Privy Council rules In favour of Sir Robin Yearwood’s ex-wife in million-dollar divorce settlement


The Privy Council has ruled that Christiana Yearwood, the ex-wife of Sir Robin Yearwood, can register her divorce award in Antigua & Barbuda.

Mr and Mrs Yearwood were granted divorce by the High Court of England and Wales on 8 December 2009.

The English High Court made various orders against Mr Yearwood as a result of the divorce proceedings. These included an order dated 10 May 2010 directing Mr Yearwood to pay Mrs Yearwood £3,144,456.80 but it was the money judgment order made by Moor J on 9 July 2012 requiring the husband to pay £1,882,851 immediately, and the order of 12 November
2010 for the payment of a quantified sum of costs, together with interest that the Privy Council was concerned with.

The Board said that there is, indeed, jurisdiction under the Act to order the
registration of the orders as the wife seeks.

Lawyers for Robin Yearwood sought to prevent the order from being registered in Antigua on the basis that court rules do no permit it.

But the PC said the Act gives the High Court power to order the registration of a judgment whether or not rules of Court have been made regulating the practice and procedure in respect of the proceedings.

More to come…

See FULL JCPC judgment below.



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  1. For that quantum it is fair to say that his net worth surpasses that. Look at the state of his constituency is it consistent with the wealth he would have amassed over the years as representative? A crying shame of opposites.

    • check out the exchange rate of the pound sterling to the ec dollar back in those days; it was $5.00 + ec to the pound. Normally settlements represent approximately 50% of ones net worth. Can someone tell me how a man working for a salary of between 5 – 7,000ec per month (in those days) most of his working life amass that amount of wealth, while holding public office?

  2. 3 MILLION POUNDS STERLING!!! Wah Ya Tall, Tall, Tall!!!! Look at money! And that is only the wife’s share! How much Pussy Salad have left over? Robin, give me a loan, nuh? Me bruk.

  3. And Gaston says he’s the only one who is financially stable in his party… If Robin can be ordered to pay over a million dollars in pounds from years ago, imagine how much he has now.

  4. Is that the total settlement of only the cash part of it ..??
    One wonder how one get to open bank account in oversea?
    Mama says you can get rich over night without going any college ..either be a pastor or POLITICIAN,

  5. How was this humongous sum accumulated? Clearly not on a Minister of Government salary. So, how did he come into this much money? What business has he undertaken that paid him this much money? He is a public servant and so we have a right to know to avoid any undue allegations. Tell us, Robin. We are waiting…

    • The man saved his pennies.Then when he counted them all.He is worth millions.Try and do the same.See if you would ever accumulate such riches. Then your pussy(cats) would be eating salads. Because things would have been so good for you.

    • Waiting? Hmmm. That wait might be very long and you may have to cry long eye water…don’t forget to get at least two big containers to hold the water because your wait time might take the same amount of time like the case 😊

  6. Amazing how easy it is to control kool aid drinkers . Just give them enough to keep them alive but always begging. In the meantime the politician enrichment program at their expense so good that even the politician pussy can nyam salad at will.

  7. The sad think in all of this the people of Antigua and Barbuda poor, poor, poor while their politians rotten rich.

  8. Finally a salacious “news” item to whet the appetites of the political ranters!! The Covid-19 glee club had long gone stale singing the same hallelujahs as fellow citizens fell victims to the pandemic; the witch-hunters’ covens had become silent after fruitless searches for scandal victims…. but now Thank the Cards! They’ve found new life!! Robin has divorced!!! He has to pay millions in alimony. Oh well, guess I’ll just spectate until the excitement dissipates. Robin, hope you have not only dollars, but a load of patience!!

    • @ Anon the red koolaid really strong, guess if it was Lovell you would have a lot to say. Hypocrites!

      • Kindly shine your armor elsewhere. You’re simply not worth the effort…. and take your sisterhood of given-dwellers with you!

    • Are you too feeding at the trough? Or on the floor yapping like a dog for crumbs that fall from time to time?

  9. How did a government minister who has been a minister for over 30 years became so wealthy on a minister’s salary? As far as I know he has never been a business man of any substance.
    Perhaps animal husbandry is a very lucrative business or it have something to do with the voice I hear on some tapes but then again people sound like people. Lol

  10. Me Rass! A so much pounds Pussy salad have on reserve. Things really good in Antigua for sure. Pussy a nall a eat salad😅.

