Prison Officials To Collaborate With Several Ministries To Ensure Temporary Prison Is Up To Standard


The Head of Her Majesty’s Prison and the officials, who ensure the prison’s functioning, met with the Government at weekly Cabinet Meeting where plans to ensure the temporary prison is up to standard were discussed.

According to Chief of Staff, Lionel Hurst, the prison officials were instructed to coordinate with the Ministry of Works, the Ministry of Public Safety, the Development Control Authority and the Ministry of Health and the Environment, in order to ensure that the temporary prison, which is intended to hold those prisoners on remand, conforms to all the requirements for an acceptable prison.

The inter-departmental meetings will commence on Thursday, October 24, 2019.



  1. Hope this has a tight deadline. And in the meantime what about 1735? There can’t be many prisons in the world still functioning in 2019 that were built during the reign of George III.

  2. The prisoners need to get together and burn down this old deplorable ancient structure just like what was done in Guyana few years ago…without anyone getting hurt.
    There are over 100 persons who are on demand that have not been convicted yet and are being treated like prisoners. Everyone who are being held in that run down facility are not animals and should treated better. Yes, they have broken the law and should be punish but not like animals. They should be a rehabilitation program to help these people so when they return back into society they are changed.
    This is my two cents opinion.

  3. Where is the consultation with the people who live in the surrounding areas and the farmers who farm there about this temporary prison? But they are already building! Unbelievable!

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