Prison Boss Explains Why Officers On Murder Charge Are Away From General Prison Population


The four members of the security forces charged with the death of Bruce Greenaway have not yet been placed with others at Her Majesty’s Prison because they are under quarantine, Prison Superintendent Eugene Phillip has said.

This week, Police Officer Jason Modeste, and soldiers Shakiel Thomas, Armal Warner, and Aliyah Martin were remanded to 1735 after making their first court appearance in connection with the murder of Greenaway.

Philip told Pointe Xpress that it is the policy of the prison that all new people entering the facility must be quarantined for 14 days.

“The accused are here at HM Prison and they are undergoing a mandatory 14- day quarantine period that each inmate or person on remand must undergo when they first enter the facility. This policy has been instituted since the COVID-19 outbreak. It has been working well for us because we have been able to keep the virus out of the prison population,” Lt Col Phillip reported.

The policy means that the accused are away from the general prison population. Phillip says this will change once the mandatory period of quarantine is over.

Lawyers for the accused want them to be remanded at Camp Blizzard but the superintendent said he has seen no official correspondence or requests on the matter.

The officers have been charged with the death of Greenaway who was found in Indian Creek on April 13. He died of strangulation, an autopsy found.

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    • It matter where the individual is from? Isn’t he human too and have the same right as us local if we a picked up by the police for whatever they come up with

    • Does the decease nationality matter? Your kind disgusts me . The problem you have with us Jamaicans go down on your knee , pray and take that burden to the Lord .. don’t keep it on u and mek it kill u off .. Ignorance

      • Next thing @sensible.. wrong name cause you don’t seem to have much sense .. what the hell is “are u” does that seem appropriate to u ? Pick up a book , make use of the Internet. LEARN TO SPEAK AND WRITE PROPERLY dumbass . Empty barrel smh

        • You seem to hate when we Antiguans .. in our Antiguan newspaper speak out against the crime and violence committed by Jamaicans in our country. .. in our paper… feel free to avoid this paper and read the Jamaican gleaner is support of your country!

          We won’t mind!

          • Does it matter where the deceased or accused is from! Then we are quick to protest about racism and inequality in other parts of the world. We need to love and respect all people ..

    • So yardie nar smaddy? You sound so miserable. Y’all behave like y’all better than other nationalities and Antiguans wicked NF 🙄

      • We embrace every national, wicked is an understatement. Please I no for a fact we are the most helpful bunch when it come to yardies. So please. We just don’t like some of the things you do remember, you can’t do some of the things you do here back home.

  1. excuse me he wasn’t a yardie he was a born and bred Antiguan your forward and pass why don’t you go pray to God if you don’t know what to say

  2. So its ok for someone to fly in from Miamiand mix with the general population within 24 hours but not a policeman charged with murder……. So prisoners have more rights than law abiding citizens ???????? Fish rot from the head.

  3. Is this really true? Was the detained pastor quarantined? Loads of ppl have been remanded since March. This is the first time we hearing of accused being isolated.
    Where are they really kept? Are they in maximum security or an UNDISCLOSED location?

    • Frank, you really think you are comparing the same thing? You don’t get that simply because of their job dealing with criminals that their life would be in danger?

  4. You must have a lot of Jcans in Antigua. S
    We have a few here in my neck of the woods and they are no problem. See have mucho Santoes here. They are not too problematic. The crimes are mostly by natives and PRs. I notice a few whites on the bandwagon now.

  5. As soon as the 14 days are over, they need to be put in with the general prison population. Justice is coming. Hope their time in 1735 is enlightening. What you sow you reap.

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