  11. Funny they never have anything until after they get into politics. VC Bird, Lester Bird. Gaston Browne, ALP, ABLP regimeeeeee! Through creative enrichment one set a thiefing politicians and them families become the wealthiest on island.
    But for a turkey and a few dollars at election time the selfish antigua people kept them in power.

    • I think you have the parties mixed up.
      What you said applies to 100% of PLM/UPP politicians.
      Where is the difference then?

    • I was thinking that these politicians have to play their marriage cards straight especially those who are husband and wife team…never know, when separation comes, the wife/wives may become twice as rich as the husbands😊

  12. PM can’t go down that road. He’ll be exposed. So he has to suck sal and drink water for a while. Bless his heart!

  13. Where are the Sideline and tin man guys to explain how does ALP politician amass over 15 million EC dollars over a period of 40 years – and perhaps blame it on Harold Lovell.
    The same politician who has been in charge of our water, electricity and telephone is a multi millionaire. I dunno maybe he gets a cheque every time the power and water gets cuts off or how else could he get that rich.
    Come on guys tell us how the guys we hire to run our affairs got so filthy rich while the country is struggling.

    • DESSALINES you are way off base. EC 15 million is just a drop in the bucket. The divorce award alone is over EC 15 million.

    • This story is not new. We have covered this before. But I have once again address this bellow.
      Jealousy envy will bring us nowhere. Just work hard and invest your money hoping that one day you will be blessed with such wealth as well. That is if you are that ambitious.

      • The word ambitious can be used to describe both positive and the negative traits of someone’s personality, depending on context.

      • Kristi is that a comic relief question. Lovell is a pauper compared to the Asots, Gastons, Robin’s, Lesters, Molwyns etc of the ALP. Don’t forget UPP politicians did not engage in creative enrichment.

        • Have you seen the house he just build. Given where he used to live ll the years. Suddenly after being in office for ten years all the UPP paupers found money to build big homes. From Baldwin Spencer down the line.
          On the other hand after having vilified Papa Bird about being corrupt he died a real pauper. And Sir Lester was getting to same faith were it not for him being treated as a National Hero and awarded all the benefits of a driver and a helper etc.

          • @sideline

            Lester Bird a pauper? Give me an aspirin. You may pretend not to know, but I am told his daughter controls all his millions.

  14. This verdict is in many Caribbean Newspapers.
    Folks look back and think back to about 10 years ago.This lady won her divorce settlement in an English Court.I remembered some of that settlement was paid then.The problem did arise with the balance to be paid.The matter was then brought to the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal.The lady won that case in that Court.So it was appeal to the Privy Council by the Politician.Now the verdict came down from the Privy Council in favor of the ex- Mrs.Yearwood.Now there would be no more appeals. He would have to pay that balance by the hook or crook. Kensworth Yearwood you better find those funds to pay.

    • The only reason why this is in public is because of the unusual high amount of the settlement, that we never see in public figures. I guess nobody knows how much Aziz’s wife has gotten in her settlement of divorce. Because that he is not a public figure. But I’m sure he had to give his wife quite a bit of money. Him being the wealthiest man in Antigua.

      • The reason it is Public.He has been a Public Servant for over 40 continuous years.Being paid by the People from the Treasury of the People.So his circumstances and that of Aziz Hadeed are totally different. By the way.How do you know.How much Aziz is worth?
        You proclaiming he is the wealthiest man in Antigua.

        • First of all being a public servant has never prevented anyone from being a businessman at the same time. Other are practicing Law while in office. And second, that part of Azis is public. It was always said that He is the wealthiest Antiguan in the country.

    • People only try to find something when they loose it or don’t remember where they put it…he would remember which bank account it’s in😊

  15. Wow, Wow, wow.My belly .What a thing.One politician.really have all that money.Can someone pls wake me up out of my dream.I think I must be dreaming.No, no what politicians in Antigua has so much money and the residents of Clarevue hungry.Pls set your alarm clock Robin and wake me up.Just a big Wow.

  16. Sad that so many people seem to think it’s only this politician!

    Why not have it written into the constitution, that politians have to declare their wealth prior to running for office, and then audited by an individual commission that reports directly to parliament whilst they are in office. Even better, have outside auditors mointor them!

