Privy Council hears arguments from Simon and Astaphan, while Frank and Walker hope for favourable decision on Barbuda land

Simin, Walker, Simon, Frank

Barbudans were engaged in days of prayers and some fasted as one of the biggest cases in this country’s history was heard today, May 3, by the Privy Council, the Nation’s highest appellate court.

The London-based Court heard in-person submissions by Justin Simon, Q.C., representing the people of Barbuda, and by Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan, who appeared for the Government of Antigua and Barbuda by virtual means.

The case was brought by Barbuda Council Chairman McKenzie Frank and Barbuda MP Trevor Walker over the repeal of the Barbuda Land Act, 2007.

Frank says the Central Government has been making attempts, for quite a number of years now to deprive Barbudans of their land rights.

However, the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM), for decades, has been defending Barbudans’ right to have autonomy over their lands, he says.

Frank accuses the Gaston Browne Administration of taking away the Barbudans’ right to own the land in common – their preferred choice – without any form of consultation.

Meanwhile, he says it has not been an easy road to have the matter heard at the Privy Council.

Frank says he and the members of the BPM and Barbudans, in general, are hoping that, based on the legal arguments presented, the appellate court will rule in their favour.

Meanwhile, MP Walker acknowledges that no one will be able to overturn the Privy Council ruling once a decision is handed down.

However, he notes that the people of Barbuda have held the land in common for over 300 years, and the Browne Administration asking persons to pay a dollar for a house plot on Barbuda is nonsense.

This morning, starting at 8 a.m., the matter was streamed via social media, with arguments watched and listened to by thousands of residents on both islands.

Along with Simon, John McDonald Q.C., and juniors Sylvester Carrot and Kwame Simon are representing the Barbudans in this matter.

Further submissions are to be made to the Court in writing. – REAL NEWS- 

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  1. If it was theirs, they would not have to make an application for life lease- that shows ownership is elsewhere

  2. It’s high time that Barbudans make a change. As far as I’m concerned, if they want to own land in common, give them their independence. They can own land on Antigua and they boast about it. They get free education and healthcare and all the other benefits that come as a part of being a citizen of “Antigua and Barbuda”, but think that Antiguans shouldn’t have the same benefit in Barbuda. We should be able to get a life lease in the same way as they do because we are lawful citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. Let’s see how they manage without us. Even Trevor Walker whose father was a Labour Party stalwart, owns property in Antigua. Why doesn’t he give it back to the state and stay in Barbuda?

    • @Antigua First..:I agree with your sentiments. My concern about that is, why give leases to the Mega Billionaires, and the other #FOCKERS like Dinero.
      These #FOCKERS are just using our Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA resources, to become even richer.

      Yes, yes, yes, yes! Emphatically, Barbuda needs development and investors with deep pockets are needed, but at least, change the model from the one used in Antigua’s tourism market!

      The University of the West Indies should open a Research Campus there, as in AI – Artificial Intelligence to Medicine.


      Dis #wild tamarind coffee ☕️ Is great!
      The Barbuda Council, Frank and Walker is about to lose this case, but we can and should do better, in giving locals a bigger share of the investment resources(Eco-Tourism to Holistic Tourism is perfect for Barbuda and these Billionaires and their brats know this).

    • Are You blind to what is happening in Barbuda and Antigua to our lands? Giving away Barbuda lands to foreign millionaires and billionaires does not develop Barbuda. All this does is displace Barbudans as these people will become the majority and may even decide they want independence. When this happens, the government can send in the defence force to kill white people? I fully support the Barbudans in their fight for control of their lands and not allow Gaston to sell off all the prime lands as he is doing in Antigua.
      Millions of dollars worth of sand was mined in Barbuda, and who got the money, not Barbudans or Antiguans. Some politicians.
      Prayers for them to win at the Privy Council.

  3. Trevor Walker and the Franks have trained their supporters to be LEECHES. Take, take, take and not give, give, give. No right-thnking individual would want to be in a relationship where they other person enjoys all the benefits without contributing to the relationship.

    He gave them a nasty tongue-lashing during the dreadful years of the “sunshine government” and even in recent times. The PC decision will have a huge impact on the way forward.

    Waiting patiently…….

    • Why are they leeches? The way things look the government of Antigua could be the leeches sucking Barbuda for all they can get. Trevor Walker has said they would gladly accept a couple of hotels in Barbuda to provide some employment for the small population. A couple of hotels doesn’t require hundreds of acres of land. The Barbudans have other resources like fishing. What has the Antiguan government done to work with Walker to develop Barbuda so Barbudans can have a stake in their development? Gaston is a bully and thinks Antigua and Barbuda belongs to him. All Gaston government is interested in is leasing out the lands, and taking some for themselves, so they can make money.

  4. If Antiguans would fight for ownership of their lands the way the Barbudans are doing, we would still own a lot of our prime real estate. We would not have foreigners polluting Antiguans farm and dumping excrement near their fence and nothing done about it.

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