Private jet from Qatar lands at Douglas Charles Airport Dominica

Private Jet sent by India

This Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft of Qatar Executive has landed at the Douglas charles Airport in Dominica.

Its arrival has raised questions about who it brought to Dominica and who will be leaving Dominica onboard.

Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne told the Indian media this week: “Assuming no legal impediments, I believe within the next 48 hours [Mehul] Choksi could be perhaps in a private jet, you know, repatriated to India.”

The case of the fugitive diamantaire is proving to be a hot potato for the governments of Caribbean island countries, with Antigua and Barbuda asking the neighbouring Dominica to repatriate him to India, and the latter nation considering returning him to Antigua.

Sources in India said the government is making efforts to bring him back as soon as possible.

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  1. Is this another kidnapping in the works similar to Jean-Bertrand Aristide? Just trying to fill in the blanks, on the Choski’s #WheelOfFortune…

    • I believe that the Top Dwag already revoked his citizenship. Anything possible with this PM.

      • Does Antigua not have rules on its books that you can’t make someone stateless? He would lose Indian citizenship as soon as he took up his Antiguan.

    • He might have taken citizenship of Antigua, however, he remains a fugitive and born criminal. India should not bring him back.. As he will get bail here easily. Better dispose him off

  2. This is choski get away he has help from those in high places… his money is working for him

  3. I do hope that we are wrong on this one. That they are not there to pick up Choksi. That it is a scheduled stop/layover. To where ever that plane is going. This could have serious consequences for Antigua. He said,he was kidnapped from Antigua to Dominica on a Yacht. Where is that boat and crew? He went on to say Antigua Police were involved,in the kidnapping. He should be return to Antigua. Let the Court cases go through the processes. At the end of the road. If the Courts were to ruled against him. By all means,strip him of his Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship and deport him to India. Any thing other than that would be illegal. Gaston Browne does not have the authority to strip anyone of their Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship. Here is a question to all. Why would the CIP Office give him Citizenship. If he was being Investigated by the Indian Government for fraud and other issues. It is obvious to me. Either they did not do their due diligence at the Unit. Or the Indian Government began the Investigation after he got the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship. I am not that bright. Tenman and Sidelines. Where are you the insiders,to enlighten me.

    • These Choski like people are blood suckers. They must not get the liberty to avail facilities of law.

  4. He has looted billions of Dollars in India. He must have bribed his way to get Antiguan citizenship. Obviously Antigua didn’t do proper due diligence or he might have bi passed it. It’s well known that there were Dozens of criminal cases pending in courts & police chargesheets before 2017 in India against this guy. How did he get Antiguan citizenship? It’s Obveous. Money speak in every country & Antigua is no different..🤔🤔.

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