    You’ve already been made aware of corruption but yet claim to be blind when it comes to voting.

    Robin has business interests all over the place, but what was the initial source of the seed capital?????????

    Stop whining and seek answers!

  17. MY ISLAND the requirement for politicians and top public servants to declare their assets is a legal requirement under the Integrity in Public Life Act. However, this requirement is honoured in the breach because of the weakness and ineffectiveness of the Integrity Commission Office.

    • Do you have any proof of your assertions. As lawyer you amaze me making these kind of statements. Has the Commission ever complaint once that it has not received the filing of public servants or that the filing is not correct.
      Shame for you as a lawyer to join the bandwagon of making baseless claims.

      • FROM THE SIDELINE and that exactly is the problem, the Commission does not get the annual declarations and it does nothing. It does nothing because it is powerless. You can find out from the Commission all the delinquents. That should be easy for you to do. Your reasoning on this matter is so flawed and you are acting as if you do not live right here in Antigua and Barbuda. You get the information and enlighten me.

        • Why aren’t you answering the question. DO you Tabor has the Proof? If not as a lawyer you should know not to make baseless statements. Leave that for the uneducated in law matters. But don’t turn around and tell me I can go find out. Because I know I can’t. Rady would never give me that information. The PM has publicly stated that he promptly has been filing his returns with the commission and he has encourage his members to do so. Stop making statement that brings the Commission in disrepute. The Commission doesn’t provide information to the public.

    • My good friend (the late Sidney P.Christian) was once in charge of collecting that info and years after it was put into effect he told me not a single person running for office ever divulged their
      net worth to his office in accordance with the law.

    • The guy was a GOAT farmer. No money in that. How is it possible to get that rich as a goat farmer. Share the wealth with the whole constituency. Such wealth is contrary to the principles of RED LABOUR. A full scale investigation may be needed. Such wealth in a poor country needs to be looked into.

  18. Politicians prey on you having short memories. For those of you who remember the once minister of agriculture under VC Bird. The corruption and where his introduction to government started you can see for yourself. Go to YouTube and search for Roydan farms I,II. Melon farming scheme with the Chinese did not just come to Antigua shores. Agricultural push did not just start with COVID-19. See who is standing and enjoying the production!

  19. I wonder if it is only in Antigua that we black people seem to be very envious and jealous of one another. So much that we will always question how it is one accumulated his/her wealth. Syrian or Lebanese comes here with a suitcase start selling goods from door to door and after some years he opens a store and before you know it he is this big businessman that is very wealthy and no one question or eve envied. They are not even jealous of him/her. Our Prime Minister has called on his people to get in the business of wealth creation. But now we have to take if out of context and make it sound like a call to be corrupt or to steal. The government has created avenue after avenue for investment yet not many have reacted to his call. The latest is the setting up of an entrepreneurial fund for those wanting to start small businesses. You have the Willoughby Bay Development in which he again calls Antiguans and Barbudans to invest, but instead all kind of suspicious theories are being promoted by the UPP. But yet when others invest their monies we get jealous and envious. Sir Robin has been around for decades. Actually what amazes me of this man is that with all the wealth that he has he still lives a very humble live in the same house in the same village. Money has not changed him. But of course those promoting of sort of corruption theory without any proof seem to be shouting out the loudest. Hoping people will believe their unsubstantiated claims. Let me say why not ask a reporter to do a program and go and sit with Sir Robin and let him tell you how he has created so much wealth and still remains so humble. It may be lessons for our young people to learn. Gaston was not secretive to tell us how he has been creating wealth overtime. It is said over and over again that Antiguans do not like to take risk. Having said that they were duped by Clico for over EC$300million. And when the UPP started selling government bonds they run to buy those because they felt bonds were save. But bonds do not give you the kind of returns as shares. We obviously need some more investment vehicles in this country. I heard Mr. Michelin today on the radio with Darren looking for investors. But again he is selling bonds and not shares. So you’ll get a fix income and therefore this is not lucrative. Although more than the banks are willing to offer you presently. During the last parliamentary sitting Trevor Walker was trying to expose the honorable Sir Robin of extortion of Barbuda sand mining. Well that fired back at him. Robin just had to remind him about a brown paper bag that he took from Beaulieu. That make tory jump out. As Robin never said that money was in it. But that’s how things go. Robin also dismiss the charge that he was involved with Sandco. As he said he was involved with Antigua Aggregates. Robin as a clever businessman has never let a good opportunity past him. And I have stated that Robin owns an company that sells landing rights. Very lucrative business. You think other Antiguans will go and do the same. Observer had Airtel and they sold the rights to Digicel. Brought them lots of money. ACT still trying to get into the market. But t least they have the infrastructure with IT and Internet. I pray one day we can stop being like Crabs in a Barrel and start rejoicing for one another’s successes, rather to start accusing one another of corruption without having any proof to support our claims.
    When Papa Bird was alive he was accused of being one of the richest men in Antigua full of corruption. When he died we found out the man was as poor as any ordinary citizen. Lester Bird was accused having millions of dollars and having bank accounts in Switzerland with millions on it. Today was it not for the benefits he enjoys as a National Hero and a Pensioned Parliamentarian he would also be a regular poor man. Despite the many accusations of being corrupt and having millions stocked away. We need to stop this tearing down of one another. This way we will always be at the bottom of the economic ladder while others who just come to our shores climb up in no time. Take e.g. Mr, Ayers. Came here a couple years ago with almost nothing. Build himself some wealth and now is reckon as a wealthy businessman. You have Syrians coming here start selling used tires and now they are so wealthy that they own many properties. And I believe the first used tire business was Tire Master. Where is he now? We didn’t like to see our own climbing to the top. Sad for a people. Reason why I don’t want Antigua people to know my business.

