Privy Council dismisses Leroy King’s appeal challenging his extradition


The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council reportedly dismissed Leroy King’s appeal to challenge his extradition to the United States on fraud charges.


According to reports, the judgement was delivered Monday morning and will take effect on November 6.


King is wanted in the United States on 11 fraud related charges stemming from the seven billion US dollar Ponzi scheme carried out by the disgraced American billionaire, former financier and banker Allen Stanford.


The former Chief of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, (FSRC) mounted several legal challenges to prevent his extradition since he was named a defendant in the fraud case.


Extradition proceedings are expected to begin now that King’s case was dismissed by the Privy Council, which is Antigua and Barbuda’s final appellate court.


Stanford was sentenced to 110 years in prison in 2012.



  1. Had the situation been reversed ,would he have been extradited from the US to Antigua? America should be made to pay us what the WTO awarded us before he is extradited.No wonder they will always walk on our dam backs,we are still their Slaves.

    • Just saying-some won’t see it that way,they like to speak of Bias,when it comes to the CCJ,but what they need to Understand is that the Privy Council will /can have their Bias also,they are UK based and will most likely show more allegiance to the US concerns in certain matters,especially like these sorts,there is no way they would deny the US the opportunity to have him in their jurisdiction to prosecute .Just my opinion,Who would like to NYAM off me head for my opinion,it to old fu cook..

  2. King should bring a new case that he will not get a fair hearing in the us.

    And ask the court to have the case outside of the us.

    The Antiguan government should support King on this similar to what the Brits did and turn him over conditionally that the case will not take place in the us…..

    • Melchisedec:You say,King would not get a fair trial in the USA.Did he get a fair trial in the Courts in Antigua and Barbuda and beyond.The Law is the Law is the Law.He broke the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda.He is alleged to have accepted gifts and bribes on US soil from his new found money friend Allen.I went to school PMS with King and his brother.Even though he was older than me.He was at that time a very soft spoken and very intelligent.So I for one was very surprised.When he was implicated in the Stanford matter.

      • He was not charge with any crime in Antigua and Barbuda or he would have been found guilty or not in our court. He was fighting an extradition request from the USA. When can you guys get things right.
        And yes who knows the CCJ would have given him a pass. Maybe they would have interpret the treaty with the USA differently

  3. Are you saying that the CCJ would have given Leroy a bly???? Isn’t that the very accusation that the proponents of CCJ were campaigning against? That they would be a fair court and not favour politicians or their cronies?

    • You mean they made the argument that the Privy Council would be a fairer court and further removed from political interference.

    • This is the problem with some of us Black Dry head people,we have the warped thinking that only Black Politicians are corrupt,since the Privy Council is made up of mainly Caucasians,guess they are immune to any sort of favoritism or bias..Sick thinking..Also ,the US will not extradite any of it’s Citizens anywhere else on this planet.. Why do people always think that they should do what America Wants?

      • “Why do people always think that they should do what America Wants?”
        You don’t have to, but mind you the consequences will be great. See what they are doing to countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and others. And they refuse to pay us for a case we have won against them. They are the world’s biggest BULLY.

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