Pringle wants to summon APUA officials to Parliament over water crisis


Opposition leader Jamale Pringle has urged parliamentary questioning of APUA’s General Manager Esworth Martin and Water Business Manager Ian Lewis to address water distribution concerns.

Speaking at a UPP press conference following the St Mary’s South by-election date announcement, Pringle requested government cooperation in bringing the managers before the House of Representatives.

He emphasized the need for clarity on the water situation, which became a focal point in the January 18 general election.

The government has sought water supply improvements, including the recent Fort James reverse osmosis plant installation.

Pringle also noted the absence of an official notice for a bipartisan meeting to address water issues.

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  1. Very good idea! Let us actually find out what the hell is going on! Tell them to speak truthfully about what the real problem is with no political interference.

  2. I’ve asked this question several times without response.

    • Most cruise lines have their own reverse osmosis facilities on board, it’s not necessary to take on local water.

  3. Mr. Pringle of late trying to set himself apart as “leadership” material. Richard Lewis where are you? you too soft richard

  4. You’re on the right track. The pressure needs to be applied to the Prime Minister and his cabinet of misfits to Empower the Governor General to call for a Commission of Inquiry. The determination that needs to be addressed is the Why! and the Who! Why after generations we are still dealing with an antiquated system of water distribution in an island that is only 108 square miles?

    Who is responsible for not updating and maintaining a system of water distribution in Antigua that is not available 24 hours a day/7 days a week?

    “Next Level “ government show is you have the cojones to set the record straight and have the intestinal fortitude to accept responsibility for the failure of an institution. Specifically, The Antigua Labor Party/The Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party to deliver potable water 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. Here is the kicker! After being the government for post colonialism, during Statehood and now as an Independent Nation.

    No blame PLM/UPP. They have only formed the government for 15 years. 5 years in the early 70’s and 10 years in the 2000’s. They accomplished more collectively than this government or any Labor nearga except for the Lester Bird administration from 1994 through 2004.

    Gaston can’t compete with Lester. Gaston is a pencil writer where as Lester wrote with a pen!
    Absorbed that inference!

    A Commission of Inquiry is needed. Bucket and Saucepan pan days need to come to an end.

    Rum Shop Radio…..start singing for your supper!

    • Well said Freetown son!
      Sad, state of affairs!!
      Can’t even get water to cook and bathe with!!
      I bet you, the ministers and all they minions shower everyday!!
      While poor people throw up water!!smh!!

  5. Barbados, Grenada St. Kitts have water shortage due to lack of rain and changes in climate conditions globally. Wtf is Pringle to want to summons anyone.

    • Geigo maybe Pringle dabbling in the UPP CALABASH OBEAH to summon 4 demons. Wilmoth Daniel said so! all sainst crossroads Daniel say

      • @Really: Is that the only contribution you could make to such an essential issue? No wonder NONE of the Antiguan government’s were ever seriously committed to solving this water problem. People like you demonstrate to them, that gossiping about bullshit is more important that cleaning your private parts. #🤡

  6. A UPP people say dem have their people in APUA to deal wid tings, so I’m sure ya’ll already know how it go, so you come now bout wanting to know. Sad state ya’ll in.

    • that how Pringle stay. a promise is a comfort to a fool. he fool de people to get votes. now he disappear

  7. If he has the authority to do it, I encourage him to do so. Because these public servants always stay out of the line of fire. The minister is always the one that has been held accountable for their incapability. Let them come to the public and answer the questions. It is about time that the right people are held accountable. Just like with the bad customer service of the banks. In particular ECAB. Don’t just call them to Cabinet. Let them come to Parliament or to some public inquiry to answer questions. Antigua people have been accepting too much of the disrespect meted out towards them.

  8. poor AZARA LAVIA had to teach shugy how to READ on Live TV! He stumble and fumble his way through the speech that SOMEONE ELSE PREPARED……school children say it was the Man Cow.

    why shugy didn’t read GIZELLE speech before he went infront the camera?? Makes him look like an asshole infront of the whole world. Too busy PARTYING to read! not the kind of representative the people need.

    even shugy little son that he have with his wife (he lef she because she gian baby weight) could a help he with pronunciation!

    SUPERFICIAL, LAWLESSNESS, PRESERVATION tripped up shugy……suppose he was at the UN General Assembly??????/

    go learn to READ boss!!!! too much PARTYING killing ya brain cells Mr. Married Man!

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