    • So Robin is such an astute businessman but APUA under his portfolio for over 35 years is the worse run ministry in Antigua. Power cuts and water suppression is the story of our lives. How come he did not bring any of that investment and business savvy to APUA. How come APUA have to borrow money after having a monopoly on utilities for over half a century?

      Sidelines just hush and go siddung somewhey please…

      • Aren’t you tired to tell your lies. When Robin ran APUA it was a money making organization until the UPP came to office and brought it down to bankruptcy. I guess you forgot they couldn’t pay WIOC for fuel and WIOC was about to shut them down. They owed WIO a whopping $80million and at the same time Sembcorp was owed $24million. And was contemplating the same thing. And less you forget the foolishness they did with the Hadeed’s cost them another liability of $200million because they were taking to court and loss the case. Robin had to solve all of that and brought the company back from bankruptcy. As he said the figures used to be in the red now they are back in the black. And under his stewardship we have seen installation of three new RO Plants and more underway. And renewable energy project are being implemented. So yes it was Sir Robin to brought us PCS. when both Airtel and Cable and Wireless were milking us dry with mobile phone rates for incoming calls. The minute he started PCS and incoming calls became free they all followed. And PCS started to lead the market with low rates. Until the UPP took over and try to sell PCS and make room for Digicel to take over the market. I mean I could go on and on to dispel your lies. But I leave it here for now. Just know you guys will not be let off the hook to spread lies while I’m here. I will set the record straight. So sorry but I will not hush and go sidung nowhere.

  20. Lol. From the sidelines. A song has, at most, three verses. You really singing for your supper, choir boy.

    • Glad you like the song. But I have my supper, breakfast and lunch long time ago. All this is in retirement giving back to my country.

  21. Look hear. The IHI tape revealed someone talking about how the deal with WIOC was structured. I told people nothing is illegal about the deal. It was not they inflated the price of the oil to the government. The price of the oil is set by the market and controlled by the government. WIOC has what you call a price buildup. And given the price buildup the government will decide whether the consumption tax will be increased or decreased in order to get the required price at the pump. WIOC has an agreed mark-up. And they will not lose a dime. Whatever they get is whatever the price with their markup is. These guys were instrumental of getting WIOC the deal to be the sole supplier of this product to Antigua for a contracted period. What that did was to relieve the government from the responsibility to find and buy fuel. We have gone to many world oil crises but we never have felt any shortage in this country. We also had many price variations but for us here it always looked and felt stable. As I said these guys were clever to make a backdoor deal with WIOC. Normally one would be entitled to a finders fee. Many public servants are getting finders fees for bringing investors to the table or for saving the government monies. I remember when the Budget Director, now Social Security Director got hs finders’ fees for introducing the government to the Budget Program called Free Balance. finders fee is 10%. instead of taking a finders’ fee up front they agreed with WIOC to commission of a couple of cents on each imported gallon of fuel for the duration of the contract. So rather to make a one time big money in the beginning you gamble on future payments that will surpass that. To me that is were lots of his wealth could have come from. and our Lawyers are very much familiar with setting up contracts for finder’s fees. It’s different if you ask you investor to inflate the price in order for you to get your cut. Because then the Treasury will the one actually paying you. And that is what many of the UPP politician did not understand. Why you have many contractors mainly locals inflated their invoices in order to have the kickback to give the politician. And why you see that someone can build a bathroom for $600K. Or build a road for $10million per mile. Or why sidewalks in St. John’s with some marble stones could cost us hundreds of thousands. I mean when I saw that contract I could only shake my head. To this date I blame Gaston for not going after them with these blatant abuse of the Public purse. They just had no clue how to run government. they talked about Labour Party corruption but when they got in power they couldn’t proof not one case. But then they got greedy and did what they accused the ALP of. Corruption. Every deal became a steal. To numerous to mention here.

