He however disclosed that they were two different types of cancer, with the diagnoses being made in the last 10 years.

That’s also the length of time Mr. King has waged his legal battle to avoid extradition, beginning in the Magistrate’s Court right through to the London-based Privy Council, Antigua and Barbuda’s final court of appeal.

He is due to stand trial in the U.S. for 11-fraud-related offences stemming from his alleged role in the US$7 billion Ponzi scheme of convicted fraudster, Allan Stanford.

Up to the time of the publication of this article, Dr. Dorsett said he was in the dark as to when King would be handed over.

“I haven’t been told that in express terms. I was informed the decision had come out and that the government was having regard for the decision. So I am reading between the lines,” he stated.

The Attorney General Steadroy Cutie Benjamin said earlier on Thursday that the U.S authorities were expected to arrive in Antigua for Mr. King, in the next 24 hours.

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  1. Would “America” had been so enthusiastic in there persuit if the victims of the fraud were All black?. What benefit to the US nation is there in jailing a 73 year old who only got a few thousand dollars and is allegedly sick now?…😑

    • @Alex N De-Asse: Yes.America comes after you.Regardless of your color.If you are involved in Federal fraudulent activities.Breaking of Federal Laws.Especially if it involves finances.He committed a crime.So because he is black and 73 years old now.He should be given a pass.If that is the way you are thinking.There is no wonder the politicians thief all days every day and not a darn thing for it inna Antigua and Barbuda.When was the last time a person of note was sent to Prison in Antigua.Think about that.Only small persons go to Prison inna Antigua.

  2. It’s sad how some people always try to make excuses for people who knowingly commit wrongdoing because of who they are. No wonder our politicians can engage in corruption with impunity.

  3. @ Cool Ruler

    You nah see nutten yet. There is a whole community of black people in Antigua who have a white savior complex and have wet dreams of Stanford coming back. Some of them never even worked for the company and every time you talk to them they complain that ‘UPP called the US for Stanford’ whatever that means and dream in vain for his return. For them Stanford could have ripped their mothers off as long as he paid well and built pretty buildings and oh yes T20.

    • Wonder if they will now also say UPP called the US for King also. Further wonder if they will truthfully say that ABLP handed him over to the US.

      • “Friday’s extradition completed a request by the US and first signed by then-Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer in 2009.” According to Newsco, today. Boss if we changed course would you guys not treat ot the way you did the school down GreenBay? Really fraid dangerous people

      • Obviously you do not follow events well. The UPP under Bakfein Spencer signed the extradition papers. Mr King has been fighting in the courts ever since. He has now exhausted all legal means of delay and so the ALP government has no choice but to honour the law in the matter. Let’s not lose sight of facts due to political learnings.
        I will not get into whether he deserved his fate or not. He did what he did. I do have a problem with us just handing oyr citizens over to the US since they would never reciprocate but that is a different matter.

        • @ Cool Ruler

          See me nah lie. None of dem worked for Stanford ( they did apply for jobs multiple times and got turned down) but they still fantasizing about this dream job they never had and looking forward to their white savior return. They then take out their unfulfilled misguided twisted fantasy on UPP. It’s a sickness that some of us suffer from.

        • @This is strange:You say,you had a problem with us handing over one of our citizens.If you do not know. King is an American Citizen.Yes,a Antigua he barn.

    • LOL
      You just lowe Dorsett me a beg you please. He is NOT a bad lawyer it’s just that when ALP in power they import all the thieves and scoundrels from all over the world and put pressure on Dorsett to defend them.

      He stretched thin with the high workload of ALP tief dem, he still have another extradition case to lose with Choksi so please give my brother a break

  4. Why he didn’t surrender 10 yrs ago, did he think he would get away. His legal team knew he wouldn’t win but them no care bout him, they only care about getting some if not all of the money he had in them coffers. Watch the attorney face, them to damn wicked. Rather than allow the man to sort out he ppl them with the little money he had the legal team suck he dry.

  5. People why do you think some of our polititions are trying to create so much riches for themselves right now, its because what is happening to Mr.King will happen to them soon

  6. 73 years old has nothing to do with whether one does time or not. In the US many old guys and women die in prison. It’s pay day time. You reap what you sow.

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