    • Some cases of corruption of the ALP did not need any proof such as the Caribarena TAPES that I a sure you heard like many others in the society. That was just the tip of the iceberg.

      • And like a good lawyer you also know that a tape like that is not admissible in court, only the court of public opinion. But the DPP turned it down said nothing to charge anyone for. First of all it is not that the tape was made by the police in an undercover operation. So therefore it means nothing at all. Are you really a lawyer Tabor? You really surprise me every day. Even I would win cases against you in a court of law, without having any legal training.
        Did you see the video about the Lester Bird allegation of having sex with an under age girl. That tape is what cost Lester Bird the election. And he took all that were involved in the publishing of that tape to court and won his case. And they Observer and Baldwin had to pay tens of thousands of dollars in damages. The so called informer Underwood when she was taken to the police station to give evidence said she had none. She had it from hear say. You guys always go low when running opposition. Calling people corrupt without having any scintilla of evidence. But you guys don’t care. Just throw mud. Some will stick.

    • @ The sideline
      Gaston should give you a knighthood this independence. A knighthood for buffoonery.

      • I’m honored. You guys do read my comments and that’s what I like. Deep in your heart you know you have no defends. Cannot rebut my comments at all.

  22. Congratulations FROM THE SIDELINE. You may ask why am I congratulating you? Well you have won the award for the biggest apologist and propagandist for the ALP. At times I wondered whether TENMAN, BEEF, CARSON B, PHILLIP G or of late KRISTI deserve that award. But I must tell you that you have won that award most convincingly. I would suggest that Gaston Browne show some appreciation for you work and find some way to honour you for you hard work.

    • What you too. I feel honored. Now no rebuttal whatsoever. Show a lot doesn’t it. Tenman doesn’t even have to come with his usual analytic support.

  23. FROM THE SIDELINE what really are you giving back to your country? You might have already your supper, breakfast and lunch so maybe you are singing fof your DINNER. As I have said before you should be congratulated as the greatest apologist and propagandist for Gaston Browne and the ALP.

    • In a court of law it means that you are telling the judge you have no defence and you wish to drop the case. Not bad. Case close. Case dismissed.

  24. @sideline
    People who worked at the hotel where the meetings allegedly took place said that there were meetings with a minor and politicians. The employees had to stay silent to protect their jobs. Antigua is a small place.
    Papa Bird was in a relationship with a young school girl for years and everyone knew it. Wonder what would happen if we had laws about sexual relations with minors then?
    Regarding IHI, I wonder why Rapaport paid back the government millions. As somebody said, he was a foolish old man. Would any corruption charges succeed in Antigua if what is said about payoffs and corruption in the justice system were true?

  25. Jane Doe. You seem to have many conspiracy theories as well. Why not write a book with them. Rappaport was on his sick bed for years while this deal of selling the company was going on. It was because of clever scrutiny of the accounts that the government side and in particular the Comptroller of Custom was able to bring to the attention of the PM that WIOC owed much more to the government than they declared. Same way that we found out that Sandals was huffing up 65% of our ABST. Which we had to make right.
    And with regards to the Papa Bird allegation well what can I say. Rumors doesn’t make things true you know. A sexual relation was never proven.
    And indeed Antigua is a small place with lots of rumors. As we say we lob ugly. But sensible people don’t pay much attention to fake news and gossips. Not for nothing he was honored to be our National Hero and Father of the Nation. So while you are trying to muddy his name think about